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Round Table: Let's Discuss Our Hopes and Dreams for Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Tom: Based on the release timing, and considering the fact 3DS is only a little over three years old, do you think there'll be another 'mon title on the system after these ones?

Katy: Definitely.

Andrew: Based on history, the third spinoff (Platinum, Emerald) came out a year after the first title (Diamond/Pearl or Ruby/Sapphire).

Conor: Personally, I think the 3DS has a lot of steam left in it as a system, but I don't think that the next major Pokémon release will be seen on it.

We'll get our 'Z' spinoff, but I'm sure Game Freak will be setting their sights on whatever is to come next after that.

Katy: I agree with Andrew, we'll probably see the third-part of Gen 6 yet - 'Z'

Conor: Still waiting on Pokémon Snap 2, myself.

Katy: Haha yes! I love Pokemon Snap! Would be awesome for a sequel on Wii U, would work so well with the GamePad too...

Conor: Katy mentioned Secret Bases earlier on, and I'd like to get back to that for a moment as it's something that really made Ruby & Sapphire unique for me.

Being able to set up and decorate a little clubhouse for yourself was a really nice distraction. I got super invested in choosing the right spot, buying furniture and although it was all pretty much just cosmetic, I liked the fact that you had a sort of home away from home.

There's a lot of potential there for Game Freak to add even more to it. Maybe combining with Pokémon Amie and making it a 3D space to interact with your whole team.

Andrew: Secret Bases were awesome. I'd love an Animal Crossing-like system to visit friend's bases.

Conor: Oh man, that would be sweet. Trading items etc.

Andrew: Another thing I'd like is the Friend Safari to return. Really liked that, especially for getting Pokémon to breed.

Conor: Secret Bases were unique to Ruby & Sapphire, so if they're ever to make a comeback then it's right now!

Andrew: Exactly. Animal Crossing and Pokémon mix would be amazing.

Conor: Friend Safari's return would be great. I think we're basically describing the most full-featured Pokémon title of all time here!

Katy: It would sell like wildfire!

Andrew: Hopefully that is what we'll get, but it still seems doubtful. Some of this probably won't make it. But, we can dream.

Realistically, a remake will only build upon the original and hopefully carry over modern features and sensibilities to keep it updated. Add in a few new features and a surprise or two, and surely we've got to be looking forward to them?

Conor: Realistically, a remake will only build upon the original and hopefully carry over modern features and sensibilities to keep it updated. Add in a few new features and a surprise or two, and surely we've got to be looking forward to them?

Katy: However, if they added clothes shops a la X&Y to OR & AS I would please ask GameFreak for some more outfit choices!

Conor: That too. Trainer diversity needs to stay, Game Freak!

Andrew: Definitely. What about transportation? Roller skates vs. bike?

Katy: You're probably right, I think we're being a bit too hopeful about all these features, and let's face it an updated 3D remake would sell well enough alone - Pokemon fans have been crying out for a Hoenn remake for yonks!

I did like the roller skates, but I'm pretty sure they'll stay in X&Y purely because of the french theme.

Andrew: The Ruby/Sapphire fanbase is one of the largest and most vocal, and this game will definitely sell like hotcakes.

Conor: Yeah, we've got to remember that this isn't likely to be the next big step forward for the franchise.

Andrew: I prefer the bike myself, but I hope there will only be one this time for simplicity's sake.

Conor: Maybe a jetpack.

Andrew: Using HGSS as an example, they were many new features but none game-changing. I'm thinking features that weren't already in the originals don't have a strong chance of seeing the light of day. Of course, only Game Freak knows.

Conor: Really though, I think we'll be seeing the bike's return in full force, not sure about rollerskates.

Tom: Do you think these releases will have the same level of sales and hype as X & Y?

Andrew: Hype, absolutely. The hype train is in full force.

Conor: I'm not sure, but I think that the fanbase is definitely there. Even those who are done with the franchise may want to take this one return visit if they have a particular affection for the originals.

Andrew: Sales, I'm expecting it to sell extremely well. Now that the 3DS fanbase is growing and more units are being sold, the sales should be quite high.

