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Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida Highlights Brushes With Miiverse Law

Posted by Thomas Whitehead


It can be tempting to think of Nintendo as standing alone in terms of companies with powerful executives that are also charming, affable individuals; we see that side of Satoru Iwata and colleagues frequently in Nintendo Direct broadcasts. It'd be wrong to think these are qualities only found within Nintendo, however, as there are a number of other executives well known for similar qualities.

One example is Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida, who is not only prolific in engaging with fans via Twitter — also tweeting his support for small development projects — but also above company rivalries. He's spoken very sensibly about why he wants the Wii U to succeed, for example, while highlighting that he owns two of the systems.

He's also been active on Miiverse on occasion, and in an amusing aside as part of a public event discussing his career with Mark Cerny (reported by Engadget), he admits that he's fallen foul of Miiverse moderators and received two temporary bans.

The first time was because I had my Twitter account in my profile and that's against the rules. The second time is because I wrote, 'I love PS.' You're not supposed to promote a commercial product in MiiVerse, so they correctly interpreted 'PS' as 'PlayStation,'

This was shared with a laugh, we should add, so there's no concern of this becoming a diplomatic incident.

This humble writer has only had one telling off for missing a "spoiler" tag on one occasion, and bizarrely had the word "balls" auto-censored on the Wii Sports Club: Tennis Miiverse functionality. Have you gotten into any trouble on Miiverse?


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joeyman said:

Lol. I've never been warned or banned on Miiverse yet but that's probably because I don't use it much. I do think that the Miiverse moderators are a little harsh sometimes.



Vallu said:

Miiverse mods are too strict. My friend has gotten a warning for posting a pic of an ACNL glitch.



ledreppe said:

I got a stern warning for posting game strategies, but isn't that why some people use it?! Lol.



snoox said:

I've gotten a million warnings but no bans hahaa but I truly do NOT think Miiverse is too strict. I want the safest possible environment for kids & Nintendo is the only one stepping up.



MamaLuigi said:

Something seems VERY suspicious here... I know it's ok for a Sony guy to own a competing platform but making his Miiverse comments public like this perhaps means he's got talks underway for a kind of Nintendo joint venture.



OdnetninAges said:

I hear that people get banned for ridiculous reasons all the time, but I haven't gotten in any trouble yet. :/



Einherjar said:

@Nintendo_Ninja They are not power hungrym they are reasonable. People are just not used to a site that takes its own rules serious.
MiiVerse is a high protocol community with strict but fair rules. If you can follow them, you have no problems at all.
I personally find it more worrying that have more problems with strict rules that with people going nuts, calling names and smash talking on other communitys (XBL for instance)
I am very glad that these mods take their job so very serious, care about the spoiler feature and take care of trouble makers.
Some may call it restrictive, i call it relieving that its a community that is free of harrasment and such.



Just_Ethan said:

I've had my YouTube channel in my profile comment for months, now, and no admins have taken it down. It hasn't really attracted any viewers, though.



MrGawain said:

I've had certain forums in the past censor 'ass', even in words like 'passable', which makes the word censored seem far worse. Seeing an ass is a donkey that makes no sense, especially when the British equivalent wasn't banned. Censoring technology can't detect context unfortunately.



Whopper744 said:

What I don't get is all the spam on Miiverse that hangs around for hours but I was got flagged for asking someone to try to post something actually related to the community. I was apparently "bullying".



Buduski said:

I got a warning for posting my 3ds friend code for the safari zone in pokemon Y, I like the fact that they are trying to make a safe and fun online enviroment but they are going a little overboard IMO, whats the point of an online community if everything is restricted, all those extreme rules really pushed me away from miiverse a bit & I used to be very active on a few communities.



Marshi said:

Id love to use miiverse,but through no fault of my own (it was a house mate misbehaving on a SEPARATE profile) my entire wiiu console is banned forever from miiverse. Ive stamped my feet and complained and even threatened legal action if my profile is not reinstated but they just will not budge. Whats hilarious for all the wrong reasons is that the mods who ban you are not an official part of nintendo. The nintendo customer service agent even said,and I quote: "id love to reinstate your profile and I would if I had the power to do so but its not up to us",this was a NINTENDO EMPLOYEE WHO DEALS WITH CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS! Ridiculous and the whole ordeal has broken some of the love I have for wiiu.

As a side note I think its genuinely hilarious that you cant even say as much as "boobs" on miiverse. Yet ps4 has live broadcasted sex shows that anyone can see and even do themselves if the have the camera...



SecondServing said:

I've been banned 4 times. I went into the Zelda community and said "Zelda loves deku nuts" The other three times 12 year olds reported me over disagreements about characters in Smash.



