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Next-Generation Visual Novel Nero Confirmed For Wii U eShop

Posted by Damien McFerran

Nintendo version will offer UI-free screen thanks to the GamePad

Italian indie developer Storm in a Teacup has confirmed that it is bringing its new game Nero to the Wii U eShop.

Details on this mysterious game are scarce, but Storm in a Teacup's creative director Carlo Bianchi — who spoke to Official Nintendo Magazine about the game — describes it as a "next-generation visual novel".

Nero is coming to other formats, but Storm in a Teacup has confirmed that the Wii U edition will make use of the GamePad to ensure that the main screen is free from UI elements — these will appear on the controller's display instead.

Here's the official word from the company's website:

NERO is a wonderful journey in a world of incredible beauty where a kid is the key to all locks and the night is not as frightening as we all could think. NERO is about love. NERO is about faith. NERO is about feelings. NERO is about questions that need answers.

Watch the footage below and let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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Diz93 said:

The Feels in that trailer. Looks cool. Depending on what type of game it is I may get it. Looks really interesting and beautiful.
Also the voice actor reminds me of the guy in Trine 2.



ToniK said:

Wow. Seems like something I would enjoy. Most welcome addition to eShop indeed.



MAN1AC said:

Kind of disappointing that this is just a visual novel. It looks great though.



Heiki said:

At this point Nintendo should rename their console to "Indie U".
I don't really care about indies, but I guess this is good news for those who do.



SLiM said:

Looks interesting. I would hate to be stung by that jellyfish!



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Ohoho, those viuals are gorgeous! This even makes Avatar pale in comparison (yeah, suck it, Cameron)!
But VN's are always a risky deal, for bothe the developers and the consumers. The highly depend on taste as well as imagination, making them a difficult thing to recommend on consoles if you're not already a fan.
I'll keep a close look on this!



CDBz said:

This looks, and I never thought I'd say this, better than Trine 2!



Yellowgerbil said:

The game looks peaceful and beautiful, but the final few words that the narrator stated leads me to believe that this visual novel gets darker over time; story and visually.



Josaku said:

If the game will be filled with feels and as beautyful as the trailer, this will be joining my Wii U collection!



Vrael said:

looks interesting. However the word "novel" makes me nervous and a pre rendered cutscene doesn't really say much past the tone of the game.



AJWolfTill said:

oooh, count me interested! I'm delighted to see Nintendo is getting some of the "art-house" Indie developers as well as the retro throwbacks.



Marshi said:

Urgh I wish people would stop with the "i want games not-insert non game content here-". Im just happy wiiu is getting a diverse range of software. Its really something that is overlooked I think. If you want your countless shooters and third person adventures then buy a ps4 or xbone. Sure I want games just like anyone else,but having the option of buying awesome indie games,visual novels and lifestyle software like wii fit u and those overlooked wiiu panorama view experiences just add to my overall enjoyment of my wiiu



element187 said:

@Heiki indies are the only developers (besides Nintendo) that are experimenting. All the other platform holders and publishers keep releasing the same exact games with zero new gameplay mechanics, just prettier graphics and no interesting new ways to play.... Like the latest 3d Mario is bursting with new ideas almost every level, no big time publishers are doing that, just indies and Nintendo



faint said:

@Heiki why don't you? Just wondering. It's almost like you don't think indies are capable of making great games



Heiki said:

@faint @element187 It's not like I think indies can't make good games. I know they can and there's certainly an audience for that, it just isn't for me.
First, indies don't release physical copies of their games. I will ALWAYS get physical releases over digital ones, specially on Nintendo platforms. Because my wallet isn't bottomless, I rarely get a game that's digital only (I did get Hatsune Miku for my Vita, but that's just because I wanted to support the Western release).
And then, I have actually tried some, but no indie game has given me an immersive experience as of yet. In fact, only a few Western games, indies or not, catch my attention.
So, as I said, I do think indies can make good games, it's just not for me.



FineLerv said:

@element187 "indies are the only developers (besides Nintendo) that are experimenting. All the other platform holders and publishers keep releasing the same exact games with zero new gameplay mechanics, just prettier graphics and no interesting new ways to play...."

Totally agree with you there. I'm so bored of reskinned shooting galleries. I'm about 5 hours into the Last of Us and I don't feel compelled to go back in. Instead I kept returning to Knytt Underground. I'll get through the Last of Us eventually but I'm certainly not waking up everyday excited to play it.



andrea987 said:

That's how you do an atmospheric trailer. Perfect voice, wording, and soundtrack timing. Interested to see some gameplay, now.



dumedum said:

Apparently this is also coming to the 3DS and skipping all Sony platforms.



Vriess said:

The trailer would have been better without the pseudo-philosophical bla bla... I have nothing against the British accent but I think it's being over used in video games these past few years. Are British people considered to be better story tellers or something? Its starting to be a bit annoying.



TheRealThanos said:

@Vriess I can understand your point of view (although admittedly I have a slight reservation as even in the US the rivalry between the French and the British is known in some parts of the nation) but personally I do think it depends on the type of game. These guys look like wizards, sorcerers or druids and even as an American I would not want to hear a druid or such speak with an American accent. (imagine a hillbilly or Texan voice on them... ) Hell, we never even had druids, so maybe they shouldn't sound British per se, but they should at the very least sound European, if only to give the characters more credibility, even if it is only a fantasy game. Although the characters themselves didn't speak, I would imagine that the story teller is either one of their kind or a fellow country man, since he is familiar with their history. And it is also being made by a European company, so maybe not all that strange that they hired a British guy to do the English voice over.



Gameday said:

Haha Nero we love you ha i cant stop laughing at that for some reason. Still the game environment looks enchanting and vividly awesome. We'll see what this turns out to be though in future.

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