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App Supporting 3DS Tethering With Mobile Confirmed for Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Nintendo in partnership with DoCoMo

While tech-savvy gamers may already know how to 'tether' their 3DS to a smartphone in order to use its online connection, Nintendo has confirmed an app — in partnership with provider DoCoMo — that is rolling out in Japan. Its goal is to make tethering the portable system with a mobile's connection as easy as possible.

Launching from 15th May in the country, the app will be downloadable from the regional Google Play store. It'll not support all devices, however, with the following handsets and tablets confirmed for a roll-out over the Summer, before more are due to arrive in the future.

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 — May 15, 2014
  • Sony Xperia Z2 — May 21, 2014
  • Sharp Aquos Zeta — May 23, 2014
  • Fujitsu Arrows NX — Will be released in late May 2014
  • Sony Xperia A2 — To be released in mid-June 2014


  • Sharp Aquos PAD - To be released in mid-June 2014
  • Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet - Will be released in late June 2014

Consumers that download the app to a supported device will have the opportunity to complete a survey; if completed before 30th September they'll then have a choice of a free 3DS Virtual Console game — the games included in the promotion are yet to be revealed.

We've seen Nintendo enter partnerships for 3DS internet access in multiple countries, such as Nintendo Zone support using specific public-access Wi-Fi spots. If there's to be a big push to encourage more online gaming on the go — especially with Super Smash Bros. on the way — an official tethering app outside of Japan is certainly feasible. We'll keep our eyes peeled.

Thanks to Babyguess for the tip.


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King47 said:

I thought this was much needed. I'm sure this will come in handy with smash.
I dint think I'll use it much I'd it comes west to conserve my mobile data. I also have a galaxy s4.



DualWielding said:

What exactly does the app do? doesn't all smartphones already come with the ability to become a hot spot and after that the 3DS can connect as with any other wireless connection..... what's the added value of the app? and what's different about being a mobile hotspot for the 3DS than for any other device?



Kiz3000 said:

Awesome, except that all UK mobile companies ban the use of tethering in their T+C's. I guess we won't see it come out over here then. sigh



Liquid_ice said:

Isn't this quite useless? Most of the modern mobilephones make it really easy to share internet connection with other devices.



daveh30 said:

If you need a dedicated app to help you do that, just trade in both devices and take up knitting...



Spoony_Tech said:

Oh great, I'm going to be playing people that are using 3g? It's barely enough for just a phone then alone adding a 3ds too. This could be bad but we'll see.



Spoony_Tech said:

@PrincessEevee9 It's pretty simple actually. You can use your phone's WiFi to connect your 3ds to. Problem is 3g is still used In a lot of areas and it just might be to slow to work right for the 3ds.



617Sqn said:

@kiz3000 not all, O2 don't, in fact they encourage it. Mobil online gaming is the way forward. I've played many a round of MK7 using 4g on my phone.



millarrp said:

I would consider it if there was an iOS version. It would save having to turn on tethering when connecting to the estore



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Okay, I'm gonna spill the beans here... just rename your wifi to _The Cloud and you get Streetpasses from your very own Nintendo Zone. - and it works with passwords, don't worry. So put your phones back already.



swampertdude said:

I highly doubt this will make it to north america, our carriers like to squeeze us for every last penny we have, especially when it comes to tethering. Good thing I installed cfw on my phone so I can tether anyways



AVahne said:

This will be GREAT for MH4G and the Pokemon games. Not sure if it's worth it for anything else really....



Yoshi said:

It isn't hard to flip a switch to turn on your hotspot. I have an iPhone, and you just go to settings and it's the first thing you see. Why should I download an app?



MeloMan said:

I'm sure it's been mentioned already in these comments, but when I'm really determined to keep my 3DS connected to the online world I just connect it to my phone's hotspot, but meh, I'm not against a "supposed" better way to connect online.



Chris720 said:

I'm sorry, but this will just eat through your data like a monster with a bottomless pit for a stomach. The constant upload and download from the 3DS while playing games will gobble through a GB of data easy.

The only network I could see this working on is EE/Orange with unlimited Data, which is still capped to about 50GB or something, with a 4G network which is only in the major cities in the UK at the moment.

This is a horrible idea.



ledreppe said:

It almost never works on my iPhone 5. If they bring out an iOS version I would be happy if it were to work reliably. iOS version please, Nintendo?!


Personally, I would only really use it when on a trip for an extended time, which is about twice a year for me. I can understand your concern though.



Liquid_ice said:

@mercurio2054 I think creating a Google account, downloading an application, maybe changing some settings in it, and learning to use the app is at least as complicated as using a mobilephone as a mobile Wi-Fi.



rylo151 said:

@Chris720 unless you are downloading a full game from the store, just playing a game online actually doesn't up all that much data, no where near as much as say watching a video on YouTube would use. It's your ping and response times of your connection that affect your gaming, not download and upload limits. It obviously depends on the game, but either way even the most data intensive game won't use much of your data. Playing online is just sending bits of code to the other players, it's not a huge file like a video. EDIT: actually just looked it up and if you play online it would be the equivalent of loading a single average Web page for an hour or so of average online gaming, so playing online will barely affect your data cap as long as you aren't downloading games.



rylo151 said:

And that average above was for gaming on consoles, would probably be even less on a 3ds game without voice chat etc.



rubberducky said:

UK mobile providers only block tethering if you're on an iphone (because you obviously like spending lots of money anyway) and even then only some do. Ive played MK7 for an hour over HSDPA on my phone and its not been laggy and barely hurt my data cap, connection type will effect everything though, still, i cant see why a separate app is needed particularly for android devices.



Chris720 said:

@rylo151 That would still be around 100-250MB... I think? Which isn't all that bad, but I still wouldn't advise it really... Downloading games will of course kill your data pretty quickly considering most games on the 3DS are at least 500MB onwards, not to mention the download speeds on 3G would be horrendous anyway.



IKAY said:

I have a mobile for tethering, but I want to try that app. Unfortunately I have no device which can download the app... Thoose recommendations are a little stupid... Why do they only support a few number of devices? Does anybody has the .apk file for a manual instal?



rylo151 said:

@Chris720 it would barely use 50mb an hour at most unless you are playing an mmo or something. but yeah you are more likely to blow your data cap browsing facebook. ive played pc games off of 3g before, it isnt as bad as it sounds and will surely not affect a 3ds game as much as long as you have adequate cell reception.

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