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Pokémon X & Y Happy Meal Toys Heading to North America

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Gotta catch 'em all

The UK recently went Happy Meal crazy when Super Mario Happy Meal toys graced McDonald's. Well, that's a slight exaggeration, but we suspect Happy Meal sales to thirty-somethings spiked, at least near the Nintendo Life offices.

In any case, the next Nintendo-themed madness is coming to North America, with Pokémon X & Y toys on the way once the current batch of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 plastic throwaways is finished. You can seen them below.

These appear to come with cards, while you can scan the toys — or cards, one of the two — to play a game on your phone; at least that's what we believe this "McPlay Power" business is all about.

Will you be rushing to McDonald's soon once these toys arrive? Will you be as excited as we were in our deadly-serious-not-at-all-a-parody unboxing of the Mario toys? Let us know.

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Azikira said:

I remember when Burgerking made all those gold-plated pokemon "cards". Now we get cheap cardboard cut-outs.



Handy_Man said:

@Azikira I never got the Pokémon cards, but I do remember getting a Marill and Lugia toy from Burger King a long time ago. I think it was a part of a promotion for Pokémon The Movie 2000 or something.



mullen said:

I will collect them if there is a 3DSware that can use these cards. Only mobile app? Not for me.



User1988 said:

I remember when Happy Meal (and the BK equivalent) toys were actual quality toys. These look cheap.



ReshiramZekrom said:

For some reason my friend ate a Happy Meal today (it might've been because of a smaller chicken wrap, I don't know), so if it happens again, I'll be sure to take his toy.



CapeSmash said:

I wish they were actual figures instead of these paper-thin Pokèmon on a stand. ;~;



GloryQuestor said:

@User1988: Happy Meal toys are quality ... over in Japan. But they have a sponsorship partner in BANDAI Namco there.

Not sure who they have making the toys in North America or Europe, but they need to either step up their game or find a partner in a more professional toy maker. -_-;



mystman12 said:

...and I thought the cheap plastic Snivy I got a few years ago that didn't do anything but barely nod it's head was cheap... I really miss the days when you could get LCD games in your kid's meals.



rjejr said:

Well my kids haven't had a Happy meal in awhile so I guess they're due. It's hard to tell from the photo what they are though.



mr_nihilism said:

My daughter will enjoy this....and me too. If the restaurant could have arranged to have a limited exclusive EX card then there would be really awesome.



Dauntless said:

Not a pokemon fan. This is crappy to me. I would have gone to McDonalds if they had the UK Toys.



MrCanzine said:

If it were the Mario toys the UK had maybe, but these look cheap and also I'm not a big Pokémon fan.



NavySpheal said:

Missed opportunity to take advantage of the NFC on the GamePad. I know it's a cheap McDonald's toy, but that would still be pretty cool.



Lobster said:

Those do not look like standard issue Pokeballs. I don't think this promotion is affiliated with the Pokemon League, guys.



ChuJelly said:

Well, I have a coupon for a free happy meal that I'll never use, so I might as well take the chance if I'm ever near a Mickey D's. Will definitely be hoping for that Froakie or one of the Legendaries if I do



2Sang said:

How much more is the happy meal than just the toy? Trying to figure out if it's worth the drink, I'll just give the food to someone on the street but if it's within a buck difference, looks like I'm gonna get some happy meals.



2Sang said:

@Lobster If it's within a buck difference, though, it might be worth getting the milk or juice or whatever. I don't eat fast food, but if it's really cheap of a difference, I'll give the food to others.



DefHalan said:

I really wish these worked with Pokemon Rumble U, that would be awesome (plus I can't find any Rumble U figures for less than $30 each)



Crimzonlogic said:

What the heck are they? Flat cutouts on a stand? I'll bet those are some kind of "disc launcher" thingamabobs.



Azikira said:

@Baum897 Burgerking always did right by pokemon! It was always something cool and different. Now kids will scramble to get a little shrinky-dink looking pokemon. WHY UK HAS GOOD TOYS?!



AyeHaley said: guys got pokemon and Mario happy meals...

I live in the wrong country.



absuplendous said:

Although I'm a diehard pkmncollector, these don't look very enticing. "Toy" seems like a generous descriptor. It's nice to see a new Pokemon campaign, I suppose, and I do like seeing the standard Poke Ball in a variety of colors--I'd like to see custom colors become a feature in the game.



AkinaChan said:

Awwwww, why couldn't they be actual figurines? D': I remember Japan Happy Meals gave out actual Pokemon Plushies a loooong time ago... I think they had to be bought separate... I think... But they where amazing!! They talked! D:



DarkEdi said:

Maybe you refer to USA not NorthAmerica, I don´t heard such offer in Mexico.

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