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Two Tribes Highlights Sales Increase Following Permanent Discounts on Classics Range

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

EDGE on 3DS enjoys the biggest boost

One of the most significant issues with both the Wii and DSi online stores were the fixed price points, locking game publishers into their launch rate. As we've seen on the 3DS and Wii U eShop stores, however, Nintendo's decision to drop that requirement has brought us regular promotions and discounts on a variety of titles, both temporary and permanent.

Last week Two Tribes decided to permanently discount all four of its Classics releases to their original early-bird prices of $1.99 / €1.99 / £1.79; these were Toki Tori, RUSH and EDGE on both Wii U and 3DS. No doubt pleased with the results, Two Tribes has highlighted how it enjoyed some visible shelf space on the eShop stores when the discount was applied, and a simple graph shows the resulting spike in sales.

The red line shows EDGE on the 3DS, no doubt benefiting from the larger userbase, while all Wii U titles showed a jump. It reinforces the somewhat obvious truths that visibility and an attractive price point can be invaluable in boosting sales.

Did last week's discounts prompt you to give these titles a try?


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DiscoGentleman said:

I already bought all three at the early bird prices. Some of the best puzzle offerings on the eShop, would gladly have paid $5 for each of them.



ACK said:

Ouch, Edge 3DS is practically the worst version possible.



Captain_Toad said:

@ACK Heh, it's not as bad as the NL review making it seem. Sure the framerate isn't as stable as the HD versions but it doesen't make it to the point to being determinant to the experience cough.bittripsaga.cough Personally the worst thing i can say about this game is the blindsid-ing sequences. You know 'em when you see em.



Ryno said:

Yikes, selling products for $1.99 must be a tough business.



Gold said:

All on early bird prices. Except EDGE 3DS. Wasn't double-dipping on 3DS.



ikki5 said:

well, I am curious to see the graphs when they first came out. when they were $1.99 on the Wii U, I am sure most bought it then and then when the price increase, sales probably plummeted and now that it is back to the release price, those that missed it are probably willing to buy now.



FritzFrapp said:

Better pricing yields exponentially better sales, as also seen with the Famicom 30th Anniversary VC games promotion. Funny that.
You'd have thought that Nintendo might have learnt by now.



JustinH said:

Got 'em all on Wii U. I like Edge but it was my least favourite of the three, so a double dip won't happen.



faint said:

@Frapp you mean like when nintendo did the character vc sale two months ago or like when they dropped the prices of four first party digital titles last week?



unrandomsam said:

@Frapp Cannot imagine the 30p or cents promotion did much at all. (Taking away card processing fees etc).

@Ryno Not really if the sales go up by a factor of 20. (That is why valve keeps doing it).



millarrp said:

I snatched up the Wii U versions during the launch discounts but I'm glad they're seeing improved sales



TreonsRealm said:

Got all 3 on Wii U for the launch special and love them (my 5 yr old loves them too). I'm curious whatever happened to the special discount on Toki Tori 2+ North American Wii U owners were supposed to get for buying the classics? The discount where you got a cheaper price based on how many of the classics you bought. I know Europe got it and ours was cancelled at the last minute but Two Tribes said that they would do something about it at a later date. As far as I know that never happened which is disappointing because I was holding out on Toki Tori 2+ for the special discount. I have it from a Humble Bundle but was willing to buy on Wii U for the special discount.



cheapogamer4life said:

I wanted Edge for the 3ds but I found that I already had it for pc/mobile. Maybe later since it's only $2 now.



TruenoGT said:

I bought it at launch, but I've actually been playing through Edge on Wii U finally. Super fun and a great game to play off-TV while watching TV with the fam.



Kolzig said:

This is probably the only game I own on four different platforms.

I had Edge for S60 Nokia originally, then I got it for Android, I got it for PC in Steam and lastly I purchased it after the 1.99 discount came in to use in Wii U eShop.

Crazy stuff, but a great game.

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