WesCash said:

The strict modding on Miiverse certainly doesn't help the "kiddie" image Nintendo maintains in a lot of people's eyes.



redsoul91 said:

@Marshi people on service lines really do have no control about restating profiles. Different divisions! In all fairness, they really can't accept the excuse of it being a friend, cause you could pretty much use that to get away with anything you want..
Personally I respect the effort that Nintendo is putting in to make a community that is safe for all ages, and while I definitely agree that it sucks you got ripped off by your buddy, I would rather miiverse be that strict than allow for the content available on PS4/XB1 to stream freely.



JCnator said:

I've managed to get warned by some mod for unintentionally promoting a harmless out-of-bound glitch found on ACNL. And they didn't provided with the actual reason(s). An average Internet community wouldn't mind that glitch, so why would Miiverse be paranoid over it? And that's coming from someone who normally behave properly. The moderation part of Miiverse definitely have rooms for improvement.

When dealing with warns and bans, there's no way for both Miiverse mod and I to argue in a more detailed fashion, since we're limited with a selection of pre-made messages. If I somehow break one of the rules that is categorized as "Other", I won't exactly know how I did until I call with a Nintendo representative. That's not quite efficient to be honest.
I understand that Nintendo wants to have a family-friendly environment on Miiverse, I have no problem with them being strict especially with kids roaming around there. But too much strictness can mean that a seemingly okay post would be modded for the most incomprehensible reasons. And that's even if an average Joe wouldn't mind that.

The procedures of Miiverse Mods is my only issue with Miiverse. I genuinely enjoyed it anyway and wish it would further improve as we're speaking.



King47 said:

I only used Miiverse twice, when I got my Wii U and when it became available on the 3DS. I have nothing against it, but I see nothing special in it. Then again, I'm not into social networking.

This is funny though.



Marshi said:

@redsoul91 Argh,its frustrating but I agree with you. Which is why I was forthcoming about my (now ex)housemates indescretions in the hope as good customer service they would give me the benefit of the doubt. I even said they could watch my profile like a hawk and if the saw anything even slightly against code of conduct then they could ban my profile. But to ban my entire wiiu console is ott of the highest degree. Its like finding there are terrorists living somewhere in a city so to neatralise the threat just nuke the entire city



Gonzo1 said:

I got told off for promoting illegal activity due to telling someone how to get US Netflix from the UK.



whodatninja said:

Miiverse is a weird nanny state. Sometimes a funny nanny state but a nanny state nonetheless!



Brother_Jolteon said:

I got banned quite a few times. The ones I find the most funniest is one post in the Smash Bros community about how I hope Jigglypuff doesn't return which people didn't like and reported me for bullying.

And another was in the Pokemon X and Y community, I mentioned how annoying it was when people keep spamming trade requests after you deny them and this girl got mad for no reason and said that I had to trade, that's why it was in the game. Then she got her friends to report me for bullying because I told her that trading was never forced upon the players, it encouraged trading.

I think Nintendo should add a feture that let's people select an age audience for their post and have the system verify the birth year of the account before the post is shown or not shown, as well as give older users a little bit more freedom.

And it'll also keep post's from getting false reported by the people who can't handle the truth.



NintyMan said:

I think I've only gotten two warnings on Miiverse; one in Super Mario 3D World for "strategic information" (which I don't understand at all) and the other just last night in WarioWare, Inc. Mega Microgames for spoilers. In the latter all I did was say that Wario secretly loved Mona and that they would make an interesting couple, then showed a screenshot of Wario dreaming of Mona. I could see how that could be a spoiler, but it's not a big part of the story.

I think a lot of the Miiverse mods' power comes from people making silly reports.



Jazzer94 said:

Got a warning for asking a person politely why they were impersonating a youtuber since then I just let people do what they want and mainly only post on the pick of the day posts and my impressions of new games I've brought.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Can't say I've had much trouble so far, but MiiVerse rules can be kinda limiting at times where it's not neccessary.
Nintendo might want to look into the fact that people can take care of themselves in certain positions (like spam, bullying, spreading lies - what's the blacklist for if nobody has a reason to blacklist someone?) instead of playing it overly safe. At some point it stops being fun to do anything on MiiVerse with some restrictions.



FineLerv said:

It's hard not to get infringement warnings on MiiVerse, especially since there is a "report infringement" system. I think gamers in general are overly sensitive about spoilers; Rather than just avoid communities to prevent possible spoilers, they'll continue to interact in the spoiler-ridden forums and get annoyed when someone ruins something for them.



eaglebob345 said:

@King47 Same here (although in reverse order, I got my Wii U after MiiVerse was added to the 3DS). Social networking never has (and never will) appeal to me, nor does online play (or paid online). I can see why some people can get into it, but I don't see it as useful or relevant.