Katy: Any Pokemon game is going to encourage a lot of hype and consequently some great sales, but even though this is a remake, I think people would be surprised by how many younger Pokemon fans haven't played Ruby or Sapphire before - when I was chatting to some gamers at the Pokemon X&Y Battle Tournament Video Game Grand Finals lots of players started with the DS entries, and because of that I think it will do very well sales-wise, it was very well loved by those who played it too.

Andrew: For arguments sake, HGSS sold 12 million. Diamond/Pearl sold 17 million.

Conor: That's an interesting comparison, Andrew.

Andrew: And as of now, XY is at 12.26 million; the DS had sold many more systems.

Conor: I'm looking forward to when the first real footage hits, and it'll certainly dictate my own anticipation. Right now I'm curious and hopeful.

Andrew: 153 million overs it lifespan versus the 43 million the 3DS has so far. Definitely hopeful for something big, but only time will tell.

Conor: You have these figures ready to go, Andrew! Colour me impressed! Time will tell indeed. As a final point, I bought Pokémon channel on Gamecube so I could link up my copy of Ruby and snag a Jirachi.

Andrew: I never owned one of those, but it seemed really compelling for lots of people.

Conor: There's some potential there to add Wii U fun to proceedings, though that's maybe a discussion for another day.

Andrew: I could have a whole conversation on how the Wii U could work with Pokémon. My dream is a Pokémon Snap reboot.

Conor: It was a pretty awful game in its own right, but there are better ideas out there of how the two systems could link up I'm sure, particularly with a booming eShop at last.

There's plenty we could hope for, but even just a straight remake would probably still sell!

Andrew: Just slap the Ruby and Sapphire title on, and millions will sell.

Tom: I suppose one thing to consider, should each game come with an optional code of the GBA originals on Wii U? Perhaps a dual release?

Katy: It deserves the sales though, there's a reason why so many people of all ages love Pokemon - it's timeless!

I think that would be nice — the Wii U idea — but I very much doubt it.

Andrew: Interesting idea, but I don't think Nintendo would throw away codes like that.

Conor: That's a risky idea, as I would hope Game Freak would push this remake as the definitive version.

Andrew: It might take away sales from the remake as well, which would result in more money lost.

Conor: Perhaps they could introduce the option to switch between the 'old' graphical style and the new at will. This is madness, I'm aware, but I think the original Halo remake did something similar.

So if you're looking to hire, Nintendo....

Katy: That would be awesome!

Andrew: A really cool idea.

Conor: So it's clear that Ruby and Sapphire has a huge fanbase ready for this upcoming remake. There's lots to hope for, but I think the bottom line is that bringing over most of what X&Y accomplished and adding it to the Hoenn adventure would satisfy most of us?

Extra content is icing on the poké-cake.

So those are the thoughts of some of our team, let us know what you hope to see in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in the comments below.

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EverythingAmiibo said:

Alright then. I guess I have to keep it reasonably short.
1. These games will sell like CRAZY! All these little kids with 2DSs waiting for the next Pokemon game to show their pals in the playground, and all these not so little kids (aka me) who remember bringing out their GBA at play-time to grab a little extra gameplay of Ruby while the whole class crowded round in wonder.
2. Things I want to 'return':
~Pokemon walking behind you. Nuff said.
~The super-training from X/Y is a must for competitives, and they should allow both games at futter tourneys
~Mega evolutions and all previous Pokemon and their evolves should be playable.
~BRING BACK POKEMON CONTESTS!!! Edit: Oh yeah, and secret bases too, they were awesome! (almost as awesome as diamonds... but not quite)
~More trumpets.
3. Things I want added/fixed:
~Please Nintendo, add some post-game.
~X/Y was WAY too easy, make this one rock solid, so people can at least opt out if they want it easy and just play X/Y/Z
~Seriously though, get some REAL trumpets! X/Y's soundtrack was pretty meh, and VERY repetitive!
4. I'll buy it anyway, Ruby was my first game (but SS is my fav)



Nintendo_Ninja said:

I want there to be a few things:
1.Remastered soundtrack to improve sound quality (keep the trumpets)
4.Added areas

I know it will be good, but I hope it gets tons of new stuff.



ferrers405 said:

Last 3DS title? I doubt, DS had 5 releases (Diamon&Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold&SoulSilver, Black&White and Black&White 2), i think they will release at least one more on the 3DS besides OmegaRuby&AlphaSapphire.



