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Weirdness: PeterMolydeux Is Back With The Strangely Moving Nintendo: A Sad Story Part Two

Posted by Damien McFerran

Poor Link

The mysterious individual behind the parody Twitter account PeterMolydeux has created a sequel to the nightmarish Nintendo: A Sad Story, this time focusing on the Zelda series.

The bizarrely poignant clip sees a wide-eyed and innocent Link being forced to open a seemingly endless series of chests until he collapses from exhaustion — presumably a critical dig at Nintendo's over-reliance on its core franchises. Shigeru Miyamoto and Satoru Iwata both make appearances, and the ending — which we won't spoil for you — is actually quite moving.

The PeterMolydeux Twitter account is famous for its outlandish game ideas which parody the real-life designer Peter Molyneux's own incredibly ambitious — and usually over-hyped — game pitches.

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Sakura said:

Very interesting.... There is a reliance on successful "old" franchises perhaps. As long as they remain successful, I don't have a problem with that. Nintendo innovates in many ways though..streetpass especailly comes to mind as I have loved all the ways that it has enhanced my gameplay. I wonder what this guy would do in a parody of Tomodachi Life. That I would like to see.



Doma said:

Nice. I'd say that's a fairly accurate depiction.

I don't really think this was a dig at the 'over-reliance on its core franchises'. It looks more to do with how the series itself has followed the same old, tired formula and hardly progressed.

@Tobias95 Maybe to show how the games gradually became more dumbed down and forced, since Iwata became CEO? - all a part of his lame vision to excessively appeal to non-gamers, thus gain more sales.



memoryman3 said:

There is this game, that is in beta, on the computer.
A boy that discovered it out of boredom noticed that clicks gain rewards and grow the villages.
He clicks.... Orbs arrive
He clicks again....more orbs arrive.
Suddenly there is a wealth of orbs.
He uses the orbs to spend as currency
The village grows.
You click to make things
You click to grow villages.
You wait.....and click again.
You grow tired.
Suddenly, Molyenux screams at you and bashes your head towards the purchase screen.
You are forced to purchase orbs
You click,click,click....till you faint......



EverythingAmiibo said:

@Damo I don't know? It is clearly intentionally stylised, but all through the 2000s, low budjet CGI productions where produced that had this same creepy N64 feel.
Just watched a bunch of his previous stuff, he is clearly talented but I don't think he is actually very good at character models or their movement. He glosses it over by using dolls or adding effects (which works really well!) but here he uses fleshed out models that feel a bit too... fleshy, and the actions don't have enough frames. I prefer the first one as it is even more stylized and that really helps take away from the feeling that you are watching You Are Special ( ) .



BoobooMama said:

That was pretty good. I like the ideas presented here. I guess the take away is to show how formulaic the Zelda series has become, and how the corporate side of Nintendo wants to keep pushing it in that direction. But isn't that why we keep coming back to Zelda though?



ThreadShadow said:

I'd say that's an unfair characterization of Iwata. In reality Miyamoto has made Link open more chests then he has. The hand-holding signs were enough. And I believe there is a person named Eiji Aonuma involved in the series somewhere.
In essence it could be argued that the "same old" Zelda gameplay fits right in with Halo's 30 seconds of play idea.
I don't quite get the ending. Link needs to be revived by Miyamoto? It was Miyamoto who put him on that path in the first place. It's a bit more ugly then poignant.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I think the main point is Iwata calls the shots. We don't know how involved he is but it won't matter what Aonuma or Miyamoto want, what Iwata says goes. Nintendo has been known to keep their dev teams working on the same IP over and over.

I took it as doing the same thing day in day out gets tiring, Link in the beginning was when Zelda was still new and fresh, and the later parts with the signs are when Nintendo started hand-holding more. The end could be Link's undying loyalty to Miyamoto, his creator or father if you will.



Genesaur said:

Jeez, bit of a sharp jab at Iwata, don't you think? People are so hard on him, these days. I've always admired the guy.



Damo said:

@PvtOttobot It's a parody account, and as such the videos and content created aren't to be taken 100% seriously.



EverythingAmiibo said:

@Damo That doesn't really take away from my criticism, and I'm not even hating on him. One has to admit his lack of production values is obvious, especially in this video, but anonymous contributions of stuff this decent has to be admired!



AJWolfTill said:

That was really interesting. I'm not going to take it's criticism seriously but there is a certain oddball charm and truth to it.



Henmii said:

Not very tastefull in my opinion. And if there is ever a over-milked Nintendo franchise its MARIO, not Zelda!!

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