RainbowGazelle said:

I've had two warning so far. Once for complaining that the Resident Evil Revelations community didn't allow us to quote Parker's hilarious swears because of no swearing in Miiverse (even though this is the community for the game), and the other time for referring to the UK as 'a bit rubbish'.



Knuckles said:

Haven't been banned or warned, but I restrain from posting much on Miiverse for the same reason I've restrained from posting on NL recently. It seems like whenever I post, someone comments on it, taking it out of context or completely ignoring my sarcasm and treating me like I'm stupid.



123akis said:

@Brother_Jolteon that is totally unfair!!! so when the admins saw it they saw there is nothing wrong with the post, but only because a lot of people reported the post, the admins then took action... seriously contact Nintendo and tell them, explain... then they'll ban the people who reported you!



FFL2and3rocks said:

I had a post deleted from the Super Mario 3D Land section. Someone mentioned Phoenix Wright, so I replied with a drawing of Mia, with Luigi doing the objection pose saying "Mama Mia!" It was deleted for being explicit. I didn't exaggerate any of her features, but it is Mia...



123akis said:

what really doesn't make sense is that we can send friend requests on Wii U's Miiverse but we can't on 3ds! if we can do it on Wii U then why can't we do it on 3ds!!!??? we can't even send messages with our 3ds friends on Miiverse, so there is NO way to contact people on our 3ds friend list privately! Nintendo PLEASE fix that!

and what happens if a game contains swear words in cut scenes in the sub titles in cut scenes? will the admins remove that, too?! so, I have gotten into trouble a few times but not many, I've never been banned. I'm not too bothered about the rules though.

It's nice to have a social network with none of the same memes/images you see on facebook or that absolute spammy crap on facebook/twitter! Miiverse is a brilliant game social network and I use it a lot!

@Vallu your friend banned for posting a screenshot of a glitch!? that is RIDICULOUS



ultimate321 said:

Of course the rules are too strict. Virtually all ( I don't want to say literally all because that would be unfair ) of Nintendo's policies are too damn strict. It's great that friend codes are much easier but they're existence is still unnecessary. I wish the friend code system for 3ds was changed so that it was only necessary if Parental Controls are implemented. And messaging across 3ds and the internet would be great. Anyways, slightly off topic.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Knuckles Well sarcasm is generally pretty hard to interpret in text unless what you've said is completely over the top or you make some kind of indication that it was sarcasm.

The problem is, exactly that, context. In the real world you can use tone and facial expressions to figure out if someone is being sarcastic. Both of those (tone can be somewhat displayed using fonts, quotes, etc) are extremely limited in writing/reading.



AshFoxX said:

So we get banned for linking to our other social accounts or making a comment like 'I Love PS', but all these kids trying to 'hook up' on Miiverse are unscathed? Maybe it's just I keep finding all these idiots before Nintendo finds them to shut them down.

So sick of desperate shut-ins pleading for relationships over a Nintendo service other than love motels of the 60's.



Action51 said:

Couple of points:

1) I call BS on getting "I love PS" removed. I've mentioned liking various systems and games on Mii Verse and didn't have any trouble at all. I have a feeling he might have been pushing his brand a little too hard...not a big deal, but I see people saying stuff like that all time.

2) I don't mind the moderation. There's a lot of kids on there to begin with, but secondly...aren't there enough places online where you can be angry, mean, use foul language, and call people names? Can we have one place where we must behave like nice people?

3) @ledreppe You have a "spoilers" button you can use for posting those.



Champollion said:

I wonder how many people work on moderating the MiiVerse. It must be a daunting task — I mean, how many users? Algorithms can help, but they're still limited — it's easy to find a set of words, but meaning and information (e.g., spoilers) is quite an other thing. I really wonder how they proceed.



Ryo_Hazuki-san said:

i have had my miiverse account since launch and never got banned or blocked post because i go by the rules and that is that... use it the way it is meant to be used and just have fun... after all it is a social network hub for gamers. it is the end of forums and blogs to get tips or tricks on a game it is unique to nintendo and works great if it is used correctly.



BassLostie said:

I've gotten warned twice by Miiverse admins.

First time, I posted a screenshot from the credits from New Super Mario Bros. U, where appeared the names of Iwata and Miyamoto, and with that I simply wrote "Iwata and Miyamoto", with a happy face.