Discipledoctor said:

I have no doubt that we'll see Secret Bases again, hopefully with Streetpass. Contests would be crazy not to include, as well as the Battle Frontier.

Hopefully we see some new stuff or old stuff brought back. I'd love a new Pokeatholon and new areas. Seriously, Emerald's Battle Frontier, Pokeathlon, and a small new region = best post game ever.



C-Olimar said:

HG/SS had the GB sounds item which I adored, so if that came back I would be delighted!



Koapa said:

What about making this game smooth WITHOUT FRAME RATE DROP EVEN IN 2D !!!!



theexxs said:

I actually think that it would be cool for the 3DS games to come with a Wii U code for a Ruby/Sapphire download, and that the only way to download those games on the Wii U it's by buying the remakes. That would be a direct advertisement for the Wii U to everyone who buys OR/AS



adamrector26 said:

You guys need to make videos. I'd much prefer to see you guys actually talking than have to read a full on conversation between all of you.



Pit-Stain said:

Ruby/Sapphire was always my favorite Pokémon game. Played it like crazy as a kid.



Porky said:

I don't get everyones want and love for secret bases and contests? I don't recall them being missed so they didn't reintroduce them in later games besides contests in Sinnoh. They're boring IMO. You see a friends base filled with furniture and poke dolls that's about it for bases then you never want to again.. Oh well it's going to happen regardless and im not a good home and city designer in my Animal Crossing so to each their own.



Aerona said:

Hmm... some things I want:

-Add seasons back in, Animal Crossing style
-Difficulty settings available at the start with no gimmicks.
-VS. Seeker. No Pokemon game should be without this, seriously
-Emerald's Battle Frontier and an expanded post game
-Improved match making options. I should be able to invite passerbys to battle, for starters.
-The whole game should be in 3D. The ship has sailed on this one, but still
-New Evolutions to Hoenn Pokemon. Now would be the perfect time, and since it should be possible to update XY to accommodate this, they should go for it.



Interneto said:

:: ONLINE Pokémon Contests;

:: Pokémon following us (as an option);

:: Street Pass related to our Secret Bases;

:: Being able to use no hat/wtv at all...



GalacticMario28 said:

I always liked the concept of secret bases, but I could never really get into them; it's strange because I liked customizing my room in G/S/C. I suppose if they revamp they system, I might be able to get into it.

As one of the few people who will comment on these ORAS articles who didn't really like R/S/E, I'd like to see some notable changes to Hoenn itself. I felt that a lot of the new locations in Hoenn were interesting, but that they didn't really fit together too well as part of the same region. I'm not sure why I feel that way when I love the diversity in X & Y; it must have to do with really small details. My other major gripe with R/S/E is that the battle system felt like it was in a weird transition state. I like the concept of abilities, but I didn't like the way they mixed with the pre-physical/special split system and the stats/movesets of the available Pokémon. But since the remakes will probably have the split, I don't think that will be a problem. Just give me that and Super Training and I'll be happy in terms of new features.

Also, Katy's comment about Pansear reminds me of the time I raised a Bayleef to level 100 in Crystal because I liked Bayleef better than Meganium.



Vee_Flames said:

I haven't much gameplay experience with the Hoenn games, but this, I NEED! As for the article, someone'll have to summarize it for me 'cuz I was just excited to get everything (I'm serious!).
Anyway, since it's on 3DS;
1. Utilize the 3DS hardware properly. Use Smash Bros. 3DS as inspiration.
2. VS. Seeker. A MUST.
3. Sweet remixed songs WHICH can be heard anytime. I hated the fact that you can't hear Team Flare's battle song after the game*.
4. Make Pokemon Z for Wii U.
5. -Uh... as I said earlier I don't really know much 'bout these games, so I'll stop here'
*Technically you can, but it's still annoying.



