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Pokémon Announces 2014 International Challenge May

Posted by Andrew Karklins

Online competition coming to Pokémon X & Y

The Pokémon Company has unveiled the newest of its competitive events for the fan-loved Pokémon X & Y titles for the 3DS. The 2014 International Challenge May is the latest online competition offered and allows any player with a copy of Pokémon X or Y to compete in battles with gamers from around the globe.

Registration for the event begins on 8th May at 8am Eastern / 1pm UK / 2pm Central Europe and goes until 15th May 7:59pm Eastern / 00:59 UK / 01:59 Central Europe. The event will feature 50,000 participants and entry will be on a first-come, first -served basis. The competition itself will take place from Friday 16th May until Sunday 18th May.

This competition will follow regular Pokémon rules for tournaments of this nature. All battles will use the Double Battle format and the only Pokémon usable will be those found in the Kalos Pokédexes. This means that Pokémon brought in through Poké Transporter and the Pokémon Bank from previous titles will not be able to participate in the battle.

For a full list of rules as well as instructions on how to participate, check out this link —

Will you be participating in this International Challenge for Pokémon X & Y? Let us know in the comments below.

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GalacticMario28 said:

I'd really like to participate in one of these, but I'm always busy. Hopefully I'll have time if they decide to have another one in June.



Andremario said:

Cool! I wonder if 14 days is enough time to train..heck i won't even have the money for the game until tomorrow.



EverythingAmiibo said:

@Andremario Looked at the rules: No cash You get an enigma berry (VERY useful!!) just for entering, and you get 'championship points' (ooOOoOOh!) if you are in the top 128 players in your age devision.



mystman12 said:

Why does it have to be double battles? My team isn't designed for that so I would get creamed the first match. Oh, well, I'd probably get creamed doing single battles as well.



WiiChuck103 said:

Yes! I missed the April Friendly and I made a really good team (in my opinion) , so this will be great for me!



Gridatttack said:

Enigma berry. What did that thing do? I forgot. IIRC it wasn't that useful at all. Would be nice to get a hold one for competition sake.



Serebii said:

It is interesting that Japan gets 1,000 PokéMiles for entering while we get the Enigma Berry



Fandabidozi said:

I'm so confused about the Kalos only rule. I tried to enter some hatched and raised in XY pokemon and they weren't accepted for the last event.
Anyway hoping to improve on my no wins record this time



xInsomniax said:

@Fandabidozi The Kalos only rule means the pokemon has to be found in one of the three Kalos Dex's. Being Central, Costal, or Mountain. If you got a pokemon via trade or GTS or even Wonder Trade and then bred it and hatched new eggs, it may not be useable as it is only in the National Dex.



J-Manix98 said:

I'll Try! I've still got half of my team to breed! Before I finish that though, I got to finish the national pokedex for the SHINY CHARM! If I'm going to be breeding so much, I may as well try to get a shiny!

Not to mention I still have to train my team. So ya, 'Probly going to sit this one out. ;-;

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