Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is still a good while away from its early 2015 release in the West, but gamers in Japan can expect Monster Hunter 4 G this year; the same game by a different name. As with the previous generation, the G variation will include the same content as the original plus a whole lot more — the difference in volume between Monster Hunter Tri and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate / G was substantial.

While the build-up of hype for the Western version is a while away yet, Capcom is starting crank up the generator for the Japanese original. With the initial Monster Hunter 4 performing beyond initial sales projections and establishing a sizeable userbase, optimism for driving sales of the improved expansion must be high.

The latest trailer, published over the Holiday weekend, shows off some of the monsters coming up in the 3DS release. Some look rather tough, while the sight of a Felyne busting out a cannon is a stand-out moment.

Check it out below, while we can all bemoan the 2015 Western release in the comments.