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Twisted Fusion Joins the Kickstarter Ranks, Will be a Wii U Exclusive if Funded

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"Best described as an 'Open Platformer'"

Among the many projects making their way to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, some are targeting the Wii U as exclusive platforms. We've had Hex Heroes launch a campaign seeking $80,000; now we have Twisted Fusion arriving with a Wii U-only goal.

This has a modest initial goal of £3000, a target that'll bring us the core game; it's an "open platformer" which will include some exploration and plenty of jumping and shooting — the water-based weapon perhaps brings Mutant Mudds to mind. It'll have a day / night cycle, while UK-based developer Lewis Pugh has told Nintendo Everything that it'll also have adjustable difficulty settings on the GamePad, similar to the equivalent mechanic in Kid Icarus: Uprising; it's also another title utilising the Nintendo Web Framework.

That's all dependent on funding, of course, while there are multiple stretch goals that would add additional modes and stages. You can check out the pitch below.


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ShanaUnite said:

Does not really look that interesting. A platformer where you can jump and shoot.



GumbyX84 said:

The game is still in development so there is room to grow. Looks interesting to me though I want to know about the game and on what scale they plan on taking the game. I would love a Metroid-vania style run-n'-gun on the Wii U.



Emblem said:

I think Wii U only kickstarters are a bad idea, most kickstarter money comes from pc owners. Hex looks neat but I doubt it will make the 80gs needed. This on the hand looks fairly standard so its good the funding goal is low.



the_truth said:

Shoot stuff from a safe distance, wait for it to die. This looks like a chore to play.



cornishlee said:

'Real time day and night' sounds interesting. You get a different experience depending on what time you play the game?



Bizzyb said:

I would love to be a fly on the wall in a room full of indie devs. They must think the Wii U audience is pathetically desperate for new games. Don't get me wrong I love the support but its just so much contrast between indie support and major publication support



sinalefa said:

It does not look that bad, obviously influenced by Megaman. The initial goal is not that high either.



OGGamer said:

I wish some of these indies would favor hand drawn animation like blaz blu or something like that as opposed to pixel art . I love pixel graphics and all but change it up a bit . Hyper light drifter is a good example of a unique looking pixely game . If you have to do pixels can you at least follow the lead of one the best , Neo Geo ?



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Hm, I see a boatload of potential here, but some design choices are really questionable.
For example: why is Cora's sprite much less detailed than that of the enemies? Her sprite looks very stiff, so I hope that will change, as well as the unfitting sprite style in comparison to the enemy designs.
And why water guns, of all things? It might be inspired by Mutant Mudds, but some level designs clearly show off some menacing atmosphere where water guns drag it down. I'm not saying they should switch to real guns instead, but they could do with something... stronger than water guns, and maybe (just MAYBE) add a bit more depth to the system than Jump'n'Shootmangirl.

However, the stretch goals are all appealing, especially the dual swords one (though that's also the highest one).
Also, the visuals (except for Cora herself) look really great! They remind me a bit of Paul Robertson's style, though less chibi. I suppose I'll back it, but I hope to see a bit more beforehand.



Captain_Toad said:

The platforming looks a bit basic. Also this doesen't exactly scream "This has to be on the WiiU!" material. Maybe if development furthers along?



mike_intellivision said:

Does anyone know how it works if you back a game in a currency that is not your nation's currency?

This is the first Kickstarter in UKP that I have thought about backing. (I am in US, so the others have been in USD).

This game reminds me of the old Commander Keen games. So it could be a lot of fun.



Sparx said:

The game looks like it could be fun, but I'd want more aggressive enemies that don't just stand there taking the shots or plenty of exploration



AirElephant said:

The art style is what throws me off. It looks like a very old-school action platformer, but the art looks all hand-drawn and not terribly stylized. If they went the Mighty Number 9 route or embraced a real 16-bit, pixel art look I'd be there. If you are going to promise me retro gaming, deliver!



audiobrainiac said:

"Back in my day, we didn't HAVE huge 3rd party support! We had to personally fund the development of games if we wanted them to see the light of day!"



TravisTouchdown said:

I call bull. I've lost faith in a lot of 3rd parties. They'll make the same claim that their game is Wii U exclusive, then in a few weeks it'll get ported, OR it gets switched to multiplatform and the Wii U version either gets stripped down or canceled.



DiscoGentleman said:

I want to support it because of Wii u exclusivity, but god does it look bland. And no character info or anything, I mean, that video was hardly a sell...



Yorumi said:

I suppose it's fairly simple, but I honestly thought the 3000 was a typo. I don't know exactly the exchange rate but that's probably not even enough to pay the salary of one programer for a single month. I just don't know what someone thinks they could do with that little money.




Going to keep an eye on the Kickstarter. Hoping for some more infos before I decide to pledge or not.



Dave24 said:

I always wondered why the crappiest things are first to make when the stretch goals are reached?
I mean, when you are funding the game, don't you want something like, I don't know, more game? Like that "dark, epic Majora's Mask" thing? Which he already has planned out for 2015?
It looks really blind, and the description is so uninteresting it's incredbile.

