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Gaijin Games' Woah Dave! Reportedly Coming to 3DS

Posted by Liam Doolan

Whoa, that’s awesome!

According to a recent GameZebo interview with Jason Cirillo of Robotube Games – a sub-label of Gaijin Games – retro-inspired platformer Woah Dave! is set to make an appearance on the 3DS in the near future. No doubt in the form of an eShop release.

During the recent PAX East, one extract of the GameZebo interview revealed development of a 3DS version of the indie title is currently underway.

In the truest hardcore indie spirit, someone is sitting on the floor of the booth with a laptop working on a 3DS version of Woah Dave! while we chat, the noise and chaos of PAX East swirling all around.

Woah Dave! is a simple but frantic game that has players take on the role of Dave whilst they chase high scores, avoid aliens, “pick stuff up and throw it,” and attempt to stay alive for as long as possible. There’s even a back story in there as well, for those who appreciate that sort of stuff, according to Cirillo.

The title is also supported by a pre-8bit graphical style and has a few not-so-subtle nods to the original Mario Bros. games.

Woah Dave! is scheduled for iOS, Android, Steam, Ouya, and "other platforms" according to the Gaijin Games website, with the current version not quite ready for release yet. Keep an eye out for more news regarding confirmation of a 3DS version soon, and in the meantime check out the neat trailer of the game below.

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3dcaleb said:

awesome! this a day 1 buy for me for sure. i love the super retro style of it. this company makes the best games. i wish they would make more for the 3ds. i cant wait for this to come out. i hope its not too long of a wait.



faint said:

@C-Olimar from what the developer blog says ouya went to gaijin for a game. this was being worked so yup. the more platforms the better for an indie. they will probably sell 1,000 more this way



faint said:

@FloopJack the team that developed it. Their blog. They are a partner development group owned by gaijin. The guys who made bloc tonic

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