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Inazuma Eleven GO Shadow & Light Kick Off in Europe on 13th June

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The second trilogy begins

It's not often that Europe is well ahead of North America with localisations, but that's the case with Inazuma Eleven. European gamers have enjoyed the original 'main' portable series trilogy already; only the original Inazuma Eleven has arrived in North America as an eShop-only game. Japan rules all with the Level-5 franchise, however, as it's already completed the second portable-only trilogy, three games with the GO title that start with a separate group of heroes in a world set around 10 years after the original trilogy.

Europe will finally start to catch up, however, as Nintendo of Europe has announced that the first entry in this trilogy — Inazuma Eleven Go: Shadow and Inazuma Eleven Go: Light — will arrive in two versions as retail releases on 13th June.

The dual release follows similar choices in the second and third games of the original series, though differences between the two are typically very minor. These games originally landed in Japan in late 2011, which gives an idea of the delay for localisation.

Are any of you in Europe excited about this new Inazuma series coming to the region? Let us know in the comments below.

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machomuu said:

This is awesome! I love the Inazuma Eleven series and can't wait until this one makes it over to America (if the first one did well enough). I'm glad the rest of the series will see Western shores.

Though...I do have to wonder if they'll keep Kurama's dub name as Micheal Ballzack.



Peach64 said:

I love this series, and I say this every time there's an article about them, but I'm stunned Nintendo UK don't market them at all. They should be huge sellers here. A game from the creators of Professor Layton that's based around football? With the World Cup about to start, they should be giving this a huge push.



BakaKnight said:

Very interesting news
Loved the original trilogy, so I MUST keep an eye on this entry!!!

Only doubts... the anime dedicated to this trilogy was kinda "lame", but to be fair it was made even before the game was actually finished, so it could mean nothing (but could also be a bad sign...); another matter, the originals games were very good, but the gameplay need an update and refresh. Maybe I'll have to read a review before decide if buy any GO game >.>;



Inkling said:

Should I get this if I haven't played the originals, or are there a lot of mechanics I won't get (like with Pokemon X, wish I played the earlier ones first! )?



machomuu said:

@GamerOZO The series is easy to get into regardless of which one you start with, though it's recommended that you either start with Inazuma Eleven 1 or Inazuma Eleven GO 1, since the latter takes place with a mostly new cast after a time skip. It's probably better to start with the original and go forward since there are mechanics added later that might make it difficult to get into it if you go backwards.

@BakaKnight Well, the game was released after the show came out, but it was probably already finished. Inazuma Eleven 1 was the only one to be released before the season based off of it, though all of the shows are based off of the games regardless. They just use the show as a promotional means for the game (though the show itself is pretty damn good, too good to consider as just a lesser form of the game, I'd say.)

And I see where you're coming from. Though I did like Go anime (especially the beginning of each season), I can't really say that they stand up to the original show. But the gameplay has changed from the original. The game is now entirely in 3D, fields are varied and some of them have gimmicks that make you have to be strategic, Avatars are introduced (and can be used in more varied ways than in the show), and skill training is more involved than simply watching a cutscene. So it certainly does innovate, and Chrono Stone brings back a lot of older characters and Hissatsu missing from GO.



Melkac said:

Hey, at least the protagonist's name is slightly better this time.
I mean, Mark Evans? Hahahahaha...



ShanaUnite said:

Arion who? Seriously these non-japanese names are confusing when you watch the japanese anime >.<
Edit: Does anyone know the difference between the two versions?



Aqueous said:

Cool, have fun Europe, I'm going to be watching for 2 from the originals to come to NA.



Peach64 said:

@GamerOZO The one that came out on 3DS in the US isn't a remake, it's just the DS game. Pick it up on DS for under £10 and see if you like it



Anguspuss said:

with nintendo pocket footballer plus this I will still be enjoying football after my team gets relegated & England lose in world cup.




machomuu said:

@Peach64 The version that came to the 3DS here is a remake. They took it from the Japanese compilation called "123 The Legend of Endou Mamoru". It was originally a remake of each game in the original DS trilogy, but rather than bringing over the compilation as a whole, they're bringing them in parts. It's similar to how Inazuma Eleven 3 was pulled from the compilation and brought to the UK.



BakaKnight said:

@machomuu It's safe to say the show was made way before the game was over, I remember that they started promoted the game release in Japan during the second half of the first GO season and considering how both medias require time for be complete they must have made them around the same time.
As extra prove the show miss a lot of stuffs, like most of the hissatsu, I don't say it's "bad", but the hurry for use it as promotional material made it worse than it could be and unavoidably inferior to the first 3 seasons based on fully completed games. Indeed after see the first GO season I was so dissapointed I never checked Chrono Stone >.>;

Anyway thanks for your infos, I never really digged much infos about how GO play as game. I'm still fighted if getting it since I played the other games till getting sick, but luckily June is still enough far away XP



BakaKnight said:

@ShanaUnite A difference I'm sure of (if I remember the japanese spot correctly) is that in Light Mark/Endou is married with Natsumi/Nelly while in Shadow he is married with Fuyuka/Cammy...
However I seriously have no idea what such difference could ever imply in the game >O>;;;



TromaDogg said:

They need to reprint some more copies of Inazuma Eleven 3 Bomb Blast and Lightning Bolt....they weren't even released that long ago and they're already near impossible to find. I've only seen Team Ogre on Nintendo's own online store as it is.



kalipso3 said:

Looks promising. Wow a really nice collection of football games coming to 3DS soon!

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