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Nintendo Looking To "Harvest" 3DS Success To Avoid An "Unacceptable" Fourth Year Of Losses

Posted by Damien McFerran

"We would like to retrieve 'Nintendo-like' profits as soon as possible"

In its recently-posted investor's briefing, Nintendo has revealed its plans for the near future and how it aims to turn around three years of consecutive operating losses. We've already heard about the proposed Nintendo Figurine Platform, but the company has much more in store as it attempts to move back into profit.

Managing Director Tatsumi Kimishima directly addresses the losses experienced over the past few years, and stated that a fourth year of losses would be "unacceptable":

Please let me comment on the operating losses for three consecutive years. Two and three fiscal years ago, the extremely strong yen and transition between our video game platforms mainly put our revenue and expenses off balance. For the last fiscal year, under the improved foreign currency exchange situation, we made various efforts to retrieve “Nintendo-like” profits. We, however, could not achieve these results as the sales of our main hardware and software products ended up being well below our forecasts, and we incurred temporary one-off expenses from the purchase of technology that we did not expect at the beginning of the fiscal year. I feel deeply responsible for this and I need to fulfill my responsibility by recovering the momentum of our business.

We would like to retrieve “Nintendo-like” profits as soon as possible. However, the success of a video game platform business depends greatly on its momentum, and it inevitably takes time to rebuild the business once the platform has lost its momentum.

Posting an operating loss for the fourth fiscal year running is something unacceptable. We see this fiscal year as a time to prioritize restoration of the balance of revenue and expenses.

Given the rather dismal position of the Wii U, it's perhaps unsurprising that Nintendo President Satoru Iwata is looking to the 3DS to turn things around for the firm. The popular handheld continues to post impressive results and Iwata feels that the strong installed base achieved thus far will provide the ideal platform for financial success:

The installed base of Nintendo 3DS has already surpassed 43 million units, which is large enough to develop this platform business. By leveraging upon its large installed base, we are aiming to make this fiscal year a significant harvest year.

Nintendo 3DS already has a quality software lineup available now, many of these titles have been selling rather steadily even weeks or months after their respective release dates. Notable year-on-year sales growth has been observed especially in the Nintendo 3DS software sales overseas. The growth rate varies from country to country, but the software sales have grown by approximately 20 to 40 percent. By converting sales potential into actual sales, and by releasing strong titles periodically, we are aiming to sustain the momentum of the Nintendo 3DS business.

To do this, Nintendo is making sure that the console is blessed with as much quality third-party software as possible:

Out of approximately 34.22 million units of third-party software sold through in 2013 (excluding the ones from the three video game hardware manufacturers and Pokémon games), the platform on which those games sold the most was Nintendo 3DS, which captured 38 percent of the total sales units. In addition to the titles shown here, I hear there are many more titles under development, including unannounced ones. They have already taken advantage of the quickly expanding Nintendo 3DS installed base abroad for some of these titles. Nintendo has worked closely with these publishers and an increasing number of third-party Nintendo 3DS titles have shown results in the U.S. and Europe, including the Professor Layton series, Inazuma Eleven series and “BRAVELY DEFAULT.” By accelerating this trend, we would like to further grow the Nintendo 3DS business.

It's clear that the 3DS is a vital system in Nintendo's plans this year; with the Wii U failing to sell in the expected volumes, the Japanese veteran will be relying on its popular handheld more than ever. Titles like Tomodachi Life and Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire will help, but can the 3DS maintain its momentum through 2014 and beyond? Let us know what you think — and your reaction to the comments issued by Nintendo so far — by posting your own opinion below.


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EverythingAmiibo said:

They'll have no problem bringing home the bacon with that NFC thingy on the horizon. My little brother is going to instantly ditch skylanders for that!



Peach64 said:

I'm quite concerned for the 3DS, because the whole fate of handheld gaming rests upon it. Sales have fallen off a cliff in 2014, and they shipped less than 600,000 worldwide so far this year. I keep saying this, but they're not doing much wrong with the 3DS, and maybe we all just have to accept mobile gaming as taken a huge chunk out of the handheld sector. We went from DS and PSP selling 230 million combined to now looking at maybe 70-80 million sold. People on here still refer to it as some kind of sales monster, but it's on track to end up selling less than the DS, Gameboy, GBA and PSP. It's a success, a money maker, but it's not the sort of phenomenon that people are still making it out to be.

Pokemon will sell loads of copies, but how much hardware will it sell? You'd think most hardcore fans already picked up 3DS for X/Y. The software figures for that are close to the sales figures of the DS Pokemon games which suggests most have already made the move.

I think they'll keep supporting it for a few more years, but that combined home console/handheld is surely the next step. I think most of us playing our 3DS games at home anyway?



