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Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns - 12th May

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Some fresh projects to consider

It's that time again when we provide updates on a batch of Kickstarter projects currently doing the rounds for Wii U and 3DS. It seems that there's some momentum around the Wii U eShop, in particular, as we're consistently being pointed to fresh projects that have included Nintendo's home console in their funding targets. As always this focuses on existing projects, so those already funded or otherwise aren't included.

Plenty of changes to consider this week, so let's get on with it.

Note: Kickstarter embedded videos appear to be broken at the time of publication, in that they're blocked from embedding on external sites and even social networks such as Twitter. We'll add them once the issue is resolved, but in the meantime click on the headings for each entry to visit the funding page and watch the pitch videos.

New Projects

Red Goddess: Inner World — Wii U included in core goal [approx $20,300 of $30,000 target reached, 25 days to go]

A visually appealing "2.5D Metroidvania" title, this is the work of Spain-based Yanim Studio. There's already a free PC demo, and you can learn more in our interview with the developer.

Chances of Wii U release: Very likely based on strong momentum.

Adventures of Pip — Wii U included in core goal [approx $21,000 of $90,000 target reached, 23 days to go]

This one has an interesting concept — it's a 2D sidescrolling action title in which Pip starts out with a basic form and abilities; as he kills enemies he powers up and changes in terms of his move-set and appearance. The pixel-based visuals are sure to catch the eye of retro game fans.

Chances of Wii U release: Reasonable, as momentum is decent so far — there's still a fair way to go, however.

Clive and The Stones — Wii U included in core goal [approx £500 of £25,000 target reached, 13 days to go]

A 3D platforming adventure inspired by brands such as Spyro, Jak and Daxter and Banjo Kazooie, this involves a tale of good bunny Clive trying to save the world and embarking on some time travel. A two-man project based in the UK, this aims to kickstart the genre though has struggled for attention so far.

Chances of Wii U release: Difficult without a bump in momentum.

Project Updates

Salvaged — Wii U included in core goal [approx $19,200 of $125,000 target reached, 3 days to go]

From UK-based developer Opposable Games, this is a dual screen tactical action game in which you control a team of Marines using a touch screen device (it's no surprise Wii U support was added to join PC) while an action view is shown on the TV; its goal is to draw inspiration from iconic movie Aliens, among others. You can learn more in our interview with the developer

Chances of Wii U release: Unlikely, there's a lack of momentum in the campaign.

Heart Forth, Alicia — Wii U stretch goal at $200,000, 3DS at $245,000 [approx $189,350 of $60,000 target reached, 3 days to go]

This is already a particularly successful campaign, as it's approaching three times its original target. A '90s-inspired action RPG, it's had plenty of praise to date and has been given that old favourite description — Metroidvania. With plenty of depth promised through items, levelling and spells, and footage that shows fast-paced action, this is undoubtedly eye-catching.

Chances of Wii U and 3DS release: 3DS looks unlikely, the Wii U has a chance albeit with a late surge required.

Popup Dungeon — Wii U included as $100,000 stretch goal [approx $75,200 of $80,000 target reached, 6 days to go]

This is described as a "roguelike papercraft RPG that lets players create any weapon, ability, enemy, and hero they can imagine." Developer Triple.B.Titles has enjoyed Kickstarter success in the past, and has cited the second screen of the GamePad as an exciting potential feature for the dungeon play.

Chances of Wii U release — The project itself is likely to be funded, but the Wii U target is rather touch-and-go based on current momentum.

Hover: Revolt Of Gamers — Wii U included as $100,000 stretch goal [approx $92,000 of $38,000 target reached, 10 days to go]

This is an open-world freerunning/parkour game inspired by Jet Set Radio and Mirror's Edge, and looks impressive in its early demonstration footage. The developer has explained that the Wii U goal reflects the work to make the game run on the system, but also a desire to utilise the GamePad for asynchronous play.

Chances of Wii U release — Very positive, as momentum remains impressive.

Unfunded Projects

Source — Wii U included as $75,000 stretch goal [Raised $19,274 of $50,000 target reached]

Originally targeting PC, PS4 and Xbox One, this is a "a metroidvania action adventure game" in which the player flies through the environments, with enemies, alternative realities and boss battles included. A project of the married duo Fenix Fire, the funding would have helped pay for additional development help.

Chances of Wii U release — Unclear; the developer still plans to make the game, though we'd speculate only for the core platforms at this point, in which the Wii U was not included.

So those are some crowdfunding efforts currently doing the rounds on Kickstarter. Let us know which ones interest you, and likewise point us to any we've missed in the comments below.

