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Mario Golf: World Tour’s DLC Isn't Locked Away in the Main Game

Posted by Lewis Childs

Add-on packs are separate downloads

Mario Golf: World Tour has hit shelves in North America and Europe, and we’re certainly fans of the game as we awarded it 9/10 in our review. One of the title’s features, which has divided opinion among the Nintendo community, is Mario Golf’s DLC. Nintendo offering additional paid-for content isn’t a really new thing, with games such as Pikmin 3 and New Super Mario Bros. 2 giving players the option of extra levels and challenges in exchange for hard earned cash. However, making DLC available from a major title’s release date is always a hot topic.

When it was first revealed that Mario Golf: World Tour would have ‘day one DLC’ – a dirty term in most corners of the gaming world – the news, understandably, didn't go down too well with some Nintendo fans. With day one DLC being synonymous with locked on-disc content, many people assumed that the big N could potentially be charging for extra content that may already be locked in the retail code, and therefore should be included in the game for no additional cost.

In practical terms this doesn't seem to be the case as the currently available Mario Golf DLC packs are rather sizeable downloads – as opposed to locked on-disc content where the download is usually a tiny unlock file. The argument of whether they constitute value removed from the core content is, naturally, down to individual opinion.

The file sizes for the Mario Golf DLC, in Europe at least, can be seen below:

  • Three-Pack Set / Season Pass — 489 blocks
  • Mushroom Pack — 447 blocks
  • Free-Trial Course Pack — 138 blocks

Upon downloading the new pack — or season pass — the content then ‘transfers’ to the game itself, where the courses and characters become available in all modes; this includes fresh Challenges for the new courses, for example. It's unclear with the season pass whether additional courses and characters are actually 'locked' in that download to be released later in May and June, or whether another download in the 400 block range will follow each new set.

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Have you picked Mario Golf: World Tour yet? If so, will you be purchasing any of the additional packs available for it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Guybrush20X6 said:

That's good from a moral and no-piracy standpoint. You actually pay for the content instead of paying for a code that you could hack. This is why SFxTekken was such a disaster.



unrandomsam said:

@Guybrush20X6 Nothing moral about this sort of DLC. It could have just been included and then it might have been worth it. Doesn't matter where it is (In fact if it was on the cartridge then the performance could be guaranteed to be more consistent). If they had released it last Summer and then released some DLC now that is a bit different. It is part of the game though that has been cut out.



Guybrush20X6 said:

@unrandomsam Well excuse me for looking at it from a "lesser of two evils" standpoint.

And we don't have any definitive proof it was cut from the main game, though Gold Mario looks like he was made after the game went gold (accidental pun) in about 30 minutes.




This game is fantastic, with sooo much content without the DLC. Very few people can any realistic argument with that. The DLC is great so far too, with an old N64 course being refreshed!

Whilst I don't always like DLC, I would love something similar for Mario Kart 8. I have always wanted additional courses for MK games after release. And we already know there are 32 tracks, on par with recent entries in the series therefore if there is any DLC then it cannot be argued that the tracks should have already been included!



snoox said:

If the Mushroom Pack is available right now then it should have been included in the game, are there 2 more courses in that pack? There are only 3 courses to play single-player in main game. You would expect Nintendo to have more than 3, it's almost like they had 5 but then ripped 2 out for pay more DLC. It seems like they are testing the murky waters of day 1 DLC.... I'm not liking it

btw yes I bought the game but not the DLC




@snoox although there are only 3 18-hole courses, there is the sky island one shot course which is really REALLY difficult, plus the Mushroom Kingdom courses. There is 100% enough content in this game at release. The DLC and online modes only ensure that this game will be getting played all year round.



JadedGamer said:

Tired of the complaints. I bought my copy at retail for 30. If I evercravemore golfI can purchase the dlc.dlc. It's marketed at a great price point..



shinokami said:

@unrandomsam The game is complete, the DLC gives you extra holes PLUS characters. I would say its rather fair. If it was some other company they would shove the characters in your face $4.99 each and the courses $1.99 each or as a set $14.99



SavoirFaire said:

Don't bother. Some people will believe it is a scam by Nintendo, no matter what anyone says, and despite any proof beyond the fact DLC exists. The X-Files had less convoluted conspiracies than some of the DLC theories you will likely hear in this thread! Anyone that thinks this Mario Golf DLC discussion gets heated, just wait until (if) there is Mario Kart 8 DLC!