Lobster said:

@adamrector26 I agree. For some reason, even though I love the topic, this was tedious for me to read. Video or podcast form maybe? I'd love a NL podcast!



bizcuthammer said:

Lol at whoever said OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire will likely be the last main series Pokemon games on 3DS. They make new ones or remake an old one every 2 years on average. I doubt the 3DS gets shelved in 2016. Nintendo's handhelds (except for the GBA) generally last at least 6-7 years. I don't expect a new handheld in the next 2 years, but i definitely expect Gen 7 of Pokemon by the end of 2016.



Expa0 said:

Only way this could be good was if all the water in Hoenn disappeared.

Go team magma!



Rensch said:

HeartGold and SoulSilver kept most of the additions of Crystal intact. I hope OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire do the same with Emerald-exclusive features. There was plenty of interesting new stuff in Emerald like the Battle Tents, a bigger Safari Zone, Trainer Hill, Mirage Tower, Desert Underpass and off course the immense challenge of the Battle Frontier. I would be really dissapointed if they do not add the Battle Frontier. I expect some new areas as well.

And please, Game Freak, add the cool Rayquaza scene from Emerald. Imagine how awesome that'd be in 3D. I imagine they don't make both Teams Magma and Aqua be your enemy in these new versions - like in Emerald - but they could at least keep the Kyogre vs. Groudon thing and Rayquaza in the main story.



MegaBeedrill said:

I'd enjoy the first pokemon in your party (or better yet pick so you're not forced to lead with it in battle or switch before battle..) mechanic from HG/SS to return.. and with the departer of wi-fi soon we really would appreciate move tutors.. especially for the new gen mons like clawitzer getting shell smash and such. (hopefully), Move tutors would probably force players to go buy the game whether they wanted it or not just for their x/y games.

The mega eons I already have.. both as a matter of fact as well as diancie.. but hoenn remakes.. generation of the eons.. without a doubt the stones should be somewhere in there. Diancie event isn't far from being released in japan so july to november isn't that far away of a new offically announced pokemon/mega being revealed... then I can finally trade them to my other poke X copy and actually get to save battle videos with them.. point is I'm expecting the stones in these games somewhere rather than an event which would be splendid!

Don't forget.. gen 3 is when the wonder troll was born.. No ghost type E4 shedinja users.. as awesome as it sounds that might seriously cause problems for people (anybody else get walled by the psychic inver's?).

New wi-fi battle design rather than that grid.. we need more elementle looking stages like BW2

Minor thought.. but maybe have the pokemon and their trainers visible during battle much like in battle revolution and colloseum where the trainers were shown giving commandments and comparing size with their pokemon... it'd be a nice touch, especially consituring x/y is huge on fashion with customizing your characters, other than the intro of the battle it'd be nice to see the trainers in full 3D effect during battle... also get to see them mega evolve with that animation during wi-fi battles would really give a nostalgic feel to the game... and an option to disable having to view them for the few who complain about it.

I forget the name but we need whatever item in gen 4 aloud us to rematch trainers back.. as well as somewhere you can battle high leveled trainers, with random teams made on a daily basis like those sports stadiums in BW while still gaining Exp.. I'm getting bored and annoyed with the restruants already.. nothing new each time..

Maybe an AI test chamber were, similar to battle revolution you can make your own and opponent's teams to test out before any offical use... since showdown is kinda stealing pokemon away from gamefreak and most of the content (from other users..) are very immature.. it'd be nice to give showdown users a good reason to stick around on the real thing rather than a custom made similator..

Gametype change for battles as well? Make your own rules whether it's limiting only 5 pokemon.. the time limit.. banning certain pokemon which would solve alot of problems for those complaining about legendary users.. even OU ones.. would be splendid!

DLC would be great but I'm already downed about it. Masuda clearly stated in the past he wants all pokemon games to be sold as a whole rather than an imcomplete game with an extra 10 dollars for DLC and such that many might not be able to get. He also said he sees all main selling games (like x/y) to be played on a handheld and not the wii u (which would be AWESOME! battle revolution in HD graphics.. have the bottom screen of move selection and such on the gamepad and the battle going on the tv screen.)



