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Weirdness: Game Consoles and More X-rayed for Art

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Crowdfunding campaign is underway

We've seen some interesting projects emerge through Kickstarter, but a new campaign from BRS Innovations perhaps steals the show. A group of three individuals with extensive experience in X-ray technology are planning to launch a series of art projects that include images of various everyday items. It's so you can "see a perspective of your favourite items that you cannot see with the naked eye".

Seeking $8,000 CAD to proceed with various products and additional X-ray scans, different tiers offer up postcards, computer wallpapers and entire artbooks of the images. If you've always wanted a picture of a Super NES' innards hanging up on your wall, this may be the company to make that dream a reality.

You can see some samples above and below, including the Kickstarter pitch video. We're amazed at how little tech is in the Nunchuk...


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Diz93 said:

Hm, interesting. I could see graphic designers really eating this up. But it would be hard to get the rights to use it publicly.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

The idea is interesting, and I'd be interested in a x-ray poster of an X360, PS3, and WiiU Pro controller next to each other.

@Diz93 It's not public per se. And since it's also non-profit, I think these guys only have to properly credit the creators.



Yorumi said:

You know what you could also do? Unscrew it and take a picture with your cell phone.



Yorumi said:

@MusicLov3r if you just filtered it to pure black/white it'd probably look close. It's half in jest and I don't particularly have a problem with art projects. It's just wierd "hey give us $8000 to shove a bunch of stuff through an x-ray machine, nevermind you could buy a clear controller or uncsrew i and snap a picture yourself."



Mk_II said:

Already done a couple of years ago. Google and you will find the free (!) images.



Liquid_ice said:

@Yorumi It wouldn't look the same. When you take a picture with X-ray, some parts of the filmed thing look transparent in the picture. The effect is surprisingly cool and futuristic, unlike simple picture in black and white. Of course, using X-Ray has it's risks, but in sensible and experienced hands X-Ray can help people create some really beautiful pictures!



Yorumi said:

As I said it's half in jest. It just sounds like the first idea that popped into someone's head, "uh lets see if they'll pay us to shove things through an xray machine." It wouldn't take a whole lot of skill with a photo editor to reproduce the effect in an image. And as Mk_II said it's already been done, hundreds of images on google.

Which brings up another problem, you would only need to rotate and scale the google images to make them indistinguishable. They could quite literally pocket the money and do a little photoshop work on google images.



Chouzetsu said:

The controller pics look really cool, but with fruit they couldn't possibly be more boring. Who wants a picture of x-ray grapes in their living room...?



BRSInnovations said:

@Chouzetsu The video Games are pretty good, there is much more detail. We were asked to do some food images, and have had good feedback from them as well though, from a different crowd. I especially like the Saxophone!



BRSInnovations said:

@kurtasbestos The crowd funding just helps us to get more items to image. We dont already own all of these items, and some are missing! We really want to make as large a collection as possible.



AshFoxX said:

I've seen the innards of all of these due to my repairs but I would love a full set for my shop.

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