Andyjm said:

To those wondering about a lack of Wii U in the statement: it's a financial statement, nobody would believe Nintendo if they said it would drive profits this year. Instead the 3DS will be the source for profits while they spend on regaining momentum for the Wii U and put that in a position to turn a profit the year after. Whether it works early (some of the plans sound interesting) or even at all is another thing entirely but this is aimed at investors not gamers.



Zyph said:

It's understandable that they would focus on the 3DS to recapture profitability. But that does not mean they'll leave Wii U out. They need that profit driver (3DS) to support their other hardware (Wii U). You guys would do well to actually read the the statements in the briefing.



AG_Awesome said:

There's little install base left for the 3ds to capture IMHO. Without a complete remodeling their best bet is to focus on games for the system this year. I'd also suggest upgrading their virtual console support to pull in some extra money on stagnant SNES and GBA IPs. If they can't do this in the virtual console then perhaps Ninty can release some compilation/best of cartridges to pad their 2014 release list. A "Mario advance all stars" for example. Or even a "Best of GBA" set with a variety pack if ten games. That should be cheap to do compared to the profits it could make them. It also won't take away many devs from working on new games. Nintendo is the king of nostalgia and should use that to their advantage.

I'd also suggest dropping the Wii U to a hundred bucks and do away with the expensive controller. Do a firmware update that enables all games to function without it. The fanboys may not like to hear it but that is a major reason the system isn't selling well. They need to cater to the lowest common denominator fans if they want to turn a profit. Cheap, easy access gaming is the answer. Call me wrong but the proof is in the pudding. Nintendo should have made a budget HD console and not a multi purpose system when they did the Wii U.



ajcismo said:

Part of me just wants to go off half-cocked and scream "FIRE IWATA!". But I realize that it's just not that simple. However...
Mr.Iwata needs to go, now.
Its hard for me to get behind Satoru when he refuses to listen to the consumer and ignore some very simple steps that would bring people to the Wii U. Concentrating on the 3DS is not the answer.
New blood is needed, a fresh perspective. Someone who's going to do things differently, like say, put some money in the advertising budget. I'd like to see some passion at the top, not another apology followed by another year/quarter (whatever) of doing the same darn thing.



cfgk24 said:

I love more support for my 3DS! Another 'So Many Games' promotion would be fantastic!



Dragoon04 said:

I bought my wiiu in June last year so the end of the first quarter and I did not realise back then what the wiiu would go through, but it if people could just look past all the bad sales figures they would see that it is a much better system than it was a year ago when nobody wanted it.

The miiverse is unrecognisable and all the changes are for the better. The eshop now has a really decent line-up unlike a year ago when it was a desert. The price drop and dozens of amazing games already out and more just around the corner.

When I got it I thought I made a big mistake but I don't regret it any more. Anyway yay for the 3DS.



ScorpionMG said:

"On the other hand, as for Wii U, we were unable to recover the momentum sufficiently even in the last year-end sales season. We would like to spend one full year to leverage Nintendo’s own strength in order to regain momentum.

Of course, we are making efforts to continue selling the titles already released for Wii U and turn them into evergreen titles. For this fiscal year, we will release two flagship Nintendo titles that are known as games that can be enjoyed alone or with others, namely
We will release the latest installment from the Mario Kart series, “Mario Kart 8,” at the end of this month, and
In addition to the Nintendo 3DS version that I just mentioned, we will release this winter “Super Smash Bros. for Wii U,” the latest installment in the Smash Bros. franchise, which fans have been waiting for, for the first time in six years on a console. With these two titles for Wii U as pillars, we would like to create a new trend for our console game business through which we can best leverage our strength.
At the Corporate Management Policy Briefing this January, I explained that the company would prioritize making and proposing Wii U software titles that can only be made possible with the Wii U GamePad. We are planning to disclose our progress on this at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles in June.

I also mentioned at the Corporate Management Policy Briefing this January the quick start menu.

Meanwhile, “Mario Kart 8” for Wii U will be released around the end of this month.
As we introduced in Mario Kart 8 Direct the other day, “Mario Kart 8” has a new feature named “Mario Kart TV” that enables players to upload racing highlight reels and share them on the Internet.
Also, we are planning to send out videos of attractive reels, and hints and tips as official Nintendo videos.
To enjoy these features even when you are not playing this game on the console, we are planning to offer a web service called “Mario Kart TV” (temp.), which also enables users to watch videos in a screen layout suitable for systems such as smart devices and computers, around the same time as the release of “Mario Kart 8.”
This web service will enable more people to easily watch Nintendo’s official videos, view rankings, watch videos that their friends have shared and videos of tournaments in which they have participated.