I picked up the season pass and am really enjoying this game. I also am horrible, but I hope to get better



Morph said:

If the game is complete without the extras then i dont see the problem, id imagine the game had to be finalised a month or two ago now, so its quite conceivable theyve been working on content since then, which is fine.



SamirMalik said:

The only time I am fine with disc locked content is when it was never intended it to be in the final product in the first place but somehow got in there. Like a broken yet fully functional character in a fighting game. Or a physics engine testing level. Or even a OP'd final boss card in the entire Mega Man Starforce series.



Einherjar said:

Im absolutely fine with Nintendos current DLC policies.
The pricing is reasonable, the content is appropriate and its not "make or break" stuff (overpowered gear etc) which could kill online competitions through money.
Like i always say, people on here will always find a way to whine about something. Hand them a sack of money and they will complain that the sack has the wrong color.
Remember the days when people laughed about the pathatic sonic fandom ? I guess the overall Nintendo fandom is way way worse. With that much whining, no wonder everyone else thinks that Nintendo is just a kiddie club. People are behaving like one.



sinalefa said:


Besides the on disc DLC, Capcom decided to ask full price for the game and then $20 for the DLC, putting the "whole" game at a whopping $80.

Here Nintendo was smart (and kind) enough to lower the initial price (in NA, I know) and with the whole DLC the total is $45, less than SMTIV, the highest priced 3DS game.

Good thing I ordered the physical copy, so I won't strain my SD card with both the game and the packs.



Bulbousaur said:

Its good that its not on-disc DLC, but I don't believe for one second that the DLC couldn't have been in the base game. Almost every game company is guilty of some sort of money-grabbing, Nintendo is no exception.



SanderEvers said:

@Bulbousaur That's why they're called COMPANIES. THEY NEED TO MAKE PROFIT. It's most simple thing about economy. A company that doesn't make money goes bankrupt.

Every single company in the world needs and does stuff to get more money. And DLC is a proven effective way to do this.

Games are created by people, these people have a salary. What happens after the developers finish the game and send it of to be tested, apporeved, rated and put into production? In the old days they started working on new software. Which means bugs in the original games would left unfixed. But games those days were simple enough to survive a few bugs.

This isn't the case anymore. Games have gotten more complex and more money is involved in creating them. So, after the developer pushes the final version to be rated and such, they continue to work on the game. They will release patches for bugs. However they still need to get paid for doing that. And that's where DLC kicks in.



eaglebob345 said:

I don't mind that a game has day 1 DLC (I won't buy it anyways), just as long as the game costs less that full retail releases. If Mario Golf was $35+ then it would be unfair, imo. $30- seems reasonable. A $60 game with day 1 DLC is stupid cough*Call of Doody*cough, yet people try to justify those decisions. That said, I hope Nintendo does not go this way on every game. DLC should be done to extend the life of a game, not for extra money on day 1.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Well, I'm definitely not fond of Day 1 DLC, but if it's not locked content, there's at least the possibility that Nintendo didn't wanna risk having to delay the game by making the DLC content mandatory.
Aside of that, it seems to be a nice price-content balance, so it's also worth the cash.



JaxonH said:

Stop judging the game by its DLC, and start judging it on its own merits. That's how you know people are being biased, when they judge an entire video game by it's side content that's not even included in the main game. You judge the main game based on it's merits pretending DLC doesn't exist. Then you judge the DLC on its merits pretending the main game doesn't exist.

I don't care what anyone else says or thinks. I love this game and had the entire season pass paid for in full within minutes of opening the game. Ya, I support Nintendo in their DLC endeavors. Don't care what anyone else does, but as for me, I'm enjoying this game to the fullest. I really love the courses and the topspin/backspin burn through the grass. Too awesome. Already bought me a snazzy new club... golfin' in style baby!



the_truth said:

Day one DLC may as well be on the cartridge. The point is that the complete game, as it exists at launch, is divided across the cartridge and DLC.



DreamOn said:

The fact that you have to pay for the game at all is a pretty big rip off. For one, it's just golf so theres never enough value. And two, Nintendo is rich and I'm not. No buy. I'm selling my 3DS and moving to a remote island. ;P

Seriously though, loving the game so far. Will probably pick up the DLC too.



