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Red Goddess Kickstarter Campaign Brings Gorgeous 2.5D Metroidvania to Wii U

Posted by Jake Shapiro

$30,000 target and Wii U as a main goal

Spanish developer Yanim Studio has just launched the Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming Metroidvania action-adventure title, Red Goddess: Inner World, set for a March 2015 release on Wii U, PC, PS4, and PS Vita. The goal is a realistic $30,000, with just over $5,000 already pledged and a whole month to go as of this writing.

With a distinctive 2.5D art style and a bumpin' soundtrack by YouTube sensation Ronald Jenkees, Red Goddess looks like a promising young campaign. Yanim is showing all the signs of a successful Kickstarter: an attainable $30,000 goal rather than the lofty six-figure targets and dozens of stretch goals we've seen on crowdfunding sites lately, and even a specific release window. Check out the trailer:

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Red Goddess is already well into its development cycle, with a free downloadable PC demo available on the Kickstarter page so you can decide for yourself whether the game is worthy of your contribution. Will you be backing Red Goddess? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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MrV4ltor said:

Surprised that they can include Wii U in the base goal, since the game is beeing developed in Unreal 4 and the engine doesn't support Wii U, so they will have to port it themselves, which can cost a lot of time and money.



TheRealThanos said:

@SetupDisk Damn, in before me, bro...
And @Ryno too? What the...
@MrV4ltor It is not that the engine DOESN'T support Wii U, it is just that Epic isn't doing anything with Wii U themselves. Any other company that wants to use Unreal 4 to make their game on Wii U is free to do so. (And yes, it is entirely possible since the engine is scalable, and the Wii U's GPGPU is quite capable of producing effects similar to those found in Unreal engine 4 & DirectX 11, except not to the full extent, but well enough to wow all but the most (and may I say ridiculously) critical among us.



BertoFlyingFox said:

I liked a lot of the gameplay functions, entering your subconscious and the minds of your enemies. Definitely interested, will check out the demo and back if it feels good enough.



PanurgeJr said:

I will almost certainly back this. I was quite disappointed when the first campaign failed entirely, to say nothing of how far it was from hitting the Wii U stretch.



TheRealThanos said:

@Ryno when I started to comment, neither of you two were up there, but apparently age slows down typing speed. A couple of more years and you can try that out for yourself...
@PvtOttobot I'll second that.



epicdude12302 said:

This just started today and has already raised $8,607! This is Definently making it (Knock on wood)!



Kaze_Memaryu said:

This... doesn't seem really Metroidvania to me. I guess every platformer with collectibles is a Metroidvania now.



Maladroit said:

There sure seems to be a lot of side-scrolling platformers coming to the Wii U Eshop. I love "metroid-vania" style games as much as anyone but they're all starting to look the same to me...



MrV4ltor said:

@TheRealThanos The engine does not support Wii U natively, just like it doesn't support 360. The devs can make a Wii U game with it, but Epic won't make it as easy as an UE4 PS4 or XBone game.At first they said that UE4 wouldn't support Wii U, which is kinda like telling someone that the farm you just purchased won't actually be able to grow any crops on it, because the ground is poopoodoodoocacapoopledoopledoggiepoopsiepoops. Then they backpaddled and said that devs can make Wii U games in UE4, which is kinda like telling some that the farm that you just bought might grow something, if you replace the ground and produce your own seeds.
Please watch the profanity and references to drug use — TBD



Action51 said:

Hmm, another positive story about indie developers who are waking up to the fact that Wii U gamers are interested in different gaming experiences and will pay for quality while avoiding hype.



