Excitement has been building recently for Square-Enix' Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call; the company has been teasing us with extra-long video previews as well as the inevitable range of toys. Those Final Fantasy fans lucky enough to own a Japanese 3DS will have worn out the original three-track demo months ago, so Square Enix' parting gift to gamers is a second playable demo, this time covering two tracks from Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VII.

Two tracks doesn't sound like much, but they actually do a pretty good job of showcasing Curtain Call's vast selection of music — Edgar & Sabin's theme is field track using the original SNES music, while Final Fantasy VII's entry is a lively piano arrangement of the familiar "Those Who Fight" battle theme. With the proper Japanese release now just a couple of weeks away this fresh demo is only going to have fans even more excited than they already were, and we hope US/EU gamers don't have to wait too long to join them.