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Feature: What We Want to See in Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Direct

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Time to break out the big reveals

After a wait of nearly two months since the previous Nintendo Direct, the big N caught us off guard with its announcement of the next broadcast — for one it gave a lead-in time of four days, well beyond the standard 24 hour notice. Not only that, but after the wait for the follow-up to the presentation on 13th February, it's surprising that it's dedicated to a single game, two if you consider the fact it's multi-platform on Wii U and 3DS. Perhaps it's simply because that subject matter happens to be Super Smash Bros. that there's not been more disappointment expressed that, unless the broadcast goes off topic, a number of projects lacking firm release dates will go ignored.

We'll see soon whether this Direct will have a laser focus on Super Smash Bros., but assuming that will be the case it needs to deliver — coming out so early with a presentation on these games raises expectations, after all. The positive is that much is still a mystery about these new titles, with so much unknown that Nintendo has a real opportunity to blow the doors off and grab attention.

We certainly hope this Direct will have a major impact, so below are some details that we want to be revealed, should Nintendo be successful and knock this one out of the park.

Release Date

This is arguably the most vital piece of information, especially with the combination of eager fans and the internet already churning out loose rumours of these releases being delayed into 2015. It seems highly unlikely that Nintendo would even contemplate dropping this game out of this year considering the daily screenshots and the fact this Direct is even happening, but the company needs to quash baseless speculation once and for all.

It's also needed due to the uncomfortable reality that — once Mario Kart 8 arrives — very little is actually dated for the Wii U beyond loose '2014' windows, with the 3DS also having limited options from May onwards. If a Summer / Q3 release is possible the level of anticipation may explode, but even a confirmed Holiday release would assuage fears. This is a must for the presentation.

Update — a post on the official Japanese Twitter account for Smash Bros. suggests a firm release date is unlikely, but rough release windows are possible, based on a web translation. Thanks @shibbyduckegg

Update 2 — Nintendo of America has now tweeted a message that it hopes we'll "tune in to learn about the launch window for the next #SmashBros., and much more!".

Cross-Platform Features and a Price Promotion

It can be argued, with some justification, that Nintendo would be wise to release both the Wii U and 3DS versions at full price and count the profits. The demand is such that this would likely work well in a financial sense, but we also want to see the big N make good on its promises earlier this year that it'll reward loyal, enthusiastic gamers with discounts and new pricing schemes.

We already know that, barring a major reverse in course, cross-play between the two versions won't happen, by which we mean multiplayer between one player on a 3DS and another on the Wii U — we can dream that this will change, of course. However, with character lists matching across both and customisation supposedly on the agenda, it's not beyond possibility that characters could be buffed up and customised (maybe even Miis?), with progress shared between versions of the game using a simple process of online synchronisation; we have the Nintendo Network and IDs, after all. We find it hard to believe that some hook won't be included to tempt us into buying this title on both the Wii U and 3DS.

With that in mind we hope for a unified price promotion — across all regions — to reward the loyalty of those that buy both. The eShop is an obvious option, using our ID accounts so that when we buy one of the versions we get the other at a heavy discount — buy the Wii U version for $60 and get the 3DS entry for $10, as one example. It's extra incentive that tempts gamers that may not feel they can stretch to both at full price, while rewarding those that intended to do so anyway. Regional teams could naturally arrange physical retail deals, perhaps including a software bundle with both titles in the box at a cheaper rate than the separate items.

Not only would this scheme tempt those on the fence into owning both — in addition to perhaps influencing some 3DS-only owners to consider a Wii U system, too — but would be a thank you to those already on board.

Final 'Initial' Character and Stage Line-ups

We'd be surprised if there aren't any additional character reveals, and we'd like it to be the final 'initial' lineup. We'd certainly like to propose that Nintendo considers DLC to maintain intrigue and interest beyond the initial frenzy when this game arrives. It doesn't have to be paid DLC — though it could be — but extras that drop in the months after launch to keep owners excited. Characters could be part of this, with more arriving later on in the manner of Sonic Lost World's Nintendo-themed stages. Fighting stages could also be added to this, naturally.