@Yorumi there are two programmers, which probably want to make some money on the side or just do it because they want to actually make the game. From the pirce standpoint, it kinda makes sense, because kickstarter shouldn't be about making money, just the funding you need. Not like "give us 20 bucks, and we will charge the cheaper early acces for 50 euro later and make money off you". As he said in the kickstarter, he only wants the money for thing necessary to make it, like the kit



Yorumi said:

@Dave24 well that's the point I was getting at though. The cost of making something involves paying the workers who build it, which would be their salary. In the US an entry level programer salary is around $4000 a month. If it's really two programers, and absolutely no one else on the project, for the money he's asking he can afford to pay them for roughly 2 weeks. Even if the programers are being horribly underpaid and he's paying them half of an entry level salary they can only be paid for 1 month.

You can't develop any game for that money. I don't know if it's exactly true today but an estimate of what it costs to make a simple 2d sprite game is around $50,000. That's what you're going to pay in salaries for a tiny team over a few months.

That's what doesn't make sense, he's not asking for enough to develop a game, and yet he's asking so little that it's below the credit limit they'd put on someone's first credit card. Even the ridiculous interest on credit cards hardly amounts to anything on 3000 euros.

Edit: the reason I thought it was a typo at first is 30,000 euros would actually be a reasonable budget for a game like this.



Dave24 said:

@Yorumi the money they want is 5000 USD. And you are talking about entry level salary... now what is realistic? Also, it's said in the kickstarter it's a guy who made games for iphones for 8 years, so it is possible that he has engine ready or he just wants people to give him money for kits and anything, but he will pay the programmist from his own pocket, which is entirly possible, because he knows if the game will hit 3 grand, he make money off it later by eshop or port to steam etc.

He just doesn't want people to fund the whole project. It happend many times, like with that metroid type game.



Yorumi said:

@Dave24 I'm saying it's odd. Even with an engine you still have to make the game. In the world today getting an engine is actually the easy part, it's the game that really costs money. A pure port of an existing game would cost more than $5000. Nothing about it makes sense no matter what scenario you come up with. Estimated delivery is dec 2014 and funding period ends in may. So lets count the months from may to dec, that's 6 months if it's delivered on dec 1st. Two programers in that time, even on half an entry level salary would be $24,000.

It just doesn't make any sense, he's got enough money to fund 6 months of development, which should cost $50,000+ but can't finish without another $5000.

My point is he's not being honest. What exactly is he funding? He doesn't say. It's not a game because he's not asking enough for that. Oh I'm not say he won't deliver a game if he gets funded, I'm just saying that's not what he's really funding with this.



DanteSolablood said:

I'll pay £5 for more of the awesome cover art on display (why IS she blushing while shooting the water pistol?), but the game doesn't appeal.



TwilightOniAngel said:

i dont know what to say about this it looks sort of boring i hope they show another video with at least something intersting.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Really? Reading the article the last thing I expected was a 2D Platformer. Not sure why. No, not supporting this. Looks very bland.



Dave24 said:

@Yorumi " I have kept the initial funding goal as low as possible whilst cover the necessary essentials such as: the Wii U Developer Kit, Graphic assets, Audio Assets to names but a few."
Here it is. That's the funding.

Also, you seem to have typical US thing, that there is no such thing as currency difference or everything is totally like in US. You could say 500 pounds is underpaid, and yet I can name you a few countries in which people would actually kiss your butt for this kind of underpaid. Entry salary does not equal the money you will really get.
Also, he is based in UK, so it is entirely possible that he is hiring emigrants who, like I've said, are thankful for those 500 pounds.
According to your calculation, the Witcher 1 & 2 doesn't exist or both are a big scam.



Yorumi said:

@Dave24 I don't think you know what an entry level salary is. I was using it as a reference point. An entry level job is one where people with no experience start. It's not a fixed absolute value, it's a typical value most people get starting out. As you gain experience you tend to get paid more. Every single field is like this they just have different values for entry and experienced applicants in that field.

This has nothing to do with the US, it has to do with the way jobs and salaries work. Yes it's possible to find people who will work for less than entry level salaries it was just a comparison point, and frankly you get what you pay for.

I never said it absolutely had to be a scam or anything else, but there is no way anyone can look at such a tiny asking amount relative to the cost of making the whole game and not have some red flags go up. It's like someone a dollar to go buy a new wiiU game, anyone would immediately say "wait pocket change is stopping you from buy the game? That doesn't make sense."

EDIT: I wanted to add, any time someone says something along the lines of "oh you're just a typical person from x country" it's really disgusting. It's arrogant and insulting. I like to think we can respect each other enough to not make prejudiced remarks against people we've never met. It shouldn't be any more acceptable to do it with someone's birthplace than with someone's race or gender or anything else.



leuvsion said:

Hello all, I'm the developer Lewis Pugh, any questions let me know. There is still allot to show over the coming month including more trailers and lots of more info.

For those wondering about the low cost of the kick starter, I am also the sole developer and as you can guess you will not be funding my salary, I have been acquiring the graphic and audio assets over the years so the costs are really for dev kit and various fees in order to see world wide launch.

If you like the look of it please support



Gameday said:

Alisha's Dragoon w/out Dragons meets Megaman replaced with waterguns !
I like how she's holding that Wii U Pad FTW



Yorumi said:

@leuvsion thanks for clearing that up. I have to say it does look interesting though a bit rough. I do like the day/night and weather nice to see new twists on ideas. Hope you end up doing well.



AshFoxX said:

Don't know about the game, but the girl on the cover is very cute. Only reason I looked at this headline TBH.

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