To establish new and growing areas through the active utilization of character IP, it is important for Nintendo to take risks ourselves and come up with interesting ways to use our character IP.
In other words, other than using character IP in Nintendo’s video game software, we need to start a new business that will someday become one of our core activities.
As Nintendo’s first step We have decided to release character figurines with built-in NFC functionality that are compatible with video games starting from this year-end sales season.
We are calling the figurines by their development codename, NFP, which comes from “NFC Featured Platform” and “Nintendo Figurine Platform.”
What is especially unique about NFP is that it is not classed as an accessory product of a certain software title but as a platform itself.
And it has been designed to be compatible with multiple software titles for Nintendo platforms."
Looks to me that they are taking the right steps, a few years late, but they are moving on. Iwata should not be fired yet, i agree he has failed on a lot of points, but that doesn't mean he has to go yet.



RennanNT said:

@Ichiban Wii U owners should be pleased with what was said. It would be very worrying if they were "After game X arrive Wii U will sell loads by itself, the 3rd party will join in and we will be crowed" like last year.
They have to aim break even and build momentum this year (perhaps next year too) and only then harvest on Wii U. Had they decided to harvest now, they would get some small profit with MK+SSB+LoZU and then Wii U dies afterwards. And don't forget, to create momentum they have to make great deals (like the free game with MK) and bring plenty games.



xj220_afiles said:

You know what would be good for both platform! Plug your 3DS on your Wii U and BANG, you can play your 3DS on your tv using the gamepad. This would bring thos 43million people to consider buying a wii u without affecting the sales of the 3DS. I think this would be a good selling point for nintendo.



2Sang said:

I think it's safe to say nintendo may have to go third party if they had a 4th straight year of losses. I doubt that they'll have a net loss this year though because they at least have established their consoles now and the wii u is selling at a profit now too.



ajcismo said:

Too little, too late for me. I don't have any fancy quotes or numbers to show off, just my own observations as a gamer and consumer for, lets just say a long time.
-Unified account system. If they want to concentrate on selling more 3DS's and linking them with Wii U's then this is a must. Its a must anyways and completely ridiculous that this isn't around already. Completely unacceptable.
-NFC is nice and all, but again, this should've been done long before Disney jumped in, and even Skylanders. Pokemon had toyed with the idea years ago but nobody ran with it until Skylanders made a obscene amount of money with it.
-Advertising and the name Wii U. This horse has been beaten to the point of comedy. Thinking they're saving money by going the cheapest route possible on marketing has been a massive blunder, and the name "Wii U"... ugh. Even Wii2 makes more sense and is easier to get across to the consumer.
-VC and nostalgia. Again, speaks for itself. Why aren't all past 1st party Nintendo games available for digital download? Great question. The eShop should be like iTunes with digital movies by the bucket full. Its not, and its an untapped source of revenue. Thinking the consumer will buy more when less is offered is foolish and not in tune with what your consumer wants.
-3rd party support. The minute that EA and others decided they didn't want to deal with Kyoto anymore, or worse yet become the butt-end to Twitter jokes, Satoru should've jumped on a plane, or dialed up his Mario phone and put a stop to this. Yes, EA sucks, but if you want people to buy your system, you need these titles.



PJR0cks said:

yes they have undoubtedly made a lot of mistakes, some of the things you mentioned I totally agree with you, but here is the thing, as a Wii U owner who only was looking forward to MK8 (honestly that was pretty much it) now with every right step Nintendo takes, I can be hopeful that great things still can happen in it's future. and from now on in my eyes it can only get better since I had already made my peace with a lot of it's issues. I don't know if these changes will save Nintendo, but they sure will make me more happy.



ScorpionMG said:

@ajcismo it's not only you that want those things to be available for wii u, as gamers, we do demand those features as well, we do want a unified account, Nfc will turn out good, current marketing needs to be removed and just hire new organisers from the west etc and get them to make more apps for phones, better ads instead of using kids, make the wii u more visible in the world.
As long as there is a low install base, 3rd party won't come any time soon, Nintendo can either wait and hope for these games to sell the wii u, or they need to start paying 3rd parties to make games for wii u.



Emaan said:

Who would have thought back in 2011 that Nintendo would ultimately be depending on the 3DS for financial success going into a new business year? They better hope Mario Kart 8 makes somewhat of an impact in Wii U sales.



SphericalCrusher said:

I don't think the 3DS is ever going to lose it's momentum, and I really feel that once WiiU gains momentum, it will be good to go as well. As far as the NFC things — I don't see it overtaking Skylanders by any means, but I don't think it will try to compete or tap into that player base much IMO. I think it will probably be it's own thing, and more affordable. Nonetheless, I hope this is going to be a great year for Nintendo! They have been around since 1889, so they know how to stand the test of time!



Gingadreadman said:

I really hope Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 save the Wii U. I prefer home consoles than handheld's.