We appreciate that some purists may baulk at this idea, but this is a game that needs to deliver big sales numbers over a sustained period of time, whether it suits the most hardcore fans or not. It could also be fun that, weeks and months after mastering the roster and stage progressions, we could have new content to dive into with fresh eyes.

Single Player Modes

At the moment it feels like we know more about what's not in the game than what'll be included for single players. There won't be a Subspace Emissary-style story, Sakurai-san has explained long ago, so we can perhaps anticipate a less demanding — from a development perspective — Adventure mode. Classic Mode — fighting through multiple foes in plenty of rounds — will surely return, while Brawl on Wii also included a host of fun challenges and twists on the formula. As well as the core challenges we'd hope for quirky extras that can occupy time while enhancing skills, alongside the usual Training Mode, of course.

Online Modes

Brawl on Wii deserves credit for bringing online play to the series, but a combination of some having weak home connections and a creaky infrastructure made matches an exercise in frustration. Lag was a serious problem with online play in the Wii title, and it was miles off the performance of the online component in Mario Kart Wii.

That should be a thing of the past, however. Both the Wii U and 3DS — particularly the home console — have a stronger online setup, and we expect that Nintendo will use its Network system and infrastructure investment to make online play strong. Alongside MK8 this is the online gaming event of the year from a Nintendo perspective, so all the stops have to be pulled to make it worth player's time.

We're also hoping for interesting modes to accompany solid online performance. Communities would be terrific, as first seen in Mario Kart 7 and confirmed for Mario Golf: World Tour, while we love the idea of officially organised online tournaments. Ultimately, the online component can be so much more than a simple random-match generator.

Round-up of Items With Additional Reveals, Highlighting Innovation

We suspect a segment of the presentation will consist of Masahiro Sakurai providing an in-depth demonstration of in-game moves, mechanics and character-specific moves. Not only will it be a delight to watch should it be included, but it could be an opportunity to show off some new items and gameplay changes from the three previous titles. We have little doubt that a project leader with the attention-to-detail of Sakurai-san has improved and tweaked aspects of previous entries, and we look forward to seeing what these changes will be in action, rather than in Miiverse screens.

In addition there may be additional reveals of hooks and ideas that distinguish this game from others in exciting new ways. While the core brawling may only have minor improvements in order to keep fervent and experienced players happy, the Wii U and 3DS have multiple features that can be tapped to shake things up in fun ways. We'd expect Miiverse, SpotPass and StreetPass to be mentioned — also NFC toys for the Wii U version, perhaps, with a special docking peripheral (Skylanders-style) for the 3DS entry?

A Demo

Let's file this one in the "awesome but unlikely" category. We'd love it if Nintendo released a demo to give us an early taste of the game. If only...

An Updated Name

While it's apparently been suggested that these releases may stick to the simple Super Smash Bros. name, we're still hoping for a change to follow the examples of Melee and Brawl — remember those rather old rumours of the new entry on Wii U being called Super Smash Bros. Universe? While keeping it simple may have some appeal, it would mean we'd have to start calling the original Super Smash Bros. 64 to differentiate it, which may cause fist fights at gaming conventions.

Silly comments aside, give us a new name for these games, Nintendo.

Those are some of the features and details that we want to see in Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Direct. We'll be giving it the usual substantial live stream, blog and post-broadcast coverage here on Nintendo Life, but until then let us know what you want to see in the comments below.

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User Comments (191)



Drobotic said:

Seriously need a release date.I want to be able to play this on my birthday or something.They've shown so much so far,so they might as well just give us the date.At least,I hope.



Jazzer94 said:

Some sort of physical bundle of both games for £50-60 would be great even buying the Wii U version for £40-50 registering it to club Nintendo for a download version of the 3DS game would be nice.



XFsWorld said:

I don't think they will give us a release date, maybe a release window. Price Promotion would be great for the people that's getting both versions.

A demo will not happen. They didn't do it for neither of their games for WiiU so far.



Jazzer94 said:

Oh I really hope they have a mode to host online tournaments or some sort of clan feature.



