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Play: Mario Golf: World Tour With Nintendo Life

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Vote for a second tournament's rules

Mario Golf: World Tour is a bit brilliant, and even when you've gone through the single player action there's much more to do — the online options are potentially never-ending.

Now, by popular demand and because it's too good a chance to pass up, we're going to be running our own weekly tournaments that are decided by you. Well, one of them will be. Here's how it'll work:

  • Every week we'll run a seven day 'vanilla' tournament, which will be light on crazy features and will use courses that the majority should know well.
  • When we announce that tournament we'll run a series of polls. We'll then take the results of those polls to create a (potentially) wacky tournament — the polls will cover all (non DLC) courses and customisation options. We'll then take the results of those polls every Sunday and post a fresh article with the relevant tournament code. This will be a 5 day tournament.
  • That cycle will be repeated for as long as we're all having fun.

To start off, below are the details for the seven day tournament that's open right now. To access it you'll need to select "Search by Code" in the "Private Tournament" area of the Mario Golf Quick Play section.

  • Code 01-3443-2483-8345, tournament name NLife Open.
  • This is 18 holes on the Forest Course (first course in the Castle Club). Stroke play, no items, coins slots or coins.

This one should be easy for anyone to play, while the pros among you can aim for ridiculous scores to show your prowess.

As for the second tournament, that's all up to you. Answer the polls below, the results of which will create the "NLife Masters" tournament to be announced on Sunday.

Which course would you like to play? (81 votes)

Forest Course


Seaside Course


Mountain Course


Peach Gardens


Yoshi Lake


Wiggler Park


Cheep Cheep Lagoon


DK Jungle


Bowser's Castle


Please login to vote in this poll.

Which mode would you like to play? (78 votes)

Stroke Play


Speed Golf


Point Play


Please login to vote in this poll.

Where do you want the tees to be positioned? (76 votes)







Please login to vote in this poll.

Which characters should be available? (79 votes)

All characters


Only Mario


Only Luigi


Only Peach


Only Yoshi


Only Daisy


Only Donkey Kong


Only Bowser


Only Wario


Only Waluigi


Only Boo


Only Bowser Jr.


Only Diddy Kong


Only Mii characters


Please login to vote in this poll.

Which items should be available? (78 votes)

Use the 'Auto' setting


No items


One of each


Please login to vote in this poll.

Do you want Club Slots enabled? (77 votes)





Please login to vote in this poll.

Do you want coins enabled? (77 votes)





Please login to vote in this poll.

Choose your wind strength (79 votes)







Please login to vote in this poll.

We'll take results at 5pm UK time / 6pm Central Europe / noon Eastern / 9am Pacific on Sunday, at which point we'll publish a fresh article with the details and that all-important community code.

Oh, and see that picture at the top? That'll show the winners from the NLife Open every week, while we'll also post a screen of the NLife Masters winners; your Mii could become famous.

Don't forget, search for 01-3443-2483-8345 in the Private Tournament section to join the NLife Open. We'll see you on the course.

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Alpha2797 said:

Wow, I was first to vote on everything. What were the chances of me doing that?



Spoony_Tech said:

We need an option to choose all characters except Miis. Some are way over powered and will off set the balance of the game. For instance I've seen some players get on a par 4 in one shot while others won't even be able to come close to that.



311Phillies said:

Have you guys thought about creating a Community in Mario Golf, where fans can play Vs. matches with one another, similar to Mario Kart 7?



argol228 said:

and as the poll at this point is kind of showing. it seems no one plays mario golf for the actual mario aspect. all i am seeing in results is absolute standard. at this rate Tournament 1 and the poll tournament are going to be identical. but it's only been an hour so prove me wrong

But seriously who plays a Mario sports game and says no to items.



Spoony_Tech said:

Yep, my fears have been realized as someone is out hitting me and the rest of the pack by about 30 yards. My furthest distance is 240 without the power shot. His must be 265 or more. Got on in one on the first hole.



Spoony_Tech said:

Just had my best most unbelievable game at -22 and yet I'm only in second place. Not to bad for being out hit almost every hole. 4 eagles and the rest birdies. Have yet to do that on this game and face nothing under a birdie.



SavoirFaire said:

You guys get double digit negative scores? Wow I am worse than I thought! I am still trying to master putting. I blame my suckness on this game and Kirby coming out the same day!



Spoony_Tech said:

@Drake I take it you're the one in first lol! I seen someone get a good distance chip in and I assume it was the person in first as they must of got one more eagle then me?!

How do you use a star character anyways? I though the best one could only hit 220. I must need to hit a button or something right?



Drake said:

@Spoony_Tech Unlock them in Challenges then hit R on the character select screen.

And yeah, I got an eagle on every par 5 hole, a chip-in eagle on one par 4 hole and a birdie on every other one.



Luna-Harmony said:

wow very cool pity you can;t hold off a few weeks so people level up and get the hang of the game so it's more fare for everyone i am still waiting for my copy to come from nintendo store. Mario golf on gamecube was amazing.



Technosphile said:

@Spoony_Tech @ThomasBW84


Miis ONLY is better.

You've worked hard to make your Mii strong, why not be allowed to showcase it? Plus, seeing people's Miis is FUN.

Also, this game is about skill, not how strong your bloody drive is, Spoony.



Spoony_Tech said:

@Technosphile How strong your drive is can make the game much easier. If I can get the ball as close to the hole as possible and have a short shot to set up birdie or eagle then that make the game much easier like making it on in one on a 4 par which isn't normal but it is a game. Plus you don't see the other Mii's anyways unless that's them congratulating you after a birdie. I though those were just Mii's on your friends list?

Plus it's just another option to choose from, doesn't mean you have to select it.

@Drake What star waluigi's max distance without the power shot put of curiosity?



