We've seen some interesting projects emerge through Kickstarter, but a new campaign from BRS Innovations perhaps steals the show. A group of three individuals with extensive experience in X-ray technology are planning to launch a series of art projects that include images of various everyday items. It's so you can "see a perspective of your favourite items that you cannot see with the naked eye".

Seeking $8,000 CAD to proceed with various products and additional X-ray scans, different tiers offer up postcards, computer wallpapers and entire artbooks of the images. If you've always wanted a picture of a Super NES' innards hanging up on your wall, this may be the company to make that dream a reality.

You can see some samples above and below, including the Kickstarter pitch video. We're amazed at how little tech is in the Nunchuk...

[via kickstarter.com, eurogamer.net]