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Play: Mario Kart 8 With Nintendo Life on Twitch - Live!

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It is time

Earlier this week we told you about the Tournament we've launched for Mario Kart 8's opening weekend, and as promised we'll be hitting up Twitch for some fun races in Nintendo's Wii U blockbuster. This writer and Anthony Dickens will be your hosts and victims, as we'll be jumping into the Tournament to race, well, whoever shows up.

If you missed the details, earlier in the week, this is how you join us for some races.

  • To join in, head to Online Multiplayer and select 'Tournament'.
  • Ours is code-only access, so it's for you. Simply select "Search Using a Code" and input 4199-6769-9674.
  • It's called NLife Launch Party, and has the following conditions:
    • 150cc Grand Prix
    • No Teams
    • All Vehicles
    • No Limit on races
    • Normal CPU (allows races to go ahead when short of human players)
    • Global
    • All Items
    • All Control Methods
    • All Rankings
  • This tournament will be open from midnight on Friday 30th May UK / 7pm 29th May Eastern until 5am 2nd June UK / midnight 2nd June Eastern.
  • We'll be live streaming on 30th May from 8pm UK time / 3pm Eastern until 10pm UK time / 5pm Eastern.

To watch, simply head on over to our lovely Twitch page or, if you prefer, watch in the video embedded below.

We're certainly looking forward to some launch day races — see you on the track!

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0utburst said:

Is there an option to save or add codes to a list or in favorites in game? Or we need to input the code every time?



0utburst said:

Ah nice. Thanks! I joined while ago and there's no one I think. I might join another time so knowing I won't need to input the code again is a plus.



ThumperUK said:

Argh. a tournament I can't join because Nintendo Online Store used Yodel to send my MK8 with a 'guaranteed' delivery today but they have failed to deliver. Looks like I'll have to wait and see if Yodel bother delivering it on Monday now!



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Damn, I can't even watch the twitch stream with my GamePad (some of them work, though). Argh, the wait is seriously ticking me off!



AVahne said:

On another note, it seems Ninty changed the Wii U eShop music again to be in the style of the big band music found in MK8.



yokokazuo said:

Just joined. I'm かずお from Japan. (I'm in Canada but bought this on my Japanese Wii U)



idork99 said:

I'm tempted to join but I have this little tradition going since MKDS. I like to get all 3 gold stars on all classes/cups before jumping on line. If I can manage to accomplish before the tourney ends, I'll join



Megumi said:

Ugh...starting to hate Twitch...every time I watch a stream it constantly lags, even when set to MOBILE quality...WTF? :/



andrea987 said:

Managed a third place in one race, either I'm extremely rusty or everyone else is awesomely skilled. Probably both. Need to get more practice in before next tournament, lol



freaksloan said:

Club Nintendo is having some issues! Have a hard time signing in and getting the game registered.



mystman12 said:

That was AWESOME!!! I even got in the live stream! I'm now uploading a couple videos from the tournament online! MARIO KART IS DA BEST MARIO KART EVARRR!!!



JaxxRaxor said:

I'm going to join this tournament as soon as I finish the 50cc speed in grand prix. Either later tonight or a bit tomorrow morning.



SphericalCrusher said:

Hopefully you guys tested streaming to Twitch this time and worked out the bugs. It was unwatchable during the Mario Kart marathon. Always love to watch Twitch



Edwin said:

Just tried to play this but no one was in the lobby. Join up guys!



Marshi said:

@ThomasBW84 I'll be on tonight methinks. Can you still chat if you dont have miiverse access(long story,im banned.wasnt my fault)?



GeniusDan said:

Finished first in the first race I joined ... Then somewhere in the middle and towards the back for most others. Online is a humbling experience but lots of fun!



Olivierke said:

I joined and had a great time! Thanks everyone! I just made an account on Nintendolife to post this, have been reading the website for a long time but never said anything. After seeing how positive this community Is I hope I can be part of it! Thanks again and see you again soon on the tracks of Mario Kart 8!



Gameday said:

Was fun to see paul , Justin , Diecan & Gabi. See ya next time!



Farmboy74 said:

Just like to thank everyone who I raced against last night. It was fun and a steep learning curve. Just got to figure out now how to talk to people using the gamepad.
Looking for more of the same tonight.



Porky said:

I will join when I am available my name is William and my mii has the color green for your information XP.



Olivierke said:

I just finished playing, I'm done for now, need to sleep and get to work tomorrow! Great Mario Kart weekend, offline and online multiplayer perfect fun! Ari helped me out a lot, on purpose or not, bumping me in the gravity zones in Rainbow Road 64! For those still playing: Have fun!



Farmboy74 said:

Another great Mario Kart Session, managed 4th on Rainbow Road don't know how more luck than judgement I think. Time for sleep as it's work tomorrow,.

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