Technosphile said:

The 3DS' success is sort of baffling to me, because on the surface it seems to have many of the same problems the Wii U does:

-consumer apathy, most people don't know what a 3DS is; or the difference between it, a DS or a 2DS
-confusing name, see above
-outclassed performance-wise by its competition
-mostly just Nintendo games with little 3rd-party support
-built around a stupid gimmick no one likes or uses

It's not cheap, either. And yet, it's the only bright spot for Nintendo these days. Good thing too, but the similarities are there.



ajcismo said:

@ ScorpionMG & PJR0cks
Don't get me wrong, I agree that they're making steps in the right direction and I'm just as pumped about MK8 as the next guy. Mr.Iwata even seems like a really good, funny guy. My whole point is that sometimes change is a good, and necessary, thing for growth. A new person at the top doing things differently could very well shake the industry up. Or at least let the world know that Nintendo means business. They should be leading the industry, and right now they're just sort of marching to their own beat in it with Iwata in charge.



TingLz said:

@ajcismo So...concentrating on the successful system is not the answer and relying on a system that's pretty much dead (in profits) at this point is the answer? You do realize no one would believe you in a financial meeting...



TingLz said:

@Technosphile Wait, the 3DS is not successful because the Vita outclasses it and the name is confusing? You need to check some numbers and get back to us



HaNks said:

nintendo need bigger changes than the current leadership/managament are willing to accept. i don't see any turnaround on the horizon, on the contrary, iwata is leading them to failure by ignoring the wider market, particularly the west. always insisting that nintendo can do their own thing, at their own pace.



Barbiegurl777 said:

Bringing more 3rd party 3DS title's to the 3DS sound great. Especially the one's from japan there's alot of 3rd party japanese 3ds title's I'd love to play on my american 3ds. Bring them over I'll be glad to play them.

Extremely glad were finally getting Tomodachi Life - 3DS this june. Also loving Disney Magical World - 3DS as well.

Please bring more 3rd party 3DS title's over from japan.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



ajcismo said:

@ Unca_Lz
If that's all you've gotten out of what I said, then yes, it is. And sorry buddy, but they would listen to reason in a financial meeting. Spending money on marketing can, and will, yield more results if its used properly. NOT marketing the Wii U in any form, like what they've been doing, has been the biggest blunder in Nintendo's history. I say bigger than the VB. Abandoning a system that's selling poorly when there is an incredible amount of untapped possibility is foolish. There is still plenty of time to give the Wii U a push, I get the sense that they're being stubborn to save face. Keep pushing the 3DS, I have no problem with that, my family has 3 of them (and 1 Wii U). Its a pain in the butt having to keep track of 3 different accounts however...



MAB said:

Hopefully Nintendo's crop will produce something more substantial besides Mario, Pokemon & chibi RPGs



ajcismo said:

I was hoping for a GIF from you. This thread needs to lighten up just a bit.



MoonKnight7 said:


First of all, my apologizes. In the time I wrote this response, you have been getting ganged up on. I didn't mean to join the crowd here.

Iwata deserves another chance, don't forget how massively successful the DS and Wii were. The fact that he didn't run away from the problems says a lot about his character. If he was in America he would have taken a severance and high tailed it to another country to sip on a margarita in a yacht Nintendo would of had to pay for. He clearly has a new business plan in place, and I think we're all very curious about this QoL product. So let's just see what they can turn it into. I will say however, if they can't turn a profit this year, then yes, it's time for Iwata to go as a change is obviously needed.



ajcismo said:

@ MoonKnight7
Its cool dude. I stand behind my opinion, knowing full well that it might draw some heat, and will respond and back it up accordingly. Its a good discussion and everyone has been respectful. I think we're all after the same thing here, wanting Ninty to do well.



MamaLuigi said:

Iwata's a very honest, straightforward man for a Nintendo president, so of course with the current Yen situation we're to expect some good things and some bad things.

I certainly would not worry about 3DS doing well. The obvious players being Tomodachi Life and the newest Pokemon remakes. And yes I'm curious about what those "new" 3rd party titles are.

As for Wii U, numbers were definitely below par last fiscal year but I refuse to believe things are only going to get worse from here on out. They've got Mario Kart and Smash Bros Wii U coming for crying out loud. The online matches are going to be so very packed.

And yet also there's so many indie titles coming out as well that Wii U sales won't skyrocket but they'll certainly get that added "oomph" they need.



Snobunni426 said:

Considering I only own a 3DS and no home console, this news make me happy to know that the 3DS is getting more, but it does make me sad that the WiiU is not, as of right now, able to get the same support. Maybe if they regain some sales they can hopefully pump up the WiiU in the latter fiscal year or early next year. I was thinking about getting a WiiU but nothing has come out on the system to grab me yet.



bananaking123 said:

Nintendo could roll out limited edition 3ds xl as normal, but the main thing to do is to secure big titles on the wii u and perhaps, introduce a new IP.