Dreamcaster-X said:

I bought the retail copy & after a playing for a while I went ahead & bought the season pass! Great game although the putting can be hit or miss with the camera.



C-Olimar said:

@snoox @the_truth You need to realise, a game isn't completed and then the next day shipped out to stores and put on sale. They often go gold many weeks before their actual release. During this time, of course, marketing, distribution, manufacturing and the like are worked out.

Once Mario Golf was finished, it is very likely that the developers, with no job left to do, were instructed to create DLC. As a digital download, this can be completed just in time for launch and released alongside the game.



Aluwolf said:

Hey people. the game is 10 dollars less than a standard 3DS game. This is because with the DLC the price becomes the same as a full price game. This only benefits you, you get to buy it and see if you like it, if you get bored or find out golf isn't really your thing you save money.

There's literally no situation to be complaining unless you're talking about what ifs for the future, but those are just that.



ChuJelly said:

The question I have for this, if it really doesn't have the characters on-cartridge, is what the game does when you're playing online/wireless against a character you don't have. I don't usually play fighting games and the like with downloadable characters and skins, so I wouldn't know how they'd handle it. Maybe it simply "appears" like another character that they're not, kind of like they did with the DLC classes in Awakening?



LztheQuack said:

Day 1 DLC makes no sense whatsoever! Absolutely no justification for it! After all, all games are completed the day before release, right?!



SilentHunter382 said:

I still hate day one dlc. Doesn't matter if its on the disc or not. To me it feels that it was taken from the game even if it was made after the game when gold.

Personally if a game is going to release DLC I would want it to be released at the very minimum 2 months in advance.

My stance is the same with pre-order bonus. Why take something out of the game and the make it a pre-order bonus. When developers do this I feel they should release that dlc later down the line for free.



Manaphy2007 said:

@JaxonH nintendo should do dlc the way they do it now, just not too many in one sitting, some should be free like how atlus does with conceptions 2. CoD is basically half the game and makes you pay extra for the rest, killer instinct is worse. they make you pay a lot for 3 characters, 2 stages and one mode, if you want the rest then it will cost you extra.



JaxonH said:


Ya I'm happy with their current DLC policy. I got free DLC in Fire Emblem. 5 free maps in Pikmin 3. I got 3 free coin rush levels in New Super Mario Bros 2. I got 20 free GBA and NES games just for being an early 3DS adopter. And then you factor in the bang for buck. Fire Emblem DLC was priced fairly, especially when bought in 3 packs. The Pikmin 3 DLC was a STEAL, averaging 50 cents a map for 4 maps, not counting the free ones. New Super Luigi U was a small GAME for the price of a normal 3rd party season pass. And Mario Golf World Tour basically doubled its content for $15.

Ya, I really can't complain. I feel like I'm getting great value when I buy DLC from Nintendo. When I was playing PS All Stars I wanted to use Kat from Gravity Rush, seeing as her picture is on the character roster screen. I click on it and oops, this character must be purchased to use. Asking price? Five bucks. For a character unlock. That's the norm outside of Nintendo.



SomeBitTripFan said:

I still don't like day one DLC, but at the price point, it's still far more excusable than the paid DLC of Fire Emblem: Awakening. If they keep their DLC policies similar to this, I'll still feel fine supporting it, but not if they take the Awakening route again.



Aluwolf said:

@SilentHunter382 because the game + DLC is equal to a normal retail price game. They took 10 dollars off the retail price so the DLC wouldn't make the game any more expensive. They're literally giving you the option to get the game cheaper than normal if you want and you're complaining.



unrandomsam said:

@C-Olimar They could have made some DLC for Mario Tennis Open (Better multiplayer and a few minor changes such as allowing the Galaxy Course online few characters) that would have been fair. (And a reasonable amount of time in-between).

As far as I am concerned the amount of work going in should compare favourably when it comes to cost when compared with e.g Tropical Freeze or 3D World. (Two titles where I think they actually tried). No way this with its season pass should cost more.



IronMan28 said:

Eh, I thought I'd hate it more, but since they charge less for the core game I can forgive them for this. Hopefully this is as far as they go with DLC/season passes, though.