Smasher64 said:

I'd love having the ability to change the soundtrack so you could listen to the old one instead. For example, starting a battle and hearing the old battle music instead of the remix.



SakuraHaruka said:

What I want about this game:
-Return Pokemon contests and show improved 3D; and if is possible, online competitions of Pokemon Contests.
-More dresses and more hairstyles.
-More fun with the Pokemon for Pokemon-amie, if this return, of course.

Well, If I remember more of this, I will write, XD



Bolt_Strike said:

Wow guys, talk about unrealistic. Three regions, are you kidding me, I thought you guys were smarter than that. First of all, if we had two extra regions in a remake, they'd completely steal Hoenn's thunder. Second, you'd reach Lv. 100 about midway through the second region removing all sense of challenge from the game. And that's not even taking into consideration the new Exp. Share, which let's face it, is more than likely making a return. In XY, you ended up around Lv. 80 by the time you beat the Elite 4. Beating the Elite 4 in Hoenn and exploring whatever post game routes they're probably going to give us is probably going to be enough to grant you your wish of being able to reach Lv. 100 without grinding. So no, three regions is a completely terrible idea, and anyone who thinks more than two (and hell, I'd even say two regions is bad design) is a good idea is completely deluding themselves. It just won't work.

Also, Emerald did not come out one year after RS, it came out two years. There's really no precedent that determines when a remake or third game will release, it's basically just whenever the timing is right. Looking at how things are going now, I think we're probably going to get Z/XY2 next year, then a year break in 2016 when the new handheld is released, and then 7th gen in 2017.

I do think you're onto something with bundling in the original, though, but it's not a good idea for an actual remake as you yourselves pointed out. It'd be good for a sequel, where the storyline hinges on the story of the originals, and the older fans can play the original as a reference. But obviously they didn't do that this time, so there's no point.

As for what I'm hoping for:

-New post game areas. The islands near the Battle Frontier are perfect for this.
-More post game content in general. Make tons of Pokemon catchable, especially the ones that aren't catchable in XY. Add more legendaries that you can't get in XY, so there should be a good mix of 2nd, 4th, and 5th gen legendaries in post game. Lugia/Ho-oh would be perfect additions considering they already existing in Emerald (via Navel Rock, which they could easily just make a post game area instead of an event area). I could also potentially see Raikou/Entei/Suicune, Heatran, Regigigas, Cobalion/Terrakion/Virizion, and Tornadus/Thundurus/Landorus as possiblities. There should be no excuse for us not to have access to all of the legendaries from all generations if we're getting another 6th gen game after this, there's plenty of room for the remaining ones in ORAS and Z/XY2.
-An expansion to the Hoenn Dex, primarily for the purposes of adding variety for certain types that are lacking in it (Ice, Ghost, Dragon, and Fairy, the first 3 of which ironically are Elite 4 types who as a result are forced to spam duplicate Pokemon) and for adding variety to the distribution (most notably, having something other than the Tentacool and Wingull lines in the water routes).
-Maybe new Mega Evolutions? Groudon and Kyogre could be getting them, Sableye and Gallade could use some to go along with their counterparts, and the Champion battle would be a lot more challenging if he had Mega Metagross as opposed to Mega Aggron.
-Keep Contests, Secret Bases, and the Trick House. I loved all of those features.
-Create some new mechanics to work with 3DS features. It's an utter travesty IMO, that a series founded on communication couldn't find anything better to use Streetpass for than Poke Miles. Secret Bases would be perfect for this.
-In regards to the touch screen and 6th gen features, I think most of them are too important to the gameplay to be left out. The PSS is a crucial part of the online component now, that's probably not going away. Which also means neither is character customization. The roller skates were designed to take advantage of the 3DS' Circle Pad, so that's probably staying as well. Super Training, as you pointed out, is useful for EV Training. I could possibly see them remove Pokemon Amie if any of these because it's not as essential to the gameplay, but maybe they won't.
-Lastly, I'd like to see an enhanced storyline, using as much as they can from Emerald. Emerald's storyline made much more sense than RS's.



mystman12 said:

So wait, previous Pokemon games let you choose a pokemon to follow you around?! WHY DIDN'T X AND Y HAVE THAT?!?? D:



absuplendous said:

However Record Mixing is incorporated, I would love to see the ability to battle the trainers' actual teams in their bases, a la Gen III: battles that yield Pokedex registry, experience and EVs. Yes, that's exploitable, but people want a way to grind past Level 70, and the time it'd take to exploit this wouldn't totally break the game.

