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You Can Grab a 2DS and Pokémon X for $100 at Target

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

We've dug up a couple of GAME deals in the UK, too

As we gear up for an exciting new wave of 3DS titles in the coming months we can expect Nintendo to make another push for Spring and Summer hardware sales. While the system's family has performed rather well, there are plenty of potential consumers yet to take the plunge, with titles such as Tomodachi Life and Super Smash Bros. — among others — likely to spur sales on.

Retailers are pitching in with some deals, however, and as has been the case in recent times Target seems particularly active. This week there's a tasty discount on the red + black 2DS that's bundled with Pokémon X; if you can find it in stores you can grab one for $99, a meaty saving of $50. In a similar move to its recent Mario & Luigi Wii U deal, meanwhile, the retailer is apparently offering a $40 gift voucher with purchases of 3DS XL systems — these cost $199.99.

We've had a quick look around for some 3DS hardware deals in the UK, too, and GAME currently has a couple active on its website. Similar to the Target deal is the Pokémon X + 2DS bundle for £99, while the former UK Nintendo Store exclusive Luigi-themed 3DS XL is currently £139.99 at GAME, a £20 reduction on the retailer's previous price and £40 below the recommended retail price.

Do any of these deals tempt you? Let us know, and if you spot any enticing deals elsewhere (including mainland Europe, of course) then please let us all know.


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RetroBillyT said:

My 3DS died the other day so I bought a 2DS with Pokemon XY from Sainsburys for £89.99- it's an offer they are currently advertising in the press.



LunaticPandora said:

Really want a 2DS but I wish there is more color choice than blue & red. & freaking pink -_- I hate how they're always so slow to dish out the new colors.



TreesenHauser said:

Makes me wish I waited another couple weeks to get my 2DS and Pokemon Y. Bought both of them separately (granted it was mostly trade-in credit). Despite that, I think this is an incredible deal. If you don't own either a 3DS or 2DS this bundle's a great way to get started! Don't be intimidated by its design, I'm almost 27 and this is one of the most comfortable handhelds I've ever played!



irken004 said:

Personally I'm waiting to see if a smash-themed 3DS XL arrives. Then I'd splurge



BertoFlyingFox said:

Dang, I may jump on that Target deal. I've been wanting to pick up a second 2/3DS system so my wife and I can play all the multiplayer games.

I'd jump on this deal even quicker if the NNID supported a more family-like ecosystem. I think I could connect eight 2/3DS' systems to Club Nintendo though, so there's that.



Lalivero said:

An orange 2DS and it would've been an insta-buy...

...that makes me also think of the orange 3DS that'll be hitting Japan; makes me cry on the inside.

This red/blue nonsense.... :-/



rjejr said:

Wrote this yesterday, seems more appropriate here:

"all the $25 and $40 GC recently on 3DS XL makes me think a price drop could be coming. Sales are slowing and it's new game selection is waning w/ SSB being the big game this year obviously. And 3DS XL will be 2 years old in July and has NEVER had a price drop, so it's due. Not overdue, just due. And I'm still waiting for a revision."

Upon reflection, 3DS has Kirby and Mario Golf coming before SSB, and Tomadochi Life, and Disney and Yoshi both just came out. And the usual multiplats w/ Transformers and Spiderman 2.

That must have been my Wii U jealousy typing yesterday.

The 2DS is too much of a step backwards for me to consider - and I would need an XL model - but the $99 price is nice for kids. Spring is like Christmas lite in the US w/ Easter, graduations, confirmations and communions. Mother's Day and Father's Day too. Everybody is shopping for somebody. Then we get a couple of months off for summer before back-to-school shopping, but that's a whole 'nother set of purchases. Clothes and school supplies, bleah.



LittleIrves said:

Oh man. Is it wrong to buy a 2DS if you already own an original 3DS and a 3DSXL? And your wife already owns her own 3DS? The price-point with a game I don't own (and have never really played... I'm not a Pokemon guy but I'm curious) is tempting.

And I saw a number of 2DSs in the wild at PAX East this weekend and they looked pretty nice. Would become a VC machine basically (since I'd really miss the 3D in retail games). Talk me off this ledge, people...



BertoFlyingFox said:

@LittleIrves I gotta admit I'm interested in the 2DS also. Saw a few out in the wild and I dont mind the difference in form factor or the smaller screens when compared to an XL, I've yet to actually hold one though.

Oh yeah...I have to talk you off the ledge lol.'d have to re-purchase all your VC games unless you transfer everything form your current 3DS to your new 2DS? But if you do that, you'd have to make a separate NNID and I guess use the 3DS for retail games and the 2DS for all digital. It'd be a pain in the ass, is what I'm trying to say.

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