The noble pursuit of professional dog-grooming isn't just a 'thing', it's a major thing. People from all over the world attend conventions and competitions to celebrate and display a staggering amount of creativity, using their prized pooches as canvasses for some truly bizarre works of art.

The Intergroom convention was recently held in New Jersey, resulting in what is possibly the most impressive Nintendo-themed pet to date.

That fluffy blur of colour and shapes is the Super Nintendog — groomed, styled, coloured and trimmed to resemble a level from Super Mario World that's been tossed into a blender. What starts as Yoshi ends up as a piranha plant or Mario head, and it's all very memorable to say the least.

Not content to settle on a quiet night in with Nintendogs on 3DS, the owner has clearly put effort into this doggy diorama, entering the creative challenge competition alongside many other similarly zany efforts.

What's next? Pet turtles all punked-up as Bowser, or a chain chomp on four legs? Let us know whether you think it's fantastic or frightening — maybe even a little of both.