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Photos With Mario Official Website Launches With Details of $10 eShop Cards

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

So the AR cards are 'free'

Last week Photos With Mario launched with no fanfare, as Nintendo of America placed it on the U.S. store and said, "oh, there's a thing for you, if you want it". It didn't even get a mention in the company's official Download Update, simply left on the eShop unloved and alone.

Of course, some gamers have shown some love for the free app, and we even gave it the hands on impressions treatment so that it didn't feel entirely left out. Happily, Nintendo has remembered that it released the app, launching an official website with some demonstration videos and nice images. It also shows us the collectible AR cards that will be on sale at Target from 28th May — these are actually bundled with special edition $10 eShop fund cards. In a sense they're free extras, assuming you want that $10 of credit in the first place.

It's a nice way to collect the cards in any case, even if you can simply cheat and point the 3DS camera at a web page with the scanned cards. It's OK, Photos With Mario, you're finally getting a bit more attention.


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AyeHaley said:

The "in-game" models are quite good! I love stuff like this, its very Nintendo.



endy_n_omni said:

Target has had the cards (ours has Goomba and Mario) for about a week now. My friend picked one up, since he was planning on getting some of the Mega Man games on the VC anyway. Oddly, unlike other point cards, these had tax added to them.
I love collection cards and I buy a lot of eShop stuff, so I'll try to collect all of them. I dearly hope we get the Animal Crossing card Japan got. It isn't enough for me to just print it out. I want the real thing.



Tsurii said:

Oh..that's actually a really good way to get people to buy those AR cards..or do they give them away for free? Anyway, this is a lot better than what I expected when they said, they'd "sell" them



KodyDawg said:

I still can't believe this thing with the eShop Cards was announced RIGHT AFTER I BOUGHT $50+ OF ESHOP CREDIT.



Windy said:

If swapnote was still working and you could send your pictures to friends The AR cards might be fun. I guess MiiVerse could fun to if they open up an AR section to post AR pictures. Would be nice if they made some AR games like some dungeon crawler types



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Good to see we don't get the japanese way, where the different AR cards were also coming with different credit amounts - and I think the Bowser one is ~50$ over there.



2Sang said:

Great idea. I'm hoping for some smash bros. ar cards personally, but that might be wishful thinking.



SylveonLover said:

@Volmun I honestly don't get why Nintendo took away Spotpass for Swapnote. They weren't telling people to share inappropriate or offensive material with each other. It was the users own fault, not Nintendo's.



Hy8ogen said:

**** I just bought the regular e-shop cards for 40 bucks. WHY U NO POST EARLIER?



Uberchu said:

This seems like a great idea!
But not the target exclusive part, maybe have 6 different stores and 2 cards are avaible in xstore...

Like GS gets Bowser and goomba for $20 and $10 respectively...

Maybe add a few more to the mix, like say a copling or w/e, shrooms, ect...

@Hy8ogen Easy bro! This was known about already if you read the Apps eShop description!



Freelance said:

Is Canada going to get the $10 cards at all? I find it very annoying that the Eshop, PSN and Steam cards don't offer $10 denominations. I am not keen on spending $20 ($22 for Steam) just to buy a cheap $5 game with it.



JaxonH said:


But you'll spend the money eventually anyways, right?

I usually jump on eShop cards when Best Buy offers them at 20% off. Usually keep $200 on my account at all times, with another $200 in eShop cards in my dresser droor to last me until the next 20% off sale. And I don't buy anything that gets a physical release- only VC, indies and digital-exclusives. I'm down to my last $75 with no cards left. Just hoping Best Buy runs another sale before my funds run out.



endy_n_omni said:

@MusicLov3r Yeah. Instead of just being a straight $10 (as the cards normally are) it came out to $10.60. My friend, who bought the card, joked that the AR card costs you 60 cents.

Maybe they were put into the system wrong at the Target we went to.



rjejr said:

Guess I'll look for these when I go to pick up MK8 and my free wheel on Friday, i want to pick up Minish Cap.



iphys said:

@Donjwolf An ad pops up for it on the Canadian Nintendo site, and it doesn't say it's limited to US Target locations, so fingers crossed.



Freelance said:

@JaxonH That's not really the point though. I don't like leaving virtual money sitting on an account for a long time, and that can very well happen if there's nothing else I want to buy on the Eshop. It just seems a waste when the only thing you want right now is really cheap (say, 2 bucks) and nothing else interests you for months. When I buy a card, I make sure there's loads of other stuff I want that would make me spend the majority of it.

Also, the Eshop doesn't really interest me much, except for a little game here and there. The PSN and/or Steam usually has the games I'm looking for so I'm more inclined to buy cards for them.



JaxonH said:


Well, you can always add with a credit card, though I'm not sure the minimum amount. Think you can go as low as $5, but I could be mistaken.

Idk, I'm the opposite and rarely buy digital games for my PS4 or Vita, but I still keep it maxed out. Just lasts me longer is all. I do like the feature of adding exactly enough to cover the cost of the game on PSN- that's a nifty feature right there.



RedYoshi999 said:

@JaxonH The eShop does let you add only the necessary funds to purchase a game if you're paying by credit card. Very useful feature for me.



Uberchu said:

@JaxonH wow you spend too much on the eShop lol

@KnightRider666 Correct, and you can use the ? block old AR card to get a warp pipe. (green warp pipe that is)

So far US only has 3 and a better deal than Japan's Prices...

Apparently browsers card is the equivalent of $50 of eShop cash.
The others are $10 through $30 I think... Not 100% positive though...



alLabouTandroiD said:

@PS4 Yeah, at least they're all $10 so it's not like in Japan where you have to get $20 equivalents for Mario and Luigi each and $30 equivalents for Peach and Bowser each.



IKAY said:

Hope, they all (Pikmin and Animal Crossing) come to europe, too!



dkxcalibur said:

Too bad the app becomes boring after about 6 minutes, but if you're planning on buying eshop cards anyways then this is great news.



ultraraichu said:

@JaxonH #16 Interesting, I thought I was the only one on the site that did that. Brought around $500 worth eshop cards from the last sale (also used my rewards card for extra discount). Nice way to save long term especially with Nintendo DDP.



ultraraichu said:

I know I better grab mines on thursday before it's sold out. Wouldn't be the first time something like that to a Wii point/ eshop card.



devilwaffle said:

oh good, you don't know how many times one of these would come in handy, as a teenager with no credit card.



flotech said:

I have been to 3 Target stores in my area (NJ) looking for these e-shop with Photo with Mario. Not only did I not find the cards but the Target Employees were clueless as to what they were or even seeing them. also has not trace of the cards. I think Nintendo forgot to send Target the memo



A1234 said:

just went to Target. they don't have them, went to the Target website, not listed. nice promotion Nintendo/Target!



ZachBeacon said:


I just tried to get the cards today but passed because Target DOES charge tax for these. I've never heard of a store charging tax for a gift card.

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