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Nintendo Confirms Five New Titles for 3DS LL "Recommended Software" Promotion in June

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Three Pokémon games, New Leaf again and puzzling dragons...

Not so long ago we told you about the rather neat 3DS LL (XL) "Recommended Software" promotion in Japan, which rewards those that pick up the model with a voucher for a free retail game. This runs until 30th September, but the twist is that the available free games will change every month for the duration of the scheme. Those that buy a 3DS LL now can, for example, hold off to a later month on the chance a game they want becomes available, while others may be tempted into buying the system in any given month if a particularly enticing title is added.

The opening options, from 26th April to 30th May, were Yo-kai Watch and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Nintendo has now revealed the choices that'll kick in for the month of June, and it includes one of the May titles and four others — a generous boost from the two initial options. Three of these are Pokémon games, with one even being a brand new title that's released on 19th June.

Some attractive options there, with the inclusion of the new Art Academy title potentially tempting those that have already collected all of the others.

Territories in the West have had their share of promotions to encourage gamers to buy 3DS hardware, but would you like an equivalent with changing options every month? Let us know.


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TingLz said:

We need more Pikachu images for news. Every post should have a Pikachu!



Obito_Sigma said:

@Unca_Lz Please, just no. Every single post about Pokemon always has to have a Pikachu in it somewhere. Please tell me why Pikachu was the first Pokemon seen in the first XY and ORAS...

Aipom is still open for the new Pokemon mascot, please!



shiftermate said:

I agree with you they need a new mascot perhaps they can hold a contest voting or something I also think they should have more mini game such as pokemon raceing in carts, planes , skateboards, roller skates giving your Pokemon baths would be cool and keep the clothes but add Pokemon cloths and Pokemon hair, feather and scale dyeing and patterns that you create and or tattoo like stickers and a park wich you can walk you Pokemon all six in your party like a island in animal crossing new leaf were you can battle other players and play and find items



AshFoxX said:

Who knew you could both encourage non-adopters to purchase hardware and shoot yourself in the foot at the same time? While this encourages some to buy a system if they see a game they like, it may also deter others from making the plunge right away, deciding instead to hold out for something better to come along, and possibly make them forget they were waiting for the software they wanted and move on without any purchase at all.

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