Nintendo is an old fashioned company that is milking it's cash cow like crazy. Mario, Pokemon, Kong, Zelda, Kirby and probably Metroid(in the next year or so). One can see how these game would sell, but how long can nostalgia last? Hell, even Megaman (though not a Ninty IP) is appearing now in VC after Mighty no.9 surfaced. It will benefit greatly from a new IP project that can capitalise on it's current fanbase, yet reach out to older ones.

The Wii U requires a severe make over. They have to rebrand it, make it fun, make it unique. Currently not one person I know owns a WiiU, partly due to the lack of AAA titles(also, other consoles run it better). Despite all the heat given to the console; other companies mocking it, "previous gen" branding, not much has been done by Nintendo to counteract these.

Iwata might really have to move over for a different perspective. Much as I enjoy his efforts, the lack of trying rebrand the wii-u's current image, even to the extent of wanting to make a "budget" wiiu for China all makes it seem like the console has been abandoned.



ikki5 said:


Why should we be pleased with this? They have said similar things before and then nothing happened. The game drought they said will not happen again and that they learned from their mistake the first time, it happened again. They said they'd get on the ball with more 3rd party. well, 3rd is just going further and further into the distance. They talked about improving the poor VC and now we are back to 1 NES title a week let alone the 17 week delay of Mario 3. Yes I know Mario 3 is every where but we were told one thing, another thing happened. I personally will not say I am happy until I actually see them do something. Their word.... isn't all that trust worthy at the moment.



c1pher_c0mplet said:

"Posting an operating loss for the fourth fiscal year running is something unacceptable."
XD That made me LOL for real! Like the previous three years were acceptable, haha. I wish he'd get that SMB3 Mario boot but I have a feeling Iwata isn't going anywhere.



JosieC84 said:

It really hurts to read all these negative news. I think the Wii U console itself is great. They just need to release more worthy games. Hope Mario Kart 8 changes everything around. The reason why 3DS is going selling very well is because they are releasing great games. Games sells the console. That's what Nintendo needs to do with the Wii U



Mus1cLov3r said:

@AG_Awesome Think about what YOU said. You're saying they should make the price equal to ONLY TWO of the Games for said system.... That would be idiodic.



Mrclaycoat said:

The Wii U is crashing and burning. To help the situation we are re-releasing pokemon games for the 3DS. Please understand.




JosieC84 said:

The funny thing is that PS4 and Xbox One has all these games released, but Call Of Duty: Ghosts is their best selling game. HA! What a joke this gaming industry is! Sure there is nothing wrong with loving COD (up to a point) but there are much better games out there. COD is just the same stuff all over again with each sequel.



RennanNT said:

@ikki5 Don't get me wrong, I'm fully aware of all the promises they didn't met. But all we can get from an investor report are plans for the future and in the paper they are taking the right direction. To put an example, Nintendo fans should be pleased Nintendo acknowledged the drought and said they would do something about it, what they shouldn't be pleased at is Nintendo not fulfilling it at all - see the difference?

And, at the very least, this time isn't completely empty promises, since they are actually putting effort in bringing momentum to the Wii U instead of trying to harvest now (bundle, free game, SSB tournament and its seems they will advertise it for once).



MoonKnight7 said:


Cool, I didn't want to strike a nerve or something. This is why I like Nintendolife. For the most part, everyone here is respectful.



AG_Awesome said:

@MusicLov3r No, it would actually sell the system. "Awesome, cheap new Nintendo HD for a hundred bucks." "No wonky, expensive screen controller needed." Perfect alternative for people not wanting a PS4 or XBONE. Right now the system is 250 with a game and controller. If games are 50, controller is a hundred, you're already at 100 left for the system.

Don't call my idea idiotic again. That's your fair warning not to troll me.



readyletsgo said:

@xj220_afiles 'You know what would be good for both platform! Plug your 3DS on your Wii U and BANG, you can play your 3DS on your tv using the gamepad. This would bring thos 43million people to consider buying a wii u without affecting the sales of the 3DS. I think this would be a good selling point for nintendo.'

I dont know if it would sell that many as a connection to the Wii U but I certainly would buy one in a heart beat!!! I bet they have an idea already worked out and made and ready to go but are just not releasing it for some god awful Nintendo reason.

@ajcismo '-Unified account system. If they want to concentrate on selling more 3DS's and linking them with Wii U's then this is a must. Its a must anyways and completely ridiculous that this isn't around already. Completely unacceptable.'

Why the hell have Nintendo not got an accounts based system set up? I mean, if Microsoft, Steam, Sony and a host of other companies have been doing it for the past 10 or more years why cant they?