They blocked that message.... LOL

The second time, I was writing in a friend's post, and we where making jokes. I wrote something like "hey, I know your NNID password" ...... and they erased my message right away.

So, apparently, you can't write the word "password" on Miiverse.

Both warnings were kinda funny, though.... xDD



Imagine23 said:

I got flagged for posting "strategic information"

I thought that was the whole point of Miiverse



DarkSplatoonLink said:

I've never been warned or banned ever, and one used it relatively frequently since launch.
Although I support moderation so it doesn't become an abusive Xbox Live sort of place, I think the mods are just slightly too strict. Age-restricted posts are a good idea, maybe also in relation to a game's age rating. It's also ludicrous how you can post screenshots in communities of gory games but not in the Senran Kagura Burst community!



Zombie_Barioth said:

What gave you the idea people are asking for those things?

You gotta admit its a bit ridiculous that an M-rated game that contains foul language can be discussed but such language can't be used on that games forum, knowing fully well that its rated 17+ and kids shouldn't even be playing.

Needless to say its a double-standard, complaining about it is perfectly okay. Complaining you can't swear like a sailor on a Mario forum on the other hand would be ridiculous.

Anyway, all this talk of oddly censored words reminds me how Capcom had 'after' censored on MH3. You'd be surprised how often that kind of thing will screw you up.



audiobrainiac said:

@Zombie_Barioth Yeah really, Capcom unnecessarily censored a couple other words too lol. I'd like to think Capcom of America was smarter than that because it just didn't make sense. I forget what the words were now its been so long.



audiobrainiac said:

I was warned to edit my profile once because i linked my band's reverbnation page. Oops lol. I should've known better but i have a habbit of cross promoting. Except on here haha.



R_Champ said:


I totally agree with you. Miiverse is a low-key environment that is great to use when you don't want to get trolled/flamed (except on the Smash Bros. board) so I don't know why people get so upset about it being heavily moderated when there are plenty of whiny environments people can lurk, troll, and post spoilers in for eternity (i.g. Gamefaqs, Neogaf, etc.).

I always see people complain about being warned and banned for "little" things, but it's more than likely they didn't read the rules and then just immediately complained without understanding. I've shown love for non-nintendo games/system, disagreed with users (respectfully, which is IMPORTANT), shared jokes, and lots of other things...and have yet to receive even ONE warning.



somari said:

I think there should be more work put into Miiverse without this stuff happening all the time.



MuchoMochi said:

Every time I use Miiverse I get heckled by 12 year olds with terrible grammar. People thought the team chat in Call of Duty was bad shudders they have not seen the horrors of Miiverse.



Sir_Deadly said:

I really havent use Miiverse in months and probably won't use it at all. Although i must say, they are really strict it seems but the way the online gaming community is now it could use some harsh rules.



MarceloKamui said:

the moderators on miiverse r just stupid most of the time, just because I posted:" Time to grab some beer and play Monster Hunter" they deleted my post..



Razzle said:

I posted a picture from the credits of Donkey Kong TF, with the words 'Great game, loved it!' and got a warning about posting spoilers....sigh.

Other than this, I think it's a funny community which Nintendo is obviously piling resources into to keep it safe for all ages. I am fine with this, and I think parents would greatly appreciate it.



Shworange said:

I got reprimanded for linking to a picture within Trine 2 that showed a glitch where a crate you need could disappear, forcing you to exit and renter. They said it should have been tagged with a spoiler warming. Bite me.



ryando said:

Nintendo need to accept reality and admit testicles exist. Seriously though, I expected to get a spoiler warning for mentioning i was on chapter 8 of Bravely Default.



Nintendude789 said:

I got permanently banned. I hate the admins. I have a ton of things to express in this site, but looks like I can't.

When I get a Wii U, I'll make a new account. I have no plans to delete my NNID on 3DS.



Shy_Guy said:

Miiverse is a place where 9-16 year olds look to find bf/gfs and desperate for having how many followers they can get...



Ralizah said:

Way too restrictive for my tastes. Swapnote was quite a bit of fun, but Nintendo killed that...



Red_XIII said:

I got banned for;
Saying shrek was overrated
Posting a sfw furry picture (Nothing objectable about it)
Criticizing the Rabbids Land community for worshipping Willem Dafoe
Participating in the wave of hatred that hit Ubisoft re. Rayman Legend's Delay
Calling someone a coconut (Context is vital)
Sharing my twitter
Criticizing Nintendo for not releasing Metroid prime 4
Saying Phil Fish was indeed a tosspot
Saying that Tharja was dressed impractically
And a silly innuendo about 's rank'
Yeah, me and the miiverse mods aren't the best of friends.

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