Spanish developer Eclipse Games has recently announced that its “tabletop arcade combat” racer, Super Toy Cars, will be zooming on to the Wii U eShop in the near future. According to the developer, the title hopes to capture the essence of classic racing games such as Micro Machines, Super Off-Road and the Mario Kart series.

Super Toy Cars features 12 tracks constructed from everyday objects, with various power ups scattered around the courses which can be used to obliterate your competition – either AI opponents or up to three friends (for a total of four players) in local multiplayer. There are also 16 cars to be collected throughout the game that each handle uniquely, as well as being upgradable. Career mode comprises of 5 different types of events, which apparently aren't just limited to races, offering a total of 48 events to take part in. The title also has an in-game track editor, although it has not been confirmed if these can be shared online.

The PC version of the game features online multiplayer for up to eight players, but there's currently no sign of this being implemented into the Wii U release.

Right now a beta of Super Toys Cars is available for PC on Steam Early Access for $6.99, although a date and price for the Wii U eShop version has not yet been set.

Below is a teaser trailer that Eclipse Games stress is “not the final trailer”:

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