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Sin & Punishment Developer Treasure Working With Capcom On Sequel To Gaist Crusher

Posted by Liam Doolan

Still no sign of a Western release

Japanese video game developer Treasure, best known for critically acclaimed titles such as Sin and Punishment and the Sega Mega Drive classic Gunstar Heroes, is working with Capcom on a sequel to the 3DS action game – based on the manga, animation and toy series of the same name – Gaist Crusher.

Gaist Crusher God follows on from last year’s release, and is due out in Japan this Fall. The original game had an underwhelming launch week, selling just 8,053 units despite commendable marketing efforts from Capcom.

The second entry in the series will include new Gaists, with Capcom revealing God Hino Kaguchi and also teasing silhouettes of four other gods. Sadly, it's unlikely this series will be localised any time soon – if not ever – due to the original title receiving a cold shoulder from Japanese locals on release.

If the manga and anime series can raise the profile of Gaist Crusher before the sequel launches, perhaps the chances of a Western release will improve. It's still a pipedream though, considering the Asian market is yet to show any serious interest.

Let us know in the comments if you would like to see the localisation of Treasure's Gaist Crusher series for 3DS.

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DatFunkySmell said:

This game looks like it could be fun. I understand that Westerners are unfamiliar with the source material but we're not unfamiliar with good games. Localise it.



unrandomsam said:

At least in Japan it seems that they get more than one shot before the series is ended.



iphys said:

I'd be interested, although I couldn't really tell much from the video.



FritzFrapp said:

Gamers v. Nintendo Co., Ltd Region-Locking trial; exhibit no. 6483: Gaist Crusher God.



Raycon said:

So the first game didn't sell well, but they are willing to fund a sequel?

I'm alright with that.

Now fund a Mega Man game.



JaxonH said:

Wow. This game looks really good! I can definitely tell that Capcom's Monster Hunter has rubbed off on this in a small way, and anything developed by Treasure nowadays is money. I'd buy this for sure if they brought it to North America. Shame Treasure isn't working on a Sin & Punishment 3 for Wii U though. THAT would get me excited right there. Still, I'd take this game all the same...

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