Ony said:

This is a list of things we will not see in this smashbros direct.

Please understand.



Donutman said:

Maybe they will surprise us and release is April. They need $$$ and how much more polish dies it really need.



xxAcesHighxx said:

I'm hoping for a summer release (along with a date), name confirmation and a surprise or two - maybe a new character reveal..



TreesenHauser said:

They've already confirmed on Twitter that a launch window will be given today, so I'm not holding out on an actual release date. I'd like to see basically everything NL has already outlined here happen though. Some more characters, an actual name, and perhaps information about the single-player experience of it all would be great.



Sir_JBizzle said:

Release date and some sort of bundle are the two things that matter to me... I'm sure I'll be more than happy with whatever modes they decide to roll with.

Though a $60/$10 bundle is a little too generous, don't you think? You wouldn't see me complaining, lol though I was thinking more like 60/20.



Blast said:

DLC for this game shouldn't exist but if it is.... it should be FREE.



thesilverbrick said:

I still worry that the direct will be capped off with a delay to 2015. They're going to try to cushion the blow with a bunch of reveals and then tell us to "please understand". It's Brawl all over again...



rjejr said:

1. Date.

2. Date.

3. Date.

And it should be summer, or fall the latest, any weird "planned 2014" is a big no no.

And a Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle, b/c every ND needs a "one more thing".



Brother_Jolteon said:

i hope its a release date.... i'm a 3ds owner and not a wii u owner, so the only way i can play brawl is on the wii, which doesn't work anymore. so there is a major lack of smash bros in my life right now. so it would be nice for a release date



Sir_JBizzle said:

@TreesenHauser I hate "launch windows" you'd think a game this far along world have a hard date by now. It seems like they have been working on it forever! Lol. Though I guess it would be better than a vague "2014"

My impatience is just getting the better of me now that we're so close. Haha



Jazzer94 said:

I just hope that the stream doesn't lag like last time it was unwatchable.



Spoony_Tech said:

the announcement goes like this: a demo will be available shortly after this broadcast. Then we have to crash of Christmas all over again!!



SpookyMeths said:

Probably going to wait until N posts it on their official YouTube channel this time. This Direct is too important to risk having it spoiled by ultra lag like last time!



Highwinter said:

@Donutman Even if the surprise us with a release date, it definitely will not be before Mario Kart. Even June/July that some people are hoping for is extremely unlikely.



Sir_JBizzle said:

@Blast I wouldn't mind seeing DLC. As long as they have taken with the game obviously they are putting content first, so you know the game will be polished. If there is DLC, we probably wont find out about it until it's under development, not unlike Pikmin 3 and Luigi U. I think I'd seriously scoff if they mention DLC in the direct though.



Spoony_Tech said:

This will be their BIG CHRISTmas push for sure so if we get a date it will be November most likely.......unless there is something we don't know about that will take that spot and this will be released in September!



ULTRA-64 said:

My body is not ready for more bad news!!
No release date = fail
I don't care for smash bros. Mk8 is nearly upon us and Zelda u is gonna take an age!!!!
Please Nintendo......can we have something to cheer us up outside of the obvious......following Nintendo at the moment is like sitting in a morgue waiting for good news!



Dark-Luigi said:

1. No crappy online
2. 2 more newcomers, and only two.
3. At demo...yeah not happening.
4. Window 2015.

That's my list.



Yosher said:

All I really need from tonight's Direct is a Yoshi reveal and I'll be happy!



NintyMan said:

All I expect is more than one character will be revealed, like a newcomer and two veterans or some other combination. Now that there's a release window confirmed, I'm calling Fall 2014. Nintendo could surprise me with a late summer release like August or September, but I'm thinking October at the earliest, and Nintendo might be planning on making Smash Bros. THE biggest selling point for the Christmas season.

Sakurai will go over a broad range of topics just as he did in the Smash Bros. Developer Direct during E3 2013, so there should be explanations of items, character tweaks, and stages. I would also like to see more about the single-player modes and the Adventure Mode in particular, but I'm an easy guy to please so I look forward to whatever this Direct will show.



rjejr said:

"but even a confirmed Holiday release would assuage fears."