I see it as they think they will lose out on monies, people only buying one copy of Super Mario Bro's cause they have it for life on that account or will have it already on the next Nintendo system instead of buying a new copy of Super Mario Bro's on each system since the Wii.

Anyway, the Wii U is dead, its not selling, we all know that, Iwata is a great president and is going no where as he is trying to deal with all these failings, unlike other companies where the failing president is turfed out when things go really bad, like the Wii U. I dont think MK8 is going to save the Wii U this time round, no matter how amazing we think it is. People just do not care about the Wii U now.



Kicked2TheKirb said:

Im a male 27 yrs old and my wife is 30. We play Nintendo. But when we were on the internet, youtuben it or watching Netflix or Hulu cuz thats what we do when were not gameing. We see Playstation and Xbox commercial all the time. Never for Wii U. I think I saw one picture add of 3D World pop up on her ipad while she was playing HayDay and we both got all excited.... like wow... Mario! Lol. C'mon... whats the deal qith Nintendo lately?! What are they thinking?
Im really curious because I we both have a 3DS and 1 Wii U and its true, she ditched her 3DS for the iPad and I havent turned my Wii U on since 3D World released.



dumedum said:

It's good that the 3DS is doing so so well, and will probably accelerate this year, as they believe with the stronger 3rd party support.



Kicked2TheKirb said:

Im just not excited to be a Nintendo console owner. Especially when Nintendo doesnt remind me of how fun it could be through advertising and releasing great games, having 3rd party support to get owners excited.



Sionyn said:

treat us with respect don't bite the hand that feeds you nintendo
first day dlc is not acceptable carry on this shard and watch the 3ds fail also
sort out the fragmented experience streetpass has become



kyuubikid213 said:

If we're looking at another GCN/GBA generation, I say bring it on.

Dropping the GamePad isn't going to happen because that's the system's draw like motion controls were for the Wii. Saying it's not something people want is wrong because Microsoft announced SmartGlass the next year after the Wii U was announced and Sony piped up and said "We can do that, too" with the connection between the Vita and the PS3/4. Making the price $100 would only further give Nintendo losses because they'd be losing that much more with each system sold. Because of this, your idea is pretty bad. Otherwise, it looks like Nintendo is playing catch-up as opposed to trying something new.



Genesaur said:

Really should have added something like, "We are gonna make sure that the Wii U is kicking ass by 2015," but I guess even the optimists aren't expecting that, any more.



c1pher_c0mplet said:

@Paperluigi No kidding. That and a Golden Sun 3DS game. I'd even like another Okamiden (I always wished the original one would've been a launch title for the 3DS since it would've been better graphically and controlled better with the Circle Pad). But I'm not sure if we'll ever get those games again or anytime soon.
@MoonKnight7 Agreed. I don't do any social networking or comment on articles much but the community here at NL is really cool. Of course, with your occasional troll but they make life more interesting.



AG_Awesome said:

@kyuubikid213 Show me a group of your basic walmart customers that are going to want the Wii U or even know what it is. They don't. Sales would be through the roof if they did. The controller is NOT a selling point. Sony and Microsoft will learn that soon enough if thy are stupid enough to make one like Nintendo did. Once again they have to cater to the lowest common denominator (walmart crowds) and not fan boys.

A cheap HD system at a hundred bucks is what they should have made and what they should change their marketing of the Wii U to.

But hey, put your fanboy blinders on and see how well it does this year. I'd love to eat crow since I enjoy Ninty quite a bit. As a consumer who doesn't own a Wii U and one who knows many former Ninty fans that don't like the Wii u, I'm speaking from a potential customer standpoint.

I'm not buying it now, I'm saying what they could do to get me to. Or do you not feel a consumer should have a voice and Ninty should dictate what I buy? Hopefully Mario kart 8 and smash will do the trick.



zool said:

I have one machine that plays all my dvd's and Blue Rays. Maybe its time we had one format for all games (excluding handhelds) and let the companies design the console and controller, with heir own logos.



Chubblings said:

@ajcismo I agree with many of your points, and feel Nintendo does need change in management. However, one also has to take into consideration the fact that, what if when Iwata goes, we'll get a boss who just wants to please shareholders, and moves Nintendo (games) to smartphones. In that case, I'd take Iwata anyday over a boss like the one I've described.



rjejr said:

@Peach64 I already posted this on another thread but it fits much better here - edited:

How to sell more 2/3DS/XL:

Across the board $30 price drops - 2DS $99, 3DS $139, XL $169
(3DS hasn't had a price drop in THREE years, XL NEVER)
Launch advertising campaign $30 off 2/3DS/XL Family of gaming systems. Accompany the price drop w/ all systems now come w/ 4GB industry standard (dig at Vita) SD cards for digital downloads. (Last I checked normal 3DS was still only 2GB.)
Advertise the 3 great games library Classic - Kid Icarus, MK7, NSMB2, OoT Lugi's Mansion - Current - Yoshi, Kirby, SM3DL, Link Between Worlds, X+Y, AC:NL - Future - Tomodachi, SSB and Ruby and Sapphire
Emphasize games available for digital download.

