Tom: Based on the release timing, and considering the fact 3DS is only a little over three years old, do you think there'll be another 'mon title on the system after these ones?

Katy: Definitely.

Andrew: Based on history, the third spinoff (Platinum, Emerald) came out a year after the first title (Diamond/Pearl or Ruby/Sapphire).

Conor: Personally, I think the 3DS has a lot of steam left in it as a system, but I don't think that the next major Pokémon release will be seen on it.

We'll get our 'Z' spinoff, but I'm sure Game Freak will be setting their sights on whatever is to come next after that.

Katy: I agree with Andrew, we'll probably see the third-part of Gen 6 yet - 'Z'

Conor: Still waiting on Pokémon Snap 2, myself.

Katy: Haha yes! I love Pokemon Snap! Would be awesome for a sequel on Wii U, would work so well with the GamePad too...

Conor: Katy mentioned Secret Bases earlier on, and I'd like to get back to that for a moment as it's something that really made Ruby & Sapphire unique for me.

Being able to set up and decorate a little clubhouse for yourself was a really nice distraction. I got super invested in choosing the right spot, buying furniture and although it was all pretty much just cosmetic, I liked the fact that you had a sort of home away from home.

There's a lot of potential there for Game Freak to add even more to it. Maybe combining with Pokémon Amie and making it a 3D space to interact with your whole team.

Andrew: Secret Bases were awesome. I'd love an Animal Crossing-like system to visit friend's bases.

Conor: Oh man, that would be sweet. Trading items etc.

Andrew: Another thing I'd like is the Friend Safari to return. Really liked that, especially for getting Pokémon to breed.

Conor: Secret Bases were unique to Ruby & Sapphire, so if they're ever to make a comeback then it's right now!

Andrew: Exactly. Animal Crossing and Pokémon mix would be amazing.

Conor: Friend Safari's return would be great. I think we're basically describing the most full-featured Pokémon title of all time here!

Katy: It would sell like wildfire!

Andrew: Hopefully that is what we'll get, but it still seems doubtful. Some of this probably won't make it. But, we can dream.

Realistically, a remake will only build upon the original and hopefully carry over modern features and sensibilities to keep it updated. Add in a few new features and a surprise or two, and surely we've got to be looking forward to them?

Conor: Realistically, a remake will only build upon the original and hopefully carry over modern features and sensibilities to keep it updated. Add in a few new features and a surprise or two, and surely we've got to be looking forward to them?

Katy: However, if they added clothes shops a la X&Y to OR & AS I would please ask GameFreak for some more outfit choices!

Conor: That too. Trainer diversity needs to stay, Game Freak!

Andrew: Definitely. What about transportation? Roller skates vs. bike?

Katy: You're probably right, I think we're being a bit too hopeful about all these features, and let's face it an updated 3D remake would sell well enough alone - Pokemon fans have been crying out for a Hoenn remake for yonks!

I did like the roller skates, but I'm pretty sure they'll stay in X&Y purely because of the french theme.

Andrew: The Ruby/Sapphire fanbase is one of the largest and most vocal, and this game will definitely sell like hotcakes.

Conor: Yeah, we've got to remember that this isn't likely to be the next big step forward for the franchise.

Andrew: I prefer the bike myself, but I hope there will only be one this time for simplicity's sake.

Conor: Maybe a jetpack.

Andrew: Using HGSS as an example, they were many new features but none game-changing. I'm thinking features that weren't already in the originals don't have a strong chance of seeing the light of day. Of course, only Game Freak knows.

Conor: Really though, I think we'll be seeing the bike's return in full force, not sure about rollerskates.

Tom: Do you think these releases will have the same level of sales and hype as X & Y?

Andrew: Hype, absolutely. The hype train is in full force.

Conor: I'm not sure, but I think that the fanbase is definitely there. Even those who are done with the franchise may want to take this one return visit if they have a particular affection for the originals.

Andrew: Sales, I'm expecting it to sell extremely well. Now that the 3DS fanbase is growing and more units are being sold, the sales should be quite high.

Katy: Any Pokemon game is going to encourage a lot of hype and consequently some great sales, but even though this is a remake, I think people would be surprised by how many younger Pokemon fans haven't played Ruby or Sapphire before - when I was chatting to some gamers at the Pokemon X&Y Battle Tournament Video Game Grand Finals lots of players started with the DS entries, and because of that I think it will do very well sales-wise, it was very well loved by those who played it too.

Andrew: For arguments sake, HGSS sold 12 million. Diamond/Pearl sold 17 million.

Conor: That's an interesting comparison, Andrew.

Andrew: And as of now, XY is at 12.26 million; the DS had sold many more systems.

Conor: I'm looking forward to when the first real footage hits, and it'll certainly dictate my own anticipation. Right now I'm curious and hopeful.

Andrew: 153 million overs it lifespan versus the 43 million the 3DS has so far. Definitely hopeful for something big, but only time will tell.

Conor: You have these figures ready to go, Andrew! Colour me impressed! Time will tell indeed. As a final point, I bought Pokémon channel on Gamecube so I could link up my copy of Ruby and snag a Jirachi.

Andrew: I never owned one of those, but it seemed really compelling for lots of people.

Conor: There's some potential there to add Wii U fun to proceedings, though that's maybe a discussion for another day.

Andrew: I could have a whole conversation on how the Wii U could work with Pokémon. My dream is a Pokémon Snap reboot.

Conor: It was a pretty awful game in its own right, but there are better ideas out there of how the two systems could link up I'm sure, particularly with a booming eShop at last.

There's plenty we could hope for, but even just a straight remake would probably still sell!

Andrew: Just slap the Ruby and Sapphire title on, and millions will sell.

Tom: I suppose one thing to consider, should each game come with an optional code of the GBA originals on Wii U? Perhaps a dual release?

Katy: It deserves the sales though, there's a reason why so many people of all ages love Pokemon - it's timeless!

I think that would be nice — the Wii U idea — but I very much doubt it.

Andrew: Interesting idea, but I don't think Nintendo would throw away codes like that.

Conor: That's a risky idea, as I would hope Game Freak would push this remake as the definitive version.

Andrew: It might take away sales from the remake as well, which would result in more money lost.

Conor: Perhaps they could introduce the option to switch between the 'old' graphical style and the new at will. This is madness, I'm aware, but I think the original Halo remake did something similar.

So if you're looking to hire, Nintendo....

Katy: That would be awesome!

Andrew: A really cool idea.

Conor: So it's clear that Ruby and Sapphire has a huge fanbase ready for this upcoming remake. There's lots to hope for, but I think the bottom line is that bringing over most of what X&Y accomplished and adding it to the Hoenn adventure would satisfy most of us?

Extra content is icing on the poké-cake.

So those are the thoughts of some of our team, let us know what you hope to see in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in the comments below.