I really loved the way the Safari Zone was implemented in HGSS (in terms of influencing what can be found there), so I'd love to see that return in some form.

The World Tournament in BW2 was genius; I'd like to see something similar that featured the protagonists of previous games; all of the games' child prodigies together for either a story campaign or even mere tournament.

If they expand the region with a new area---or even if they don't--I'd like to see a trade route with an import shop that has items for sale traditionally associated with other regions... namely, the Apricorn Balls.

And yes, Vs. Seeker yesterday, please.



Decapre said:

Make Feebas easier to find! They shouldn't have made that criteria in the original R/S/E so aggravating. All I wanted was a Milotic...



ZenTurtle said:

That was a great thing about HG/SS. They got rid of it for some strange reason. Your Pokémon follows you around, picks up items, has different moods, and when you use an HM, if the Pokémon using the HM is following you, there's a cute little animation! It's not been in the games since...



IRNBRU115 said:

Have an x/y mode with un-stereoscopic 3D, then have GBA mode with original sprites but scram kitty/ 3D classic esque stereoscopic mode. I know which one I would play!



Obito_Sigma said:

If they are going to make it harder, then increase the AI's and make leveling up just a tad bit more difficult, yet less tedious. Don't make it like HGSS. HGSS was the most surprising and time-consuming Pokemon game that I have ever played until Black 2 with the post-game content, but in a fun way. The only problem was that it took FOREVER to level up in HGSS. I would like a challenge as if I was fighting up against a player online, only not as difficult if one just as myself were to play with a "story team." Just don't make it "Tackle, tackle, tackle..." battle after battle...



Spakiness said:

All I ask is for the ability to mass release Pokemon. It would make breeding a heck of a lot less grindy.



ZenTurtle said:

Bring back the old style of games! X&Y had a weird graphical style that resembled neither the previous games before it or the anime. We don't need 2D sprites, for crying out loud, but adopting an improved version of Pokemon Coliseum's style would be much more fitting. No doubt it would be an improvement on X&Y's inefficient, unsuitable and rushed game engine. Above all, 3D must be everywhere. It's built for the 3DS! It stinks of laziness not to design a major 3DS game to use even a simple 3D effect throughout. Although I suppose that the majority of users own a 2DS (both game and console are aimed at a young audience), so aren't complaining.



Ichiban said:

Why, in today's digital era, are they still selling 2 full priced games? I guess this applies more to new Pokemon games than remakes. I even asked a guy at work who's a fan how he's able to juggle so many Pokemon games in such a short timeframe. He couldnt lol.
Its not 1998 anymore, please release the next main Pokemon title as a single game, there's no need for 2 games upon each release these days.Use DLC for the extra stuff that you wouldve put in that 2nd Pokemon game. Having 2 similar games release the same time in this day and age is just ridiculous!



ikki5 said:


how... does adding mass releasing make breeding a "heck of a lot less grindy"? You can hatch 5 pokemon at a time... or you hatch one and if it isn't what you want, you can just release it, grab a new egg and go.


why does matter? There usually isn't that much difference between the two titles, most of it you can usually trade for which is really what the two games encourage. You don't need to buy both to get the full experience as the games are pretty much the same, same story line, same events. Only things different are usually the exclusive pokemon.



AshFoxX said:

I'd rather see a 3D (X & Y styled with significant polish) remake of Red and Blue (Green?) for Wii U. I knew Ruby and Sapphire was coming considering the others before it have been remade, but if you are going to bother remaking it, do something interesting with it besides just upping the graphics. (Although if they go for the X and Y style of all 3D interface, it should be a considerable jump from earlier examples such as Fire Red and Leaf Green.)



bassoongoon said:

I'm very excited for these! Honestly I've assumed they would do these remakes for a long time. I don't own a 3DS, just the Wii U, but now that these are coming out I'm thinking I'll have to buy one!