WiiLovePeace said:

I bought the 3 pack season pass before I had even completed a hole of golf in the game haha. I was really looking forward to the extra courses & the discount. The game is huge so it will be a long while before I see it all & by that time, I'll be able to download the next course packs I've already paid for. Awesome!



SilentHunter382 said:

@Aluwolf Well considering I live in Ireland and the normal price for the game is €45 (same price as other 3ds games) ya I think its justifiable for me to complain.



Aluwolf said:

@SilentHunter382 That's really strange because amazon UK has it at 38E and Toys.IE has it at 40E. The only place that seems to be 45 is gamestop ireland...but why would you shop there



SilentHunter382 said:

@Aluwolf Ok fair enough that the prices are lower else where but only by €5 which still makes the game a €52 euro game with the dlc which is still a bit overpriced.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I normally don't like day-1 DLc because of the basic premise of DLC being an expansion to encourage people to keep their games, but I really like how Nintendo handled it. Making it free in the beginning for certain games was pretty cool too, I wish more companies did that.

On-disc is a bit stick though since I can at least see a decent reason for it, which is internet speeds and data caps that might keep people from buying it otherwise.



WanderingPB said:

Hmmmm for those people complaining about the DLC shouldve been in the game…u realize that the game has the same amount of content as previous mario golf portable games in the the series…yup mind blown

But i understand i would love more content too especially for free.

Im really surprised how much fun im having with this game which convinced me to get the season pass plus if ur still not sure u can dwnload a demo of the DLC before deciding to buy it.

So yup…this game is awesome and it's DLC done right



MasterWario said:

Honestly the only problem I'm having with the dlc is that they might add more later and I just don't know for sure. I'm tempted to buy them but I don't want them to release cooler ones later on.

If I buy the season pass I want to be done spending money on this game.



HyperSonicEXE said:

Oh please, even if it's not on the cart/in the initial download, this has all already been developed and we've seen video footage. It's not an expansion, it's a paywall.
Lame-duck, defensive response we've heard from other greedy companies.



Subaru said:

@HyperSonicEXE Nintendo games have always been completely finished products. This game is no different. Please don't lump Nintendo with other companies who abuse DLC practices.



KingGanny said:

@SilentHunter382 I will whole heartedly agree on the point of pre-order content. I find it insulting and simply not right for specific content being not only for pre-order only, but only a specific store has it. Then more than one store has other pre-order only content for that game. Words can't describe how much I loathe the idea. Unless they plan after a year to release a version with everything included whether or not it gets GOTY then there is content people can never, ever get to.

As for this? Even if you don't like it as everyone else has pointed out it was likely made after it was finalized. The only thing per pack is a character and what? Two courses? In no way would that take too long to actually make. So assuming they finished the game a month ago...would you want them to have completed DLC just sitting in their computers ready for two months before they release it?



Marshi said:

Am I the only one who thinks gamers are becoming more and more greedy?
Look its easy, as long as there is enough replayability in a game or a big enough story to warrant a purchase then buy it if you like the look of it. Then if you still like the game after you finished the story/played all the content then you have the option to purchase more. When the hell did that become a bad thing?!



Geonjaha said:

Was the DLC available since launch of the game? Then you didnt buy the whole game - whether or not you download it isn't important. Not buying this one Nintendo. You know whats worse than people stating their opinions and principles in the comments section though? People who whine about everyone who has any negative opinion of the game. It doesn't affect you - get off your high horses.



KnightRider666 said:

I don't agree with day 1 DLC. I feel like the content should have been included on the game itself. Now DLC a few months after launch is a different story. I like many other will buy the DLC to get the most out of the game, but other who can barely afford the game itself are also a different story.



Troggy said:

Why should the date it comes out affect what people think of it? The content would be the same if it was released at a later date; so why get in a strop about it? Besides, it's not like you're forced to buy the content anyway.



Marshi said:

@Geonjaha So...if dlc comes out day 1 its bad,but if they waited a few month then released it thats fine? I think I just proved my point



SilentHunter382 said:

@KingGanny oh no I am not saying they shouldn't be working on dlc when the game goes gold, I am all for it if it give the developer work. All I am saying is that they shouldn't release it day one. They can work on other courses or characters but just releases a month or 2 after launch.

@WalupeachyTime This is the kind of attitude as why developers are getting away with it. Its like the developers could finish the game but take 25% of the game out and release the other 75% as a finished product. Then release the other 25% of content as day one dlc.

