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Video: This Is Why You Should Never Allow Mario To House Sit

Posted by Damien McFerran

Never leave the plumber in charge

Ever wondered what happens if you leave your house and forget to turn off your Wii U? Well ponder no longer, as filmmaker John Huffnagle has created this short movie to show the kind of destruction that Shigeru Miyamoto's most famous creation can unleash when he's left unattended.

The video is seriously impressive and well worth a look — it also serves as a reminder to always turn off your games console before leaving for work.

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Morpheel said:

All that happens when I leave the WiiU turned on is that it turns off automatically.



ekreig said:

Haha, that's great. I left my 3DS on overnight the other day; it was rather nice to not have to wake up to a giant rampaging Luiginary Ball wrecking my house.



PorllM said:

Nintendo, hire whoever made this video to do some adverts for you, this is infinite times better than anything you've ever done!



Dark-Link73 said:

Well that explains the bullet holes on my neighbor's window over the weekend... And we thought they were the victims of a drive-by. They must've just left their Wii U on. LoL jk I live on a safe neighborhood, thank God.



somari said:

i dont think people will buy a wii u to see their house in flames over it.



Williaint said:

It's not bad, but I just had the frustrated feeling of Mario not moving fast enough... HOLD "Y", gat dangitt!



MegaBeedrill said:

I'm not too worried about leaving a nintendo console on.. I'm more worried about leaving a microsoft game on when I'm gone! O.O

As a side note.. amazing animation.



Sneaker13 said:

This clip reminds me of darker Mario universe. A Epic Mario I would love to see. It remind me of this gif:



PhantoGuy said:

What if he had left Skyward Sword on? The results could change the world permenantly.



Action51 said:

The most impressive thing is a subtle thing, he got the lighting and tracking of the CG objects to mesh so nicely with the real world video. That's why this looks so impressive.

Also, it's pretty cool. Loved the giant Bullet Bill smacking down cars!



Action51 said:

People keep mentioning the dangers of leaving your console on, but what if I left it on for Tekken Tag Tournament, think Christie, Julia, and Nina Williams might come out?

How about need for speed most wanted? I could live with a new Jaguar or a Lamborghini Diablo sitting in my driveway...



AJWolfTill said:

Check out the other video by that chanel "Wii U hidden features" It features other Nintendo franchises as well!



audiobrainiac said:

Pretty awesome. I think it could really draw Nintendo's attention if it hasn't already. They'd probably say "Mario runs faster, make him run faster". Great work guy(s)!

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