2014 boost 3DS Family sales, 2015 announce Nintendo 3DS Selects to boost game sales even further.

Not saying 3DS can reach DS sales, but I think it still has legs. And SSB is the first ever handheld SB game, that just has to sell some systems. Especially who knows when Wii U version will release.

And then 2016 Unity all-in-one "handheld - household" system. Maybe I should copyright that



Mus1cLov3r said:

1: I was not trolling you(you clearly don't understad the meaning of trolling), I was simply giving you my opinion.
2: The GamePad is vital to some WiiU games.
3: Lowering a price doesn't solve everything.
4: A "fair warning" not to troll you? Yeah, because you can really hurt me through a computer screen.
P.S. That last one WAS kind of a troll comment. Have a nice day.



darklinkinfinite said:

I love my Wii U but I think the best Nintendo can hope to do with it now is get by. I can't see it becoming any sort of success. They said it themselves, momentum is hard to build up and they can't build it alone and they're really the only ones making any significant titles on the platform. They had Donkey Kong in February, then nothing really notable for 3 months until Mario Kart at the end of the month. After that we're waiting until winter until Smash Bros. They've announced Bayonetta 2, X, and Hyrule Warriors but even if they all happen to release in 2014, which I REALLY doubt, that's still less than one game a month. That's not how you build momentum. You build momentum by giving players multiple major releases each month. This way players don't have time to finish a game before another awesome game is showing up at stores and new ones are being announced. And you keep that going.

I just can't imagine the Wii U ever being in that kind of situation. Nintendo makes amazing games , the problem is that the ripples in the pond are long gone by the time they throw another stone. Especially now when the 3DS is their clear moneymaker, its even less likely that Nintendo will invest heavily in improving the Wii U, when any fruits of that investment is years away and instead invest further in the 3DS to ensure that it stays afloat.



DarkKirby said:

The 3DS hasn't exactly been failing. And I don't see the 3DS suddenly making so much more money it will cover the failings of the Wii U.



kyuubikid213 said:

@AG_Awesome I don't even want to respond to your post because of your "fanboy blinders" comment.

But you know, since you want a $100 Wii U without a GamePad, I guess you'll buy one 20 years from now when the price is that low and you'll just have to get a Pro Controller to play games.

Consumers should have a voice, but if they're delusional and idiotic demands, they have no reason to be heard.



Fandabidozi said:

Just bought my second 3DS instead of buying a WiiU as originally planned. With Alpha and Omega on the way and three or four 3DS titles I'd still like to buy I just don't see me having time to play a console any time soon.



AG_Awesome said:

@kyuubikid213 Take your fanboy off next time you want to respond to me kiddo. I guess we will see how great the Wii U's sales continue to be by adding Gba games and franchise sequels.... Lmfao

100 buck system is easy to do and quite plausible as I outlined. It's a shame youre such a defensive fanboy, the butthurt of my suggestion seemed to infuriate you as if you are losing money on the mere concept. Hope this helps



Zombie_Barioth said:

I agree with the gamepad being made optional like the original kinect was, but not even the last gen consoles are that cheap yet, so a $100 Wii U is ridiculous. Dropping to $250 would be reasonable though, especially with the sort of bundles they've got.



JaxonH said:



Farewell Wii U? Uh, Wii U isn't going anywhere. Have no idea where the logic in your thought process went astray, but allow me to adjust it for you: Wii U is here to stay and isn't going anywhere. What this statement was referring to is Nintendo will be putting forth great effort to return to high profits this year. This goal will primarily be achieved through the high install base of the 3DS, which at the moment is the bread and butter of Nintendo's income. Of course, that doesn't mean "abandoning the Wii U". It just means 3DS = money now, while hopefully Wii U = money later, after cultivating the home console a little more thoroughly.



JaxonH said:


Ya, even the PS3 is selling for twice that amount, and it's 8 years old. It's a nice thought, but that's just not gonna happen.



crzysortagamer said:

Just remember Nintendo fans, supporting nintendo doesnt mean buying the games used, because they get nothing for it. Don't get me wrong, I buy the occasional used game, but if you really support, you will pay 5 bucks extra to get it new every now and then.



Jayvir said:

Even with poor hardware sales, at least software sales can still be great. Both Mario games on the Wii U have sold millions more than other titles released around the same time. Nintendo can easily play to their strengths with is the high attachment rate of their software

And LOL at the "fanboy" insults being slung around here. Gotta strut that epeen huh children?



