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Weirdness: This Monster Hunter Fan Will Keep You Cool On Those Epic Quests

Posted by Damien McFerran

Something for true "fans" of the series

Monster Hunter is pretty big in Japan, in case you hadn't noticed. This is made abundantly clear by the sheer volume of merchandise that is available, and we think we may have found the "coolest" item yet. Ahem.

The official Monster Hunter USB fan features a rather burly-looking knight carrying an impressive lance, which naturally doubles as the fan itself. You can adjust the angle of the lance to suit your cooling needs, too.

The cost? Just over fifty bucks to you, which will of course seem like chump change to the most seasoned and dedicated Monster Hunter followers out there. Still, you can't put a price on keeping things at the correct temperature during a tense hunt — remember, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is on its way to the 3DS soon, so you might want to invest to ensure you remain frosty when playing.


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element187 said:

I love monster hunter, but I can't see myself buying another for the 3DS. I double dipped for Wii U and 3DS last time. I played it on my 3DS for 4 hours at the most, and over 300 hours on my Wii U.

The likely hood of Capcom porting it to Wii U for a western release is slim.... But I do think they will announce they will localize MH Frontier for EU and NA soon... Which is fine by me, I thought the idea of choosing a lobby and joining a room through Neko was immersion breaking. I hear Frontier is a very seamless online world, kind of like a MMO, that sounds A LOT better than jumping on the back of monsters, so not a bad trade off



EverythingAmiibo said:

I can't wait for MH4 on 3DS, I went back home to America last summer and clocked like 300 hours of MH on my 3DS and then continued online on my Wii U. I would love to be able to take my MH into school every day without having to transfer the save files every night and morning in order to play online at home! It's a day one buy for me!!
edit: not the fan it looks rather ridiculous!



FritzFrapp said:

Holy smoke! What the hell is that thing?
Combine it with the Vitality Sensor and you could solve the energy crisis.



SLiM said:

Never need to carry a Cool Drink again. Just bust out the fan.



TeeJay said:

Ummmm... It looks like a d-

You know what, nevermind. I'll just show myself out.



Megumi said:

They should totally make that Lance in the game now, lol. Or make a new weapon, Lance Fan. xD



bngrybt said:

Fun fact about the word phallus, it's not censored in Pokemon. Totally legit Pokemon name. Note, go flood wonder trade!

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