Dragonxflame323 said:

I got two lucky Eagle chip-ins and then promptly squandered those points with two Pars down the line. Welp, did my best.



freaksloan said:

Well, broke the top 20 with a -15, I had a shot at -19 at best. No clue how I could make it to -24, that is just insane.



Dragonxflame323 said:

Gave it another try and scored my first Albatross :3 I'm using Star Mario for those wondering..he has amazing drive, but you need to your aim to be very precise or you can easily mess up. >.>



HandheldGuru97 said:

Looks like I'll be joining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just voted for the next round, but I look forward to playing against you guys!!!!!



freaksloan said:

Well I played another round and bettered my score, shot a -17. Only need to make up 9 more shots to be tied for first



MrPanic said:

Lol at people claiming mii's are overpowered. Mii's barely come near the stats some of these star characters have. I would actually give props to Camelot for balancing the mii's so well this time. I remember Mario Tennis Open online getting quite ridiculous with the overpowered mii's in that game.

Lol, right when I type this I managed to score an albatross with star Kamek in this tournament. GG peeps, try to do that with ya mii's, lol.

Ended the tournament on -22. Only messed up one hole with a par. Quite happy with the score, I haven't been that consistent with my performance so far so I'm quite happy I went on a roll here. Snagged myself a fourth place for now, though I'm sure I'll end up in the double digits when this tournament ends. Still amazed by that albatross, so sad this game doesn't allow you to save replays.



JaxonH said:

People don't want items in the player poll tournament? We already have a vanilla tournament. I thought this is supposed to be the fun, crazy one...?



Marshi said:

Me last week: "Urgh, golf. The 3ds is guna start collecting dust if it dosnt bring anything interesting to the table this year!" Sees mk golf demo " Ok im guna hate it but lets at least see whats so MARIO about the most boring sport in the world". Trys mk golf demo "...Oh my god! So addictive!" Buys mk golf and game becomes most addictive 3ds game since fire emblem

Anyone on the fence about this game should try it. Even if you're not a golf fan. Its brilliant! I'l be entering every tourny you guys put out the NL!



DadOfFour1972 said:

@ThomasBW84 - if people are willing it might be good to have a post linking 3DS user name with Nintendo Life user name so we all know who's who!?!?
Just a thought.
Just posted a score and great to see 87 in total having had a go



DRL said:

I've been playing this like mad, so I'll definitely join in tomorrow. I don't expect to accomplish -22, but I should be able to put up decent numbers.



BertoFlyingFox said:

Oooh, this is a great idea. I'm still beating Triple Deluxe and only took a practice course on MarioGolf....but I still want to participate even if I lose miserably lol.

I'm surprised all the tame options were voted on and the fun ones arent. Not a very "whacky" course here....not even playing from the back tee...



JaxonH said:

Just posted -21 in the tournament leaderboards. I could have done better but I screwed the pooch on hole 12 and only ended up with par. I should have had an eagle on that hole. Oh well, such is life.



Sherman said:

Ran to my nearest game store and bought it 3 hours after reading this!! Now to the tournament o get torn apart... should I get a practice game by myself first? ... nah, where's the fun there? Kamikazeeee!!!



Sherman said:

Just popped the game in my 3DS after spending the day with my mom, (it's mother's day here in México, don't know if in other countries as well), selected my Mii and downloading an update to get into tournaments. I'm going in with my starter Mii as is and play my first game here. I know my Mii must be very weak compared to these "star" chars, but I don't care. As long as I finish in negatives I'll be one happy guy =D



Sherman said:

-8 in first Mario Golf: World Tour play ever! I know some of you are so broken, but I gotta say it's not half bad for my first play =)



Sherman said:

Didn't know I needed a handicap to do pretty much everything in this game XD
Can anyone tell me how handicap works? And, does it affect in any way my records? Thanks.



Sherman said:

Oh, man!! Now I'm the only one here T_T
Well, got up (or down) to -14. I think I know why: I'm the only idiot using manual shots, right?



Klimbatize said:

Got a -19, which lands me in the Top 20. I really need to improve my putting. A nice feature is seeing the ghosts of members of your friend'a list. You are a monster, @Spoony_Tech



Sgt_Ludby said:


I've always preferred the realistic courses and conditions, but you bring up a good point. It's a Mario game and the items should be embraced!! I'll definitely be playing more time tourneys from now on and will keep that in mind for the next tournament poll.



Dragonxflame323 said:

@Sherman Manual shots actually give you quite the advantage, since it allows you to control nuances in the game like topspin, backspin, super topspin, super backspin, and impact.



Sherman said:

Yeah, that's why I use it manual, @Dragonxflame323. But I only have the main characters and my Mii. No star/secret characters yet. Hope I can give it another go sometime later before the tourney is gone.



Sherman said:

It is you, @Prof_Clayton, the one who appears as a player in my run? One "orange" player appears when I play this tournament. You're the only one I can think of that is in my Friend List and could have bought the game.



Sherman said:

Maybe if you play again, @Prof_Clayton, now that I have my shadow uploaded you can see me
Well, I've played all the Nintendo tournaments online yesterday and got all my free goodies. I didn't exactly played, was more like a speed run just to get the free stuff, I have only one day to play them all, but I'll definetally play better the next ones. Extra time even for extra tries



Dragonxflame323 said:

It seems Drake managed to overtook me! I won't give up easily, however. I'll try to post at least a -27 before friday.



Sherman said:

I saw your -26, @Dragonxflame323, and I was like cursing all over the place. How is that even posible!? And then I saw that -27... Ffffuuuuuuu!!!
Those scores are even better than the World Tournament #1! Didn't you participate in that one?
Oh, one more thing: Are you using hacking or something, haha.

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