CaptOlimar30 said:

I don't fully understand some of the arguments I've seen claiming that advertising will solve Nintendo's woes. I see more advertising for Nintendo's products then I do for anyone else's products in the gaming industry (read PS or X-Box) so why would Ninty need coverage yet Sony and Microsoft don't. The console is really just hard to sell in my opinion because of how different it is and I don't think that advertising fixes that issue. They should've waited until asymetrical controlling was a thing until trying to use it in gaming.

The Wii is a different case as it clearly translates to fun gameplay and that can be sold on a box cover or by the news which just ate motion control up for some reason. This is why I'd say the Wii worked even though it popularized motion controls and motion controls in gaming at the same time. The Wii-U failed at popularizing asymetrical designs in general and so there's no way people would think it would lead to good gameplay if they don't even understand the concept in general.

Despite all this negative talk I totally want Ninty to succeed and pull through. I think the Wii-U is a great concept in general and works well in games (especially local group play games). I hope they pull through but in order to do that I think they really need to convince people that it's a good concept for more than just games.



Hyperion said:

Excellent, I thought this was going to be a lean year for the 3DS but hopefully Nintendo will focus on it and bring out some great games.
I was really annoyed that Nintendo shafted 3DS owners by putting GBA games on the Wii U eshop. This could go some way to placating my rage.



Chris720 said:

If they don't sort it out now the Wii U is going to be dead and buried before long. Hopefully MK8 and SSB will help it out but I really don't see it making much of an impact... They should have tried to push MK8 out as quickly as possible, after all that is usually their saving grace. It definitely was with the 3DS anyway.

Hopefully the 3DS can push the Wii U up a bit and build some kind of momentum... If they don't do it this year or next, I think it's safe to say the Wii U is gone.



kyuubikid213 said:

Just because the Wii U isn't selling well... Actually, it's keeping up pretty well with it's competitors.

Just because the Wii U doesn't have great momentum... Well... The other two are still running off of launch hype...

Just because everyone THINKS the Wii U is doing the worst, doesn't mean the Wii U will go away. As I've been told many times, the Wii wasn't the norm for Nintendo console sales, it was the exception. The N64 only sold 32 million units as compared to the PS1's 102 million. The GCN sold 21 million units next to the PS2's 155 million and the Xbox's 24 million. The Wii U will simply return to those numbers. Did Nintendo die after making either of these consoles? No. Did the consoles themselves die after certain decisions proved to make them less capable than the others? No.

Nintendo will pull through this and make incredible games while they're at it. Next generation, Nintendo will more than likely try something new again. Maybe they'll take another GCN approach and make something similar to the other consoles. Maybe they'll try to change the gaming scene once more with a different piece of tech.




Action51 said:

@Peach64 -

" Pokemon will sell loads of copies, but how much hardware will it sell?"

Hmm, kind of a backwards proposition you've manufactured in order to create something negative out of something neutral or positive.

Software sales are where the profit lies. Look at the install base of the 3DS, and understand that with the proliferation of mobile and smartphones, it's probably reached something of a general plateau. It will continue to sell at a less brisk pace, but nothing in the world except a paradigm shift in the way the masses approach gaming will cause mass sales to occur again.

So having said all that and putting aside the hand-wringing negative spin, it's software sales that drive profits. Yes, install bases need to be there first, but that's not really the issue at this point. If Nintendo can sell compelling software and peripherals (we'll see where this NFC thing takes the market) that is where the profits are.

Also remember that hardware is often a loss-leader: sold at a loss in order to get the platform into the hands of consumers who will buy software. In an ideal world, the hardware sales would continue to skyrocket like they did in 2012...but right now the portable gaming market is in flux...relying on software sales for an already large install base seems to be the smartest option.



Noboty said:

Hopefully, this means that we will FINALLY get some GBA VC games on it (which is unlikely. Probably more NES garbage on the way by way of trickle).



khululy said:

@ajcismo Someone new at the helm wouldn't be a bad thing i still think Iwata should not be fired from Nintendo at all just step down as ceo. Yet the problem could arise that the new face has no vision or heart for Nintendo if this person is chosen by shareholders who only think of short term profits E.G. Table/phone games (and I use that term loosely) or let
Mario become a more watered down cash cow that only relies and on brand recognition. There is a lot to be said about Iwata but I still believe his heart is in the right place, something I cannot see in a lot of big companies these days.

The other two aren't sitting on rose petals either, people spend less lately and gaming if for most still a silly past time then a fun hobby. I think big N will abide as always.

Dispite not having the best hardware sales they still inspire developers and encourage some to ensure their games are quality because shinies are nice but not all that glitters is gold.

I do hope we get some gems localized here like level 5's "Time travelers"
And a remake or Majora's mask on the 3DS would also help so I can finally get around playing it.

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