TheRealThanos said:

@SilverSurfer No no, we're all friends here, well sort of...
Besides, you have to go and stop your former master Galactus from eating any more planets.
@MrV4ltor I don't know where you get your information, but you're wrong and on top of that, your analogy is seriously flawed. If you had read both the explanation I gave and the link that both @SetupDisk and @Ryno posted, then you could find all the info necessary. This is part of the original interview:

During the presentation the day before, another journalist asked if Unreal Engine 4 would work on Nintendo's Wii U — a console that straddles the line between next-gen and the current one in terms of horsepower. "Hahahaha, no," he responded, which sent a wave of laughter through the room of journalists. But that's not technically true, he admitted the next day, walking back his gaffe. "You heard the stupid gaffe yesterday about the Wii U," he said. "If someone wants to take Unreal Engine 4 and ship a game on Wii U, they can! If they wanna ship an Unreal Engine 4 game on Xbox 360, they could make it happen." While that game might not look as pretty as it would on a "true" next-gen console, the new engine is scalable to a variety of platforms, including mobile.

Despite UE4's next-gen bent, the engine is built from the ground up with portability in mind. For instance, the UE3 demo running in Firefox was described as just the beginning — Epic plans to get UE4 running in browsers in the not-too-distant future.

I can't make it any clearer than that, since it says right there that the engine is scalable, even to last gen and mobile platforms, so Wii U should have no trouble AT ALL running it, just not with all the bells and whistles on, but that was never what we tried to explain to you and also something that we never expected from it either, since we know full well the Wii U is not as powerful as the other two consoles.
Another mistake (and something that I also already mentioned) is that it is NOT the engine that isn't compatible, it is Epic themselves that aren't going to do anything for Nintendo or the Wii U. That has NOTHING whatsoever to do with an engine not being compatible with a console or other platform. And Unreal 4 is just a more advanced version of the previous unreal engine, so the core is pretty much still the same. And by the way: that previous edition of Unreal was used to make the E3 2011 Zelda demo, which ran quite smoothly on a v2 or v3 dev kit, and current developers are now in possession of v5 or v6 kits, so if the older dev kit version of Wii U could handle that, then it can definitely run Unreal 4, since that engine is also more user friendly, which in combination with being scalable gives the engine the ability to be ported over to any number of platforms with less trouble than previous editions.
Actually, the main reason for Epic is the money issue, if they thought that more could be made by putting some of their games on Wii U, then they very well might have done that or at the very least would have seriously considered it. And you know what? The same thing goes for EA's Frostbite engine, which is supposedly "way too powerful" to be able to run on the Wii U, whereas it too can easily be down scaled to run on a mobile device. I'd say that speaks for itself... In fact, there's not a single AAA engine that is available for consoles today that can't run on Wii U, and to their credit at least Crytek isn't selling nonsense about that, they have actually repeatedly stated that CryEngine 3 ran just fine and that it can be put to good use, even on the humble Wii U...



9th_Sage said:

Seems like the kind of thing I could get into. Looks decent for alpha footage from a game like this (it being alpha is perhaps something everyone should keep in mind).



WaveGhoul said:

No kidding. Plus i don't have the time for more mediocre indie experiences that plagiarize the heck out of popular renowned franchises that do it 10x better. been there, done that, splat! Yeesh, i don't need another familiar experience with a new lick of artsy fartsy paint...One that's already unappealing with a weak lead character that looks like it popped out of Pixars last minute table scraps, with in game animation,combat and gameplay that looks rustier than Barbie Dance Club Dwane's hot dance moves.

I'll admit though, the title of this game is cool and the single screenshot gave me a little hope, but then i saw it in motion. No thanks.

Most of these indies are focusing too much on visual flare, to grab the audience with artsy' twang....As evident in this footage the gameplay and controls look very poor. not impressed! The only Indie titles i'm looking forward to at this point are Mighty N.9 and Shovel Knight(That's QUALITY for ya boils and boogers! )

'LostWinds' was probably the best indie experience i had on the Wii, i could say the same for the world of goo but it's flash-animated PC styled visuals cheapened the look of the game which has not aged well imo. suitable for I-phones across the globey', but nobody will ever remember those stale looking goopy ball characters.



Sir_Deadly said:

@TheRealThanos I am pretty sure he read the link and posted another comment saying exactly wut the links saying. Must have not realized the back paddle happened and retracted from his original post.

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