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Nintendo of America Confirms Christina Aguilera as a Guest Celebrity in Tomodachi Life

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

APRIL FOOLS!!!... Oh, wait

Earlier today Nintendo unleashed the utterly barmy and brilliant Tomodachi Life Nintendo Direct broadcasts in Europe and North America, also confirming a 6th June release in both territories. They're worth a watch, and certainly show how the quirky Mii life-sim could become an indispensable part of the 3DS library this summer.

Nintendo of America, for its part, has confirmed that it's signed up singer Christina Aguilera as a celebrity guest in the region. Her Mii will be available in the game and she'll appear in promotional trailers — you may know her as a star that sings very loudly and also appeared on The Voice as a tutor.

Below is the official blurb and some screenshots.

Even your far-fetched celebrity dreams can come true in Tomodachi Life. If you have ever wanted international superstar Christina Aguilera to join you in a sing-off, or believed that she would become BFFs with your cousin or wished she would perform a song with your customized lyrics, it could happen here. The multi award-winning singer has signed on to be a part of Nintendo’s promotional campaign for the game, and her Mii character will be available at launch. Aguilera’s Mii character also will guest star in a TV commercial and in online videos that show all the exciting things that happen when celebrities mingle with Miis players know personally. Additional celebrities involved with Tomodachi Life will be announced over the upcoming weeks.

Aguilera's Mii makes an appearance in a new trailer released by Nintendo, which gives an idea of how this title will be marketed. You can check that out below, while sharing your delight — or otherwise — at the singer's appearance in the game.

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TreesenHauser said:

I remember years ago when my sister taped over the beginning of a Weird Al concert I had with one of her awful music videos. I'm still mad about that.



Kirby_Girl said:

Cute. I want Beyonce though! Haha, Although I feel like people can just make their Miis look like whatever celebrity or character they want. I mean people already do it in the Sims where they make their favorite anime characters live together, lol. I think this game has broad appeal so I see what Nintendo is doing here. It's a smart decision and has the makings of capturing the Animal Crossing fans and general casuals. It looks like a wacky and cute game. I'm sure this will be successful for them if they do keep marketing it. Get greater appeal.



XXIV said:

I can't wait! I love Peeps! ;D
Anyway, this seems interesting. The wording of the release indicates more stars, so I wonder who we'll meet. Lady Gaga would honestly fit this game perfectly.



MamaLuigi said:

I don't want to have to wait for a famous person to show up if I can just create my own version...



AkinaChan said:

Lol at the WTF tag add Robert Downey Jr and I would be interested :3 Definately getting this game though~



3DSfan134 said:

I'm ready to get this game~~ And wow how does people doesn't know who's that celebrity?



RantingThespian said:

Please tell me she is a mute in this game . . . and that I can pummel her over the head with an ugly stick.



sillygostly said:

It's funny that people keep comparing Tomodachi Life to The Sims, because Christina Aguilera had also made a guest appearance in The Sims: Superstar some 12 years ago (Avril Lavigne was also a guest).



Kafei2006 said:

Well... she's not really been very "famous" in the past... 6 years or so XD. Can't remember when was the last time I heard her on the radio anyway



Just_Ethan said:

You know this means that the Mii of her biggest fan can finally marry her as they would always dream. You know SOMEONE out there's gonna do it!

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