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Gargoyle's Quest II Swoops Onto the Wii U Virtual Console in Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

3DS or Wii U is fine in the West, really...

So, Gargoyle's Quest II may be on its way to the Virtual Console in the West, perhaps. Up to now we've seen the NES version arrive on the 3DS Virtual Console in Japan, while it's been rated by the Australian Classification Board — it's on the cards, then.

This sequel — a prequel in terms of the plot — follows the same ideas as the original, and further credence has been given to the fact that the NES title is on the way to the West with the news that it's also hit the Wii U Virtual Console in Japan; it arrived in the country today, 21st May. The Game Boy version of this title was only originally released in Japan, and doesn't look like coming to the West at the moment.

With the popularity of the first game, and the fact it's spun off Ghosts 'n Goblins, this could be a popular arrival on either or both Virtual Console platforms in the West. As things stand it seems that the Capcom classic's arrival is just a matter of time.


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Stu13 said:

I loved Demon's Crest, but never got to play this. Will definitely buy.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Only interested in the Wii U version and it would be a sure buy if it came to Europe.
Gargoyle's Quest on the 3DS VC was some of the greatest time i ever had with something Game Boy.



Heng-Yu said:

I am only interested in the 3DS version and will keep my fingers crossed that it get's released in the US at least for this system.



TruenoGT said:

Excellent, some new, non-Wii VC NES titles. I loved the GB original and have always wanted to play this and Demon's Crest. Hopefully we also get the latter someday...



Action51 said:

I hope this comes to North American Virtual Console.

This is one example of the spin-off being way better then the original. Ghosts and Goblins was good, if unbelievably frustrating, but the Gargoyle's Quest games were all excellent.



Ryno said:

So sad that this game is so unknown. One of the greatest NES games! Glad i have a CIB copy which is worth a good chunk of change but would love to get this on my Wii U too.



tzahn said:

This game is awesome. I just recently beat the original, GQII and Demon's Crest. All well worth your time.



Onion said:

Even though I own the original cartridge of this game, I would gladly buy the VC version of this game, along with Demon's Crest if they decide to bring it to the VC.



River3636 said:

We will never get this. I own it. But I'm not willing to take my nes out of the attic. Good game brings me back



Onion said:


It shouldn't be that expensive though. It values at about 40$ used I believe. Still, a 5$ VC version is more ideal than the original. I hope we get this but I wouldn't hold my breath.


Yes! Even though I own Demon's Crest, I'd buy that again too. Demon's Crest was not only one of the best games in the Gargoyles Quest series, is one of the best games on the SNES in my opinion, and one of the reasons the SNES is my all time favorite system.



Pod said:

Great game, great music.

Capcom were bold back then, and their stuff still holds up.



odd69 said:

Ive been awaiting this announcement for a while, i never got my hands on this and i can't wait to have it on my wiiu.



Nomad said:

Never played this one but Demons Crest is one of my favourite SNES games, so I hope this gets released soon.

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