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Weirdness: Here's a Nine-Hour Video of Every SNES Start Screen

Posted by Jake Shapiro

You know you want to...

Back in January, YouTube user NicksplosionFX made a three-hour video of every NES start screen — well, a lot of them, arguments aside. Now he's back for the Super Nintendo edition, clocking in at just over nine hours. It's in alphabetical order if you want to skip straight to your favourite game, but true fans will surely sit and watch the entire masterpiece.

The fact that the SNES edition is three times the length of its NES counterpart goes to show how massive the Super Nintendo library is, as well as how much longer and more cinematic the 16-bit games' intro sequences are compared to their NES predecessors. The 16-bit start screens are certainly much more fun to watch than the occasionally drab 8-bit NES equivalents.

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Game quality aside, which SNES title has your favourite start screen? And how long will it take for someone to find a missing game in this nine-hour monster of a video?


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Tops said:

Well that's nine hours I'm never getting back lol just kidding, I don't think I could if I tried



mystman12 said:

He skipped the Donkey Kong Country company logo's, effectively ruining their intros. (Except maybe the first one)



tebunker said:

this actually makes me pissed more than anything. I want to see all of these games on the VC



DreamOn said:

Wow. You can bet I will watch all 9hrs of this (eventually) What an amazing creation!



King_Johobo said:

That's a SNES load of videos! If you fast forwarded it would it condense to nine minutes? Then I'll watch it.



Tasuki said:

Well not exactly alphabetical order, Eye of the Beholder came after Act Riser 2 I think it was and a Looney Toons game also appeared in the A's.



Dreamz said:

My favorite would probably be The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Not because it was super impressive, but simply because the moment you see that Triforce appear on the screen, you know that "Holy @&*@, it's Zelda!"



Tender_Cutlet said:

For those in more of a hurry there's a Wii U version [padded out with an intermission and adverts] lasting 4 minutes.

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