The only thing a "Holiday release" would confirm is the game getting delayed until next year. I know Pokemon X+Y was announced in Jan w/ an Oct release, but SSB isn't getting announced, it's having it's own ND 2 years after being announced, so it needs to come out sooner than that.

W101 had it's own ND, a demo right after - demo wont happen tonight though, if ever - and then came out soon after, so they've already set the precedent for a release soon after the ND. MK8 is May 30th so August is probably as soon as they would want to get, BUT MKWii and SSBB came out only 1 month apart, March and April 2008, so there is a precedent for back-to-back releases of those 2 series as well. Though that was due to numerous scheduling delays so I can't imagine SSB before July the earliest.

Hopefully E3 will have something for both autumn and holiday. And where or where is Bayonetta 2's release date in all of this? I suppose they could announce that in Aug and SSB in autumn, just to help fill in the calendar a wee bit.



Dark-Luigi said:

@Jazzer94 Don't get me wrong I love newcomers, regardless if I know them or not. But like oh say, 12 or something, would be a bit of an overkill. Too much of a good thing isn't a good thing, y'know?



Hunter-D said:

Like I said before, release date seemed way too early. Most likely a Q3 release at the earliest, Q4 2014 at the latest. But yeah, Thomo covered most of the major points.

Really hoping to see this guy:



sikthvash said:

I'm guessing September / October worldwide release, a level editor teased, new assist trophies, one big new character reveal tonight along with a demonstration from Sakurai.



AlexSora89 said:

Also, the only newcomer we might need is Isaac, whose Assist-only status in Brawl made pretty much no sense.



luke88 said:

I heard Monolith soft tweeted that people should watch this direct. I'm calling it now: Shulk as a playable character. I don't use or understand twitter so I haven't checked it out.

Also think we're gonna need another direct soon if this one really does stick to smash. We need more release dates for confirmed games coming this year, we need to know more about Yarn Yoshi and SMT V Fire Emblem and we need to be able to start getting properly excited for the next Zelda and whatever Retro are working on. Another reveal or two, F- Zero or another forgotten franchise, a Platium made Starfox and an EAD made 2d Metroid, would all do nicely.



YoshiTails said:

I coud see their being bonus content for those who buy both versions- exclusive character download perhaps. That woud make "business sense" anyhow



rjejr said:

@XFsWorld - " They didn't do it for neither of their games for WiiU so far."

Not sure what you mean by "their" games, but DKCTF and WW HD both have in store demoes. And Mario and Sonic at the Olympics. And Game and Wario. On the home front Wii U demoes are sorely lacking, haven't had a new one in about 6 months.



Wonky_Kong said:

I'm really holding out for some kind of WiiU bundle reveal. I don't own a WiiU but with MK8, Bayonetta2 and SSBU on the horizon i'm finally going to grab one. I'm just hoping that Nintendo announce a SSB/MK8 WiiU bundle.




Tsurii said:

I'm hoping for two things, that could be shown/announced in the direct:
1. Chrom in Smash Bros.
2. A Mario Kart 8 demo as little "extra"



0utburst said:

"perhaps influencing some 3DS-only owners to consider a Wii U system"

It's the other way around for me. xD



erv said:

All I want to see is captain falcon. If the smash bros direct is only there to reveal captain falcon, it'll be enough.



MrGawain said:

Am I the only one who sort of remembers Sakurai suggesting the Wii U version may be released before the 3ds version?



Thearnaud44 said:

I have a idea: a huge bundle with:
-a copy of SMBB WiiU
-a copy of SMBB 3DS
-a specially designed 3DS XL
-a specially designed WiiU
-figurines for each character
-a specially designed pro controller
-the strategy guide
-a picture of Sakurai

All for the low low price of 500$

Who agrees?



Gerbwmu said:

I'd be confused if they hold a special direct to announce it is delayed. I think a Q4 release is probably what will come out of the direct. I'm hoping for a few other game blips and 2 suprise characters.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