Then you would be fine with it as you can say "iYou are not forced to buy it". Its the same argument as "If you have nothing nice to day then don't say anything," Would Microsoft have change many of the features of the Xbox One if people didn't voice there opinion to others which in turn affected the pre-orders for them.

If you don't speak up or answer with your wallet then the developers and publishers are just going to continue doing it.



Geonjaha said:

@Marshi - Here's the point I made in my post: If DLC is available on day one then buying the game doesn't get you the whole package (Fact).

Not sure how you believe that proves your point, but let me elaborate anyway. If there is DLC on day one, then they could have coupled it with the game and sold it all at once on day one as a full package. If they develop it further down the line then there's no other way to distribute that extra work, and thus they must sell the content as DLC.

This wouldn't however be a problem to me if the game was significantly cheaper - looking at it now on Amazon it's selling for the same price I buy all first party Nintendo games for at release. Is that to say that the game doesn't have enough content? No; that's up to personal opinion.
There is however, in my opinion, a limit to a games worth based on the available characters and courses, and that is why I wont be buying the game. Ironic though that you would call gamers who don't support these practices greedy, when that in fact is the only reason for Day 1 DLC existing in the first place.



Marshi said:

@Geonjaha Im sorry dude,nothing personal but everything you say here proves my point that gamers have become very greedy. You are 100 % correct,they could have put the "day 1 dlc" into the game. And if all you got in this game was 1 18 hole course with no online and only mario,luigi and your mii to play as I would be shouting rip off from the rafters I assure you. But thats not the case. You get 3 normal courses,a special course, numorous characters that can be upgraded and an absolutely massive online mode that will keep even the most hardcore gamers playing for weeks...and thats not enough for you?

Like I say, I prove my point



Geonjaha said:

@Marshi - I have decided to not purchase this game because I do not support the business practices that they are using. The amount of content that the game has was never relevant to my point or the reason that I wouldn't be buying the game.

How this leads you to conclude that I am greedy astounds me. Oh no, I decided to not buy a game based on a business practice that I personally disagree with. How greedy of me.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I like how people complain about the DLC and its release dates. If you don't want the DLC, fine. Nobody's holding a gun to your head to download it...



UnseatingKDawg said:

@ChuJelly: That reminds me of a setup in Saints Row: The Third for its DLC missions. If one player doesn't have the DLC missions, they can get a free download so they can play with a person who has the DLC missions. Maybe Nintendo has something similar set up for online play?



Marshi said:

@Geonjaha im not calling you greedy for not buying a game,that would be absurd,and offensive,which is not my intent(just having a discussion dude)...but (theres always a but) as you say yourself you refuse to buy a game because of dlc released day one. On a game with already plenty of content. Look,dlc is optional dude. If you dont wana buy a game because there is dlc then fair enough. But if your reason for not buying the game is that you want this day 1 dlc to be in the game then im sorry but that to me is greedy



Geonjaha said:

@Marshi - "But if your reason for not buying the game is that you want this day 1 dlc to be in the game then im sorry but that to me is greedy"

I think this comes down to a fundamental disagreement of views then. That to me is not greedy. Not buying something because you don't think its worth it isn't greedy in my eyes. Even if I played a game and thought it had enough content to justify the price, I wouldn't call someone greedy if they didn't also believe that. People make up their own minds about what their money is worth. You can disagree but I don't think its fair to call them greedy just for that reason.



Marshi said:

@Geonjaha Well I hope im not causing offence. You seem like a reasonable guy, I think we'll just have to agree to disagree on a subject. I will say though if you like golf games then you really are missing out. Its a wonderful game!



Geonjaha said:

@Marshi - No worries, no offence taken. I've had mixed experiences playing golf games in the past though, so I'll admit I'm not a big fan of the genre. I was on the fence about the purchase before I saw this anyway.



Marshi said:

@Geonjaha Well that explains it then! To you ofcourse the games not guna seem worth it.

Look you are absolutely right,day 1 dlc is a sucky thing FOR SOME GAMES. Ridge racer for the ps vita a prime example of greedy devs rather than gamers. But I think you gotta judge each game on its own merits. I mean when people are complaining about day 1 dlc of final fantasy 13-2, a game that takes 30-60 hours to complete. Then how can that NOT be greedy of us to want more content for free?