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That Heart Forth Alicia game looks cool. At least come to WiiU
Why Ps4 and PSVita have such low stretch goals for it? >:[ Nintenerd rage!



sketchturner said:

Source looks phenomenal. I think it did so poorly because it's such a terrible name. I'm a big fan of the project and knew what I was looking for, but even I had trouble Googling "Source" with any sort of success.



ricklongo said:

Clive and the Stones is a bit rough around the edges, but damn me if I'm not starved for 3D collect-a-thons right now. I became aware of that game via the official Lobodestroyo backer update, and became interested. Too bad it seems like it won't make it.

@Ronoh - They need to confirm the AHiT Wii U port already. The suspense is killing me.



PanurgeJr said:

The good thing about Wii U being a stretch goal is that by the time I can pledge (since I won't pledge if there's a chance they can take my money but not give me a game) I have the option to keep my money and just buy it when it releases. I'm definitely doing that for Hover, since the higher tiers don't interest me much, and probably HFA, just to save a few bucks. Red Goddess and Pip, on the other hand, will be seeing pledges from me; I want to see those games made, and I don't benefit from buying later instead of pledging now.



ledreppe said:

I'll try the PC demo of Red Goddess before commiting to a Wii U Kickstarter version.



Iggly said:

Heart Forth, Alicia is probably the game I'd want the most out of all these Kickstarters. Hopefully the Wii U stretch goal will be met within its last 3 days.



DiscoGentleman said:

I thought Source looked really great. So surprised it didn't get any funding, really. :

And I really would love to see Heart Forth, Alicia on Wii U. Hopefully the devs end up making it even though the stretch goal will probably not be met.



DiscoGentleman said:

According to one of the devs in the comments section, after counting Paypal funds, as well, as of 15 minutes ago from this post "Heart Forth, Alicia" is only $8,824 away from making the Wii U goal. Everybody who is interested, please consider backing it, even just $1! It counts if we all work at it.



bofis said:

Been keeping an eye on Hover: Revolt Of Gamers to see if they reach the WiiU goal as I don't want to donate unless it's coming to WiiU. Whereas I already backed Red Goddess and Pip since they included WiiU in the core goal.



JaxonH said:

Sucks that Source didn't make it. Easily the best looking game on the list.



JustinH said:

You guys are being a bit overcautious with the predictions. Heart Forth Alicia is a lock on Wii U.



Dpullam said:

There are actually a few games on this list that I'm interested in, especially Red Goddess. Adventures of Pip sounds interesting, but I'll have to see more of it before I can start eyeing it. Hover: Revolt of Gamers sounds awesome too, so I'm looking forward to seeing more of that. As others have mentioned, I am also still waiting for official confirmation of A Hat in Time coming to Wii U. I've been following that game for many months now, and is one of the few kickstarter games that is pretty much a lock on purchasing.



Lobster said:

Heart Fort, Alicia will definitely make the Wii U stretch. It will probably make the 220K stretch after that, in fact (which isn't the 3DS, sadly).



tebunker said:


Actually the cost is exactly the same. Do not look at the whole number but look at the difference between the cost of the previous goal and the goal you want. See how the PS4 is 20k higher than the previous? Notice how the Wii U is only 20k higher?

You can say that the PS4 and Vita got priority, and the devs have said that us only because Sony was out front on the game with early support.

Each step up the stretch goal ladder costs money, so the Wii U goal is actually just 20k additional funding for a port, not 200k. They wanted to be able to fit other things in before that port to reward backers and add more to the game. So yeah the priority could be higher but the additional costs are the same.

Am I making sense here? Because this is true for all kickstarters. You have to look at the cost to go from one goal to the next not the total goal amount, because each stretch goal takes money out of the pot. I really wish developers who go kickstarter would restructure how they show stretch goals to better illustrate this.



Demmi-Alpha said:

Really looking forward to A Hat in Time and Mighty No.9's development. I really hope they make it to the Wii U!



Kaze_Memaryu said:

C'mon, Alicia! You can do it! Just 5.000 more, 46 hours to go! Go forth!

@tebunker I thought the same. The stretch goals are sort of a list of priorities they need more money for, sorted by the order of importance for the dev team. And if they put the WiiU stretch goal behind a PS4/VITA release, that just means it's more important to them, and that they're willing to use the funded money for those versions before a WiiU version.
I'm perfectly fine with that, since the stretch goals are very reasonable, and most of them serve to enhance the game quality. So I look at the WiiU stretch goal and see that we can only get the definite version, while other platforms ran the risk of missing out on some additional aspects. In that sense, we're well off.




Hover is very close to hitting the WiiU stretch goal. Please throw at least a dollar at the KickStarter if you loved Jet Set Radio!!



Kaze_Memaryu said:


Heart forth, Alicia broke through its WiiU stretch goal! Now we have another 38 hours to get the 245.000$ stretch goal for 3DS! ^_^

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