Angered_Pegasus said:

I've never had the chance to play the original games, so I am really looking forward to this! I just hope they will not change the original story.



AlexSora89 said:

As I said before: my biggest problem with Generation III was how much of a departure it was compared to the series' highest point, namely Gold and Silver. The fact it was pretty much a franchise reboot didn't help.
That said, yeah, the mere thought of secret bases combined with StreetPass is enough to make me positively curious about the game. All aboard the usual hype train!



Aluwolf said:

I've never seen so much text and so little discussed.

"We wan't it to look like X+Y, but bring back bases and make it less grindy"




Aluwolf said:

@AlexSora89 Gen 2 is my least favorite, it was more grindy than any other game in the series. Fight every traner, never flee any battle and you'd still be 8 or so levels behind some of the gym leaders.I don't see why people like it, it's always felt like the weakest of all to me.



xerneas said:

I wonder how long the remakes will go on tho. i think after this they should remake Kanto or better, some mash-up of all regions together and that would be enough.



Yorumi said:

BTW for the NL team, easy EV training is with hoards not super training. Get a level 100 pokemon with surf or earthquake or something that hits everything. Turn exp share on, equip the proper power item, use sweet scent and every battle, which should be one attacking, gets you 25 EVs. You can get 250 EVs in 10 battles.

What I'm looking for is keeping emerald's content intact. Post game that goes all the way to level 100. Seasons would be nice.

Finally I'd love to see secret bases and clothing really expanded. Secret bases taking inspiration from animal crossing would be great. With that you could award trophies in tournaments that players can display in their bases. It'd be really cool to go into someone's base and see various trophies for contests and battles online.



noctowl said:

@Bolt_Strike you don't make any sense. The game is never about challenge, so reaching 100 is irrelevant. They can't take away someone at level 100 that was never there. I reached the end of x and y in the 60s. Id also argue that 2 regions is what many people love about gold and silver. So who's really deluding themselves?

@Ichiban another post making me scratch my head. They didn't split red and blue for hardware or software limitations. 1998 or 2014 doesn't matter. They do it to encourage trading and being social. You can do it online now so you don't have to go to the scary outdoors. But some of us like that.



DarkKirby said:

Gardevoir get's Quiver Dance at the move relearner.

Story doesn't suck. They can change anything they want, R/S/E story was so terrible there really isn't anything to lose.



Bolt_Strike said:

@noctowl I know it's not a challenging game. But it gets even less challenging once you get to Lv. 100 because nothing can outlevel you then, and considering that it's a kid's game, they're not going to do things like improve the AI because that'd be more challenging than they'd like(and especially nowadays, where they won't even give trainers more than 3 Pokemon to make it easier for the kids).

As for the two regions thing, it certainly looks good on the surface. Two regions means twice as much fun, right? Wrong. The fact of the matter is you're not getting two regions' worth of content, you're getting one region's worth of content split into two. If you notice, Johto and Kanto are very small regions, even in HGSS where they actually expanded areas. Both regions are short and clustered, and neither of them have a lot to do. That essentially defeats the purpose of having two regions.



Drawdler said:

I'm playing SoulSilver right now before the WFC is finally dead.

They need to bring back the Wi-Fi Plaza (and make the mini-games playable offline*)- it's incredibly addictive.

Make the mini-games unlock stuff that can be used with Hidden Bases.

Make Wi-Fi Plaza better as well. You will be able to friend people you meet there, and request them to add you. You can visit the Secret Base of anyone you meet in the Plaza. I've seen a few of the same people online on the Plaza today (and even back when it was more active, I did) and I think giving it a better "community feel" would be a great way to bring it back and expand on it.

They probably won't bring back the Wi-Fi Plaza since not many people hype it up, but this kind of thing would combine two of the series' best distractions. I like the non-standard battling parts of the series...

*They could fill up the Game Corner, which could become an Arcade, or be Arcade Machines for your Secret Base.



mojos said:

I'm hyped for these. I'm especially excited to make those secret bases again!

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