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Nintendo UK Officially Launches Its Store's "Cool Stuff" Range

Posted by Alex Phillimore

More products added since it was spotted last week

Last week we reported on a whole load of 'cool stuff' on Nintendo's official UK store, and the regional body has now officially launched this new and expanded range of exclusive figurines, accessories and clothing for digital consumers. It includes some merchandise that has only previously been available from online retailers outside of Europe.

The launch promotes Nintendo-themed keychains, caps, wallets and hats, carry cases, console decals and more; for those with some cash to spare, a limited edition twenty-three inch Ganondorf statue can be purchased for the glamorous price of £299.99.

Nintendo UK's head of Ecommerce John Donnellan has said the following:

We're excited to be adding Merchandise to the Official Nintendo Online Store offering. We're often asked why Limited Edition or Official items aren’t available in the UK, so it’s great to be able to offer fans a hub for purchasing them. We’re looking forward to being able to broaden this selection by adding further limited edition and exclusive items to the site over the coming months.

Visitors to the online store have the choice between viewing the entire range of goodies on offer or filtering them by character, including Mario, Link and, surprisingly, Boo.

To take a look at the full range on offer, check out the 'Cool Stuff' section of the Nintendo Store.

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0utburst said:

Can I order/buy from Italy in the Nintendo UK store?

Also those who are buying the yoshi and peach remote, It's only 42 euros on amazon France. Usually 50-55 euros on other sites. I pre-ordered mine and it's only 90 euros including shipping. On amazon Italy it's 55 euros each LOL.



Ninhau said:

they really need to ship outside the UK. to limit this to 1 country in Europe is a one-finger salute from Nintendo

hope that they're just testing the waters, and then set up shop elsewhere too



Ryno said:

Since Nintendo video game sales are so bad there I guess they got to try and sell other stuff.



Gerbwmu said:

Either they need a better online store for NA, or have more physical stores then just NYC. At least give us one in Chicago, LA, Toronto and Vancouver. Some of the stuff in the UK store is worth purchasing



luke88 said:

Some lovely things on there; will have another look come pay day.



Luna-Harmony said:

It's great they are bring rare usa and stuff from japan to the uk a pity though of some wapping prices £300 is like $550 for a statue. It would be great if they sold everything the NY nintendo world store has like plushy's and t-shirts.



Kicked2TheKirb said:

Holy crap! I can't believe Nintendo UK gets all that cool stuff. They offer SOOOOOOOO MUUUUUCHHH COOOOOLLLLL stuff!!!!! Nintendo of America only offers like 5 things. 3 of which are pencil erasers and rainbow Wii Mote straps.

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