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Nintendo Releases Unlock Code Hint for NES Remix 2

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

So many winking Mii characters!

NES Remix 2 may have been around nearly a month now, but there's a decent chance that a number of gamers are yet to unlock all of the different game challenges that are available. Maybe some of us are particularly rubbish at Dr. Mario, for example.

Aware that some may need a helping hand, game director Koichi Hayashida posted a clue over the weekend that can unlock all NES games in the title, meaning corners can be cut with a little bit of brain power. His Miiverse post is below.

There’s a hint regarding a hidden code you can use for NES Remix 2 hiding somewhere in this image. Hope you have fun solving it!

Hello everybody! Hayashida here.

Are you all having fun with NES Remix 2? I'm delighted to see so many of you posting using the special stamp that you get for completing all the stages!

However, there are probably still lots of people who haven't unlocked all the NES games yet.

If this sounds like you, I've got some good news! I'm here to give you a clue to a hidden code that we concealed in NES Remix 2. Using this code will give you access to all the titles that you haven't unlocked yet.

The clue is as follows...


Players who can't wait to unlock their favourite game should enter the hidden code while on the stage select screen. Of course, if you'd rather unlock the games on your own, please ignore this hint!

And if you figure out the hidden code, remember: IT'S A SECRET TO EVERYBODY.

So there you have it, a chance to get hold of all the NES games in the title. Give it a whirl, while if you like the tip you can give Hayashida-san's post a Yeah and winking Mii face — there's a lot of winking going on in that update.

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0utburst said:

Watch the credits? I bought it but played a few minutes.
I'll quit PC gaming at the end of this month so I can finally play with my kid more on our Wii U. Backlog is too damn high.



TreesenHauser said:

Oh and regarding the games we're bad at... Wario's Woods for me. I'm terrible at it.

@IxC Ohhhhh. That makes sense now. I blame my lack of coffee this morning. Thanks!



ChrisT99 said:

I don't have NES Remix, so I'm wondering... when you use this code, does it unlock the full versions of these games?



rjejr said:

So 1 code unlocks every minigame in the game? If DKCTF had a code like this I'ld still be playing it, rather than stuck for all eternity on World 2 Stage 2. Thank goodness I only rented it. I'm not paying full price for a game that only lets us try out 20% of it. That's what demos are for.



oldaq said:

I don't even get Wario's Woods. It's amazingly difficult to understand the basics of the game. Apart from that the game is awesome, way better selection of games than the first



ThomasBW84 said:

@oldaq Yeah, it's a weird one. I have so little time to play my games of choice — plays the world's smallest violin — that I only tried Wario's Woods for about five minutes. Couldn't figure out what was going on!



ejamer said:

Hahaha. Or you could just practice a little bit to improve your skill level before moving on. If you gave up after 2-2, why do you think you'll do any better on harder levels if given a "level skip" option? I harbor strong doubts that you'd continue playing in either case...



sinalefa said:

Something that I hate about this game compared to the first one is the lack of tutorials, specially when these games are more complex. I never played Wario's Woods back in the day, so it was very hard to get the basics at first.



dizzy_boy said:

If you get stuck, look at the miiverse posts that come up next to each round, they come with play through vid of that poster.



MJKOP said:

@rjejr world 2 stage 2?! Get back in there and give it another go my friend, you're missing it! Great game, very hard yes but I am loving it



EarthboundBenjy said:

I never played Wario's Woods before NES REMIX 2. I was initially confused by it, but messing around has taught me the basics. I kind of want to own the full game now, it's quite interesting.



JCnator said:

Wario's Woods is far too complex for my brain to even handle its basics. What's even worse, the electronic manual never told me anything about the controls and tricks. This is irritating, because the game isn't quite as known as Nintendo seems to expect out from us.

Also, it seems to take forever to unlock NES Open Tournament Golf due of its insane requirement, so the code would help us unlocking that game.



manu0 said:

They should have included a secret game accessed via this code...



rjejr said:

@ejamer - "why do you think you'll do any better on harder levels if given a "level skip" option?"

It's been my experience on games like this - the 1st DK, Sonic Lost Worlds and the Galaxy games I believe - that the longer you play the better you get, and the more time you spend playing the harder the levels the easier the earlier levels become. So if I had the opportunity to skip past that level after 10 tries or something, and move on, I would keep playing each level 10 times until I could move onto the next. Then by the time I've played all the levels in the game, even the very difficult ones near the end, then I would be able to go back and replay level 2-2 and it would be a piece of cake. But that's just from personal experience, other players may vary.



rjejr said:

@MJKOP - "Get back in there and give it another go my friend, you're missing it!

