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Parking Star 3D swerving on to the North American 3DS eShop 8th May

Posted by Lewis Childs

What do you do if you see a space, man?

It’s time to fill that empty space on your SD card as Parking Star 3D will soon be heading to the 3DS eShop. EasyTech and CIRCLE Entertainment have today announced that their parking simulator will be released in North America on 8th May, although there’s currently no word on a European release date.

The aim of the game is to become a ‘Park Star’ by parking a car as quickly as possible, whilst avoiding collisions with other vehicles. The title’s 40 maps are based in five cities and include famous landmarks such as the Louvre Museum in Paris, Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai and the Tokyo Tower. Once you've passed a level successfully you can upgrade your current vehicle or splash out on a new car.

From the press release:


  • 5 city levels including Beijing, Dubai, Paris, Tokyo and New York
  • 40 maps of different sceneries for your exploration
  • 4 types of vehicles, each with their unique abilities
  • 7 types of colourful paint job for your choice
  • Replay any unlocked level for earning more stars and spend them on your cars for higher performance

The latest gameplay trailer for Parking Star 3D can be seen below:

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Will you be trying out your three-point turns in this one? Let us know in the comments section.

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Tops said:

Too bad we still get games like this but wattaya gonna do? >.>



accc said:

They misspelled Hummer? Or I guess they can't use copyrighted brands without permission. But then how can they get away with using VW? That's not trademarked by Volkswagen?



Tops said:

@ekreig Not sure if you're being sarcastic, but aren't there loads of car parking games out there? I'm sure I've seen a bunch on free online game websites.



shaneoh said:

I could get this or actually practice parking in my own car.

The game would be cheaper in petrol though



DiscoDriver43 said:

sooo...when i am parking my car on the parking lot from college to home and back again...does this mean i've been playing this game for a while?



Mus1cLov3r said:

Why is everyone calling this 'shovelware'? Parking games are fun to play..... And why do people also keep saying "Why would I play this if I can park in real life?" Are you saying that playing Call of Duty is stupid because you can become a soldier in real life? Or that playing a racing game is stupid because you can race your car in real life? Or that playing an RPG is stupid because you can beat up animals in real life(that could land you in prison/jail, but you can)?

If that's seriously the way you look at video games, then you shouldn't even BE playing video games at all!

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