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Play: We'll Be Blasting Through Mario Kart 1-7 in a Twitch Marathon

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Not a ROM in sight

Not long ago we took our first tentative steps into the world of Twitch when we played a bit of Mario Kart Wii live for your amusement. Now we're planning to go a step further and marathon the first seven titles in the series; before any of you say "what about the arcade cabinets", we'll have feature content about those this month.

Anthony and this writer will be giving up Saturday (10th May) to play video games, which isn't so bad. Our master plan is to play all seven released games over the course of four and a half hours, give or take some time for hopping between hardware. There'll be no ROM shenanigans here, just a lot of capture cables plugged into Nintendo systems old and new.

You can see the run times above in our snazzy poster, and we'll be allowing longer play sessions for both Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7; those watching online will have a chance to join in and race with us. The full schedule will be revealed in our article hosting the stream on Saturday.

We hope you'll join us for a Mario Kart extravaganza this weekend. See you on the track.

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RickyWill said:

I believe Roms will be needed, as Dolphin runs Arcade GP 1 and 2...

Speaking of Arcade GP, am I the only one who want GP DX courses for MK8 as DLC?



unrandomsam said:

PAL version of SNES Mario Kart is bad (Its better run at NTSC speeds).

I suppose the GBA one will be captured via the GBA Player.

The DS one will work on the modded Japanese 3DS.

Cannot see how that cart could work with the modded Japanese 3DS though.



unrandomsam said:

@Fireninjastar They might have the board or know how to get to somewhere where one is. (I suspect the new one will be in Namco Station near the London Eye if not now pretty soon. It is where I played the last two).



nickel696 said:

Darn it I have a college class during that time period on saturday. is there anyway you guys can record it and put it on youtube so people who don't get a chance to watch it live can see it?



bofis said:

Not only is that follow button fake, but so is the Double Dash box...when was that available in a red box? Is that just the artwork inserted into a red Wii game case?



unrandomsam said:

@Fireninjastar Not as expensive as you think. (They had the MVS version of Gunlord which was £400). If you look on something like UKVAC you can get Arcade machines for sane prices. (They hate commercial dealers there also even to the point where they would rather take less to not sell to one).



antdickens said:

We're not playing the arcade machines as they aren't part of the main series! But we do have other features planned for that.



Sherman said:

Where can I go and rant about how @NintyLife don't let anyone comment on the Tomodachi Life issue and they still have the note as a "featured article"?



WaveGhoul said:

I'm very familiar with Super Mario Kart, Super Circuit and Mario Kart DS. Those three were my tripod of MK whacky sauce. yet Mario Kart 64(was let down after being accustomed to SMK), Double Dash!! & MKWii were brief rentals that i just didn't really care for at the time.

Played a little Mario Kart 7 a couple of days ago and i really enjoyed it, the Stereoscopic 3D is too awesome for words! The Fire Flower is hands down my favorite MK power up ever.



CDBz said:

Kinda wish I wasn't going on a Geography residential trip now.



Ryno said:

@WaveBoy: Dude, I hope you get Mario Kart 8 and we can race while we enjoy some turtle pies and crystal Pepsi and Billy Idol jamming in the background!



Ryno said:

@WaveBoy: Dude, I hope you get Mario Kart 8 and we can race while we enjoy some turtle pies and crystal Pepsi and Billy Idol jamming in the background!



Squashy said:

What a brilliant idea, I'm looking forward to this!!! I own every Mario Kart too (which I'm very proud of!) so it'll be really fun to watch you chaps play 7 games I love back to back!



ledreppe said:

Hopefully I'll watch this, the Wii one was worth watching. Would join the races if I wasn't away from home just now.



Pj1 said:

What a fun way to spend a Saturday morning! I hope it will be on the Nintendo Life youtube channel.



BakaKnight said:

Great plan, sound like an amazing stream ^o^
Hope I'll get the time for see a bit of NL racing in MarioKart history

@bofis From your comment I guess the american double dash box is classic black, the PAL one is red instead ^_^ I guess we could say we are even now since NA is the only one getting a red box with MK8 XP



ajcismo said:

Great picture. There sure is a thing of beauty about game carts and box art that is just timeless. N64 version is still my favorite.



djtwenty9 said:


Just to let you know in case you didn't, nintendo announced a price reduction on the top selling 3DS games including Mario Kart 7 for 29.99.



Twilight_Crow said:

Oh man, you'll be streaming at the same time of the My Little Pony season finale! You guys are mean . I will check it before and after that of course. Also, I was actually planning to play MKWii this weekend, you know, since we are getting close to the end of its online life.



retro_player_22 said:

Awesome, I too own all of these Mario Kart games (though I had four copies of Super Circuit for multiplayer).



MegaWatts said:

@ReigningSemtex @bofis I seem to recall purchasing the game by itself and it coming in a red box. The copy I have now is the bundled version that came with the Zelda Collector's Edition disc and that's black.



SamiCetinSMK said:

Super Mario Kart's PAL version has better turning mechanics, trust me fast enough speed can be made on this beast, just need to use the right characters. There will be some great action there this August on the twitch channel at the World Championships.



SamiCetinSMK said:

@KevTastic84 It is fair that some still prefer NTSC over PAL and that's cool. There are some mechanics that are good on NTSC, but mainly it is more forgiving on some off road sections. Some of the water tracks in particular make a difference. We did try an NTSC tournament in the 2012 championships as an extra special due to the 20th anniversary, the zoom starts were awful in the Time Trial one try, i didn't participate in that, but it was hilarious to watch



KevTastic84 said:

@SamiCertinSMK I understand the US uses NTSC as a standard. Is Pal mainly just Europe? I assume the Japanese also have NTSC standard. It doens't matter in later generation consoles i guess. But back then it was a big deal. A world without black borders lol. Dare to dream.

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