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Official English Azure Striker Gunvolt Site Is Live

Posted by Jake Shapiro

Progress towards a Western release

One month ago, Japanese studio Inti Creates announced it's collaborating with Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune on a new futuristic action-platformer for the 3DS eShop, titled Azure Striker Gunvolt. We still haven't heard anything about a firm release date outside Japan for the game [article updated to reflect NA confirmation of eventual release] but today Inti Creates launched an English-language version of the official Azure Striker Gunvolt website.

It's fairly basic, with information on Azure Striker Gunvolt's characters and backstory, along with a few screenshots and pieces of concept art; there's even an official English-language logo for the game. The product information page states "Rating: ESRB Rating Pending", which suggests that Inti has indeed submitted the game to be reviewed by the North American ratings board. This gives us hope that Inti's plans on bringing the new title to Western shores are progressing, in order to keep us busy while we wait for Inafune-san's highly-anticipated Mighty No. 9.

Azure Striker Gunvolt hits the Japanese 3DS eShop this summer.


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ekreig said:

Excellent. The eShop really does have a lot going for it this year.



Knuckles said:

No video? I would have guessed a video would have been in the article. Oh well, I'll find one, and can't wait for this, or MNo.9



Knuckles said:

Huh, I am either misreading the subtitles or there are typos in the trailer

It said that peace was brought to the world by these people, so why is Gunvolt fighting to defeat them?



JakeShapiro said:

@SparkOfSpirit That GoNintendo article doesn't cite anything official. Has anyone at the developer or Nintendo actually confirmed a US release?

Edit: You're right, it links to a Siliconera article that confirms that the developer confirmed it. We'll update this article shortly. Thanks for the tip!



Dpishere said:

After checking out the trailer on the official site I definitely hope this game comes to NA! Seeing as it is being translated into english and as far as I know is being rated by ESRB there is a fairly good chance that it will come over! If that is the case, as long as it is not too brutal in difficulty I may just pick it up!



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Until we have a european release date, I'm still worried. But damn, this game looks awesome!

EDIT: The site won't load for me for some reason. Anyone else got this problem? Maybe it's because I'm browsing via Gamepad.

@Knuckles You missed the detail that the Sumeragi Group upholds peace by hunting psychics, with Gunvolt being a member of a rebellion group of psychic outcasts.



FritzFrapp said:

For North America, yes.
For Europe, Inti Creates CEO Takuya Aizu tweeted a month ago that they are "looking at European release, but due to localization time it might be released a bit later."



Genesaur said:

Glad they're making something that looks more original. Think I'll probably get this.



ollietaro said:

This looks exactly like Mega Man. The question is: why not a new Mega Man game?? I'm sure it'll be great.

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