Anyway I wont go on! Peace dude



HyperSonicEXE said:

Can't say completely finished. This content has already been made.
However, in the heat of all this controversy, let's do thank Nintendo for not going overboard like everyone else has done for years, companies and games and consoles that I've personally avoided like the Plague.



Yorumi said:

Ugh, I'm going to keep smashing this lesson into people's heads until they start to actually think about things logically and rationally instead of spewing nonsense based on emotion and gut feelings.

A game must be finished and sent to the factories for printing and distribution months before the actual release date. Read that again, months before release date.

Games are made with teams, there's an art team, a sound team, a programing team etc. The art team for example will finish before the programing team because the programmers will be doing bug testing. When a team finishes the game they can begin working on dlc. Remember all teams need to be finished a few months before release. So that gives them a few months to work on dlc before the game is released.

Creating a gold course when you have a working engine is a fairly simple process. The art team builds the course, and the programers slot it into the game's expansion system. The physics and everything else already works. A new character just needs to be modeled and animated, then the programers slot it in as well.

For this reason day one dlc is NOT an issue because it means the content was made after the game was finished. On disc is the problem, which this game does not do, because it means the content was made in time to be added but instead removed. Thus on disc dlc means you got an incomplete game. The only exception where on disc dlc would be acceptable is in the case of regional differences in release dates, ie a game released 6 months later in another region could have the dlc translated and ready so go ahead and put it on disc as long as it wasn't on the original region's disc.

Again if you think day one not on disc dlc could have been included in the game then you have no idea how game development works and shouldn't be talking about the subject until you've become informed.



RobbySuave said:

I think having it as day one DLC is just as bad as putting it on on the game card. The content was done and ready. They could have included it along with the rest of the courses and characters.



RobbySuave said:

@Yorumi Yes. But Nintendo is responsible for the manufacturing of the cards and the DLC. Plus, the game without the DLC is fairly lacking. There's no way Nintendo didn't have it planned. I'm not complaining about it. I'm going to buy the season pass. But while it takes time to make game cards, it takes even longer to create all that DLC. That's all I'm saying.



heyzeus002 said:

Whether its on disc or not is irrelevant really.the fact is if it was ready on day 1 it could have been on disc and part of the game as is . However, nintendo, like any other business needs to make money and this generation has provided ample evidence that gamers are more than willing to cough up for dlc, day 1 or otherwise. Ultimately, the morality of day 1 dlc is another debate entirely and as long gamers help publishers to maximise revenues in this way it will continue, supply and demand and all that. Personally I love mario golf and feel that for the price I paid it's fantastic value and a fantastic game with or without dlc. Also the price of the dlc is fair for the content imo as opposed to say fire emblem which I thought was way overpriced



Sherman said:

I bought this game a few days ago. May 10th, to be precise. It was mothers day here in México. I had no money, 'cause of... mothers day. Then I saw this game in particular was a little cheaper than any other 3DS's Mario game. Thanks to that I had enough money to buy it. Had a blast this weekend!!
Thanks to that lower price I had the chance to buy it. Is it an incomplete game? Yes, but completing it will cost you the original price at the end, and not as much as any other over priced game!!
It gives you two choices:
One, to buy it cheap and as soon as you can and start participating in tournaments right away and win free prices or, the most important, two, It gives you the choices to have a cheaper version or to have the complete the full price, not overpriced. It's up to you.
And if you decide to go for the cheaper version you still get a lot out of this game! Tons of tournaments and online gaming here to keep you playing for a long time.
If your local store is charging you as regular Mario game, then it's a scam. Look for another store.
P.S.: I just wanna to say this at the end...

It's even cheapper than any other Mario Game if you buy the season pass!!



gregrout said:

This title feels like Premium-ware. I wish I had read the reviews before I plunged in. I was stunned to see the game credits when I completed the third course. I bought the season's pass when I purchased the game and I have to say I'm hugely disappointed. The available DLC download surrounding Princess Peach isn't even a full course. It's only 9 holes which is hugely misleading. For the DLC cost you'd at least expect a full course.



Philip_J_Reed said:

@gregrout Peach's course isn't DLC. It's unlockable in-game, with five others. The DLC does provide a full course. Two per pack, actually, and an additional character and unique challenges.

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