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Play: Mario Kart 8 With Nintendo Life in our Launch Party

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Watch our chums at Eurogamer play it live today, and us on launch day

Mario Kart 8 is extremely close now, and aside from some cheeky people that have found gullible retailers the vast majority are eagerly awaiting delivery or to hit up the eShop on launch day. We figured now would be a good time to let you know of some of our plans to enjoy the new title with our favourite people. That's you, of course!

We'll be utilising the Mario Kart 8 Tournament feature to run weekly contests of varying rules to cover weekdays and weekends, and also to cater to different tastes. At launch, however, we've set up a tournament that's no frills and accessible for everyone. Below are the details.

  • To join in, head to Online Multiplayer and select 'Tournament'.
  • Ours is code-only access, so it's for you. Simply select "Search Using a Code" and input 4199-6769-9674.
  • It's called NLife Launch Party, and has the following conditions:

150cc Grand Prix
No Teams
All Vehicles
No Limit on races
Normal CPU (allows races to go ahead when short of human players)
All Items
All Control Methods
All Rankings

  • This tournament will be open from midnight on Friday 30th May UK / 7pm 29th May Eastern until 5am 2nd June UK / midnight 2nd June Eastern.
  • We'll then open a fresh tournament with some different rules on 2nd June.

This opening tournament is all about having a bit of fun, plus it means that if you want to race fellow NLifers rather the whole web as you get used to the new tracks, it's an ideal meeting place. On top of that this humble writer and Anthony Dickens will be live-streaming the game, playing you in the Tournament via Twitch on launch day. We'll post a fresh article with the details on the day, but we'll be racing you all live at 8pm UK / 3pm Eastern time on 30th May.

If all that's not enough, our colleagues at Eurogamer are live streaming the game today at 5pm UK time / noon Eastern. We'll embed that below for your viewing pleasure once it goes live.

So, we'll see you on the track.

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User Comments (42)



dabaumer said:

Wow this will make the last day unbearable lol, I work the 30th so I guess my Karting starts the 31st since I work 24 hour shifts



Grumblevolcano said:

Cool, I'll be playing Friday evening after unlocking some important stuff from single player like the Leaf Cup. By the way is hard CPU actually hard as normal CPU seems an odd choice?



TimLatshaw said:

And you just planned this the same day as my Hello Kitty Kruisers tournament out of pure COINCIDENCE, right? I can't believe you guys.



Dark-Luigi said:

Sorry, I'll have to sit it out. I'm not allowed to get the game until school is out, wich is on June the 13th. -_-



NintyMan said:

I'd like to get used to playing the game first before I join. That way I can know the feel of my characters, karts, bikes, and tracks so I can drive on to success. Friday can't come any sooner!



Dragoon04 said:

I for one am going to be there. As soon as it is done downloading from the eshop. so in the afternoon on May 30. Thank you Nintendo Life!



Raylax said:

My Wii U expected delivery date is Saturday, dang it. Unless it lands early, gonna be missing this.

Ah well, not like there's not gonna be tons of racing happening after Friday.

@Yai wait for me D:



Mr_Rawky said:

Wait. So Midnight on the 30th, as in Thursday evening into Friday Morning? Or Friday evening into Saturday morning?



JeffreyG said:

Of course my delivery is ready for shipping now. Of course tomorrow is a national day off. Of course the game arrives Friday. Of course I'm not home from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon.

I hate PostNL.



0utburst said:

So only for those who gets the game before release day? I'd be picking up my LE copy Friday afternoon.

And it's not enough reason for me to go digital. Tell me something like DLCs will come (free or not) or we get mario kart for N64 VC and GBA VC for free upon release then I'd go digital.

I should have bought that 42 euro sale in Amazon France. I heard some French players got their copies since Monday.



ThomasBW84 said:

@outburst The tournament is running all weekend, and we're live streaming on Friday night in the UK, which is mid-afternoon in Eastern US.



Handy_Man said:

@3DS It's too bad that you won't be able to run the software without a disc slot, though. At least Mario Kart 7 works for you!



Gravedigga13 said:

When I read the title of this article, I can't stop thinking of Satoru Shibata, who says "Raunch" instead of "Launch")



ikki5 said:

Ha ha, You named me in your video (59:57) Toadette IS the best And you even chose her for your last race She's SOO CUTE!



Sceptic said:

Is this live stream cleared with NintenDon't?

Thanks for sticking it to the man.



CasuallyDressed said:

Damn, I'm having a little launch party of my own on Friday night! I'll have to kick everyone out before midnight so I can get in on this.



Mega719 said:

Would be awesome but i rather take time unlocking all the characters and vehicle parts.So next time



EverythingAmiibo said:

SHEESH! I've got my familly karting on Fri, this tournament Fri night, and then my late birthday party on Sat, playing MK8 with my school-friends!! E3 is going to come speeding round the corner



ledreppe said:

I'll be there 8PM UK time, just hope the waiting line to get into the tournament isn't too long. Hopefully I'll have had some time to get used to the game before I get into the tournament.


I generally avoid Amazon these days, they are too slow even with the Prime 1 day delivery they managed to screw things up, and they're expensive, just to rub salt in the wound.



MeddlingIdiot said:

Hmm... I'm supposed to be at a gig tomorrow but now I'm in two minds about it. I'm guessing if I get back for 11pm there'll still be a few about?



dabaumer said:

@luke88 yeah...I am a SGT Paramedic with the fire department, we work for 24 hours then we are off for 48...we do get to attempt to sleep at night it's not like we are up the whole time...can be...but not always for sure



luke88 said:

Ah I see, sounds really tough. I've got a friend that's a paramedic here in the UK that works similarly long hours, though perhaps not quite as bad as that. Kudos though, I hope you derive a strong sense of satisfaction from it; it's a cool thing to do with your working life.

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