The problem w/ giving it another go is not knowing how many tries it will take. And I know I would pass it eventually, I read a walkthuru later to see how far I'ld actually gotten to the end of the level. But seeing as how it is world 2-2 and knowing the game will only get much more difficult from here, why bother torturing myself? I really find no pleasure in trial and error perfect timing events. I've spent over 100 hours in Advance Wars the past few weeks, one level took me almost 6 hours - 90 days in game - so it's not like I need DK.

The question is does DK need me? Sales weren't great if I remeber correctly, maybe they would have been better if many online weren't complaining about how difficult the game was and that they TOOK OUT the skip feature that was in the 1st game. Why take out something that was already in? I think that omission made me give up quicker, I was annoyed at them. I figure if some day they do a patch like Sonic Lost Wrold did w/ the coins = lives thing and patch the skip function back in then I'll give it another shot.



unrandomsam said:

Of all the things I wish there was a code for this isn't one of them. (What I really wanted was a way to start A Link Between Worlds on the hero quest).



vonseux said:

@rjejr well. Being hard did sell Dark Souls. Maybe that was the idea.
Even tough I dont think DS is hard. Just cheap with imprecise control.



akaDv8R said:

@IxC It is actually on the the START screen, hold down START,SELECT and the Right shoulder button all together, and then press A. It opens up all the extra levels, pretty cool actually.



IxC said:


Worked on the level select screen for me. And it opens up all the games, not all the levels.



JaxonH said:


Wouldn't have done you any good anyways. DKC Tropical Freeze got infinitely harder after that. If you had problems in World 2, you definitely would have problems the farther you went. A lot of platforming gamers are used to that difficulty with DKC, though I can definitely understand how someone could find it too difficult for them. Anyways, point I was getting at it a code would have done you no good, cause world 2 is candyland compared to the rest of the game.

I just tried the code (for the heck of it, why not, I like codes) and it unlocks all the stages from individual games, but the Remix stages are still locked behind star thresholds. Which is cool. It gave me like 5 new NES games I hadn't unlocked yet- Metroid, Kid Icarus, Lost Levels, etc. So that's cool. I hadn't played the game much up to this point (not enough time). But at least now I have more options to find stars and unlock Remix stages. Besides, the NES games are 80% of the fun anyways.

EDIT: DKC wasn't really trial and error, because the game was 100% doable on skill alone. A common red flag for T&E games are when everyone in the world dies on the exact same spot, regardless of their skill level, because it's impossible to beat using reactionary skill and judging cues. Most people who struggled with DKC just aren't well versed in challenging platformers, and different people died in different spots. You must consider the fact that the game is meant to provide a challenge to those who are skilled at platformers, so if you're not skilled there is definitely going to be some frustration and remote hurling going on. Although, like any challenging game (take Monster Hunter for example), you can learn as you progress. Once you get the hang of judging cues, whittling down your reaction time and mastering your moveset, that's when the game opens up and you experience the true brilliance on offer. But it's ok, not everyone is going to take well to every game.

Also, the people complaining about the difficulty on Miiverse are rookies (no offense). It's kind of the result of games being so easy nowadays. That level of difficulty used to be the norm- just go back and play the original Mario Bros (without skipping worlds), or Lost Levels, or Kid Icarus, or DKC 1-3, etc. That was the norm 20 years ago. The thing is, yes they did take out Super Kong, BUT, they added in items, which is a much fairer way to allow the player to progress. You can take up to 3 items with you. If you've got Dixie Kong, and take 3 extra barrels, that's 3 hits you're allowed before breaking the next barrel open, then 3 more, then 3 more, then 4 more before you die. So 13 hits you're allowed. And that's not factoring Kong POW, which turns all your hearts gold providing even MORE hits. And Kong POWS are really easy to get. So you're looking at upwards of 20 hits before dying. If a person can't beat a stage with 20 hits allowed, well... And there's also green ballons for falling, invincibility, etc.



Kaeobais said:

@rjejr: That's not really the game's fault, though Being stuck in a game doesn't make it a bad game. If that was the case, there wouldn't be any good NES games XD



MJKOP said:

@rjejr I'm just wondering teasing. I love the game, but it's very hard at times and yeah, repeating the same level / section over and over is not fun



rjejr said:

@Kaeobais - "Being stuck in a game doesn't make it a bad game."

No, I think it's a good game, graphically a big step up from the first on Wii. BUT they had a skip option in the first game that they purposely took out of the 2nd, and I think that was a bad decision. I'm aware many others disagree.



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - "wasn't really trial and error"

I think I consider anything along the lines of forced forward motion to be trial and error. Same w/ QTEs which I think most people dislike unless they are for an added bonus like the in Paper Mario games w/ give added hits or defense.

And while I appreciate the long list of item usage it didn't really do me any good where I was stuck in that falling bridge section w/ the rampaging rhinoceros and the moron decision to have charge and jump be the same button. (Maybe it wasn't charge and jump but 2 things relied on the same button, or maybe it was 2 buttons that needed the same finger, I forget.) It doesn't matter how many balloons you have if the bridge falls away while you are respawning.

Oh, and you are 100% correct about those old games being ridiculously hard, I've tried several and none of them were even remotely for me. Mario 64 changed all that, and Sunshine was extremely enjoyable. Even Yoshi's Story - which everyone considered to be too easy to play - took me several tries to get thru. I don't even bother w/ retro anymore, not worth my time Though I will give Minnish Cap a go, how hard can a Zelda game be?

Oh, and I jinxed myself the other day, after talking about Advance Wars the next map took me 90 days and I got an E. Had never gotten lower than a C before. I never felt I would lose but it was really a slog. The next map took 38 and back to a B.

I also made it to the final credits of Toki Tori 2+ (not completed, but finished for me) w/o any help at all, and supposedly that game was too hard for some. You win some, you lose some I guess.



JaxonH said:


Well, not sure why you were having problems with that. There were alternate control schemes- I always had mine set to where zR was the RUN button (as well as grab barrels), and I had x/y set as the ROLL button (as well as ground pound when still). I also used the D-pad instead of the analogue, since it's a 2D platformer (water levels I switched to the analogue).

Anyways, for the Rambi levels if you have the setup I mentioned above, you use only x, a and zR. x for roll/charge, a for jump, and zR for run. The x button usually makes you roll, but with Rambi it gives you a speed boost charge. You can actually keep tapping x and Rambi will stay continuously charging non-stop. Then just press jump as needed and you're good to go. I don't even think the RUN button factors in with Rambi at all. Just keep tapping x and jump with a when appropriate. Although, for precise platforming sometimes I'd have to stop charging for a little bit.

And yeah, I heard Toki Tori 2+ was hard from several people. In fact, I find some of the Zelda and Metroid puzzles to be a tad challenging at times. So there are various types of difficulty. Reactionary/skill-based difficulty, puzzle/problem-solving difficulty, strategy-based difficulty, and all kinds of mixtures of the above.



Darknyht said:

I found the NES Remix to be much harder than NES Remix 2, but that was because the games represented in the first were just poor quality in terms of controls and gameplay. The only two I am not a fan of on the second one is SMB: Lost Levels and Wario's Woods (controls mostly on Wario's Woods).

Although some of the Punch Out! tasks come down to pure luck to 3 star, but on the second one, you can always just watch someone do the task to see the best way if you get stuck.



sinalefa said:


Funny because I was the opposite. I never finished Toki Tori 2 but I beat Tropical Freeze, although I did not get all levels.



ShadowSniper7 said:

@rjejr : Level skips ruin games. DKC 1-3 had no skips so why should they get added now? (Are gamers getting worse year after year?) The whole point is that your an ape on a difficult journey. The whole point of the game is to play through that journey. Level skips are for quitters imo

Anyway, after reading your posts I went back and played DKCTF on 2-2. Maybe you just need practice using Rambi? 2-2 is a very rambi focused level but all you really need to beat it is to practice dashing and jumping. Dixie seems to help, you can also give yourself 3 of those balloons that save you when you fall. No offense or anything but this level is pretty easy even without helping items. I just can't see where the problem is.

PS The music to this level just brings me straight back to Diddy Kong Racing



sleepinglion said:

I've already opened the games on my own but would LOVE a code to erase Wario's Woods. That game sucks, especially when it is flipped upside-down. Grrrrrr!



rjejr said:

@ShadowSniper7 - "Maybe you just need practice using Rambi?"

Yeah, I think that about sums it up. But I think there was something odd about Rambi that bothered me, either both jump and charge we're the same button or they both required using my thumb. With all the buttons available on the Gamepad I'm not sure why they couldn't have arranged that better. And I did use Dixie and the balloons, but the balloons only brought me back up to the place where the bridge had already collapsed, so I died anyway. I probably played the level 2 dozen times and then sent the game back to Gamefly. When you rent stuff from Gamefly better to get a game you enjoy than ones that's giving you agita. And the patch for Sonic Lost World had just come out so I thought maybe in the future...



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - Re Rambi

Yeah, I think my problem was Rambi charging w/ X and jumping w/ A, my thumb isn't that talented.

And speaking of challenging, after waltzing thru the campaign and all the battle maps in Advance Wars the "Final Mission" is kicking my butt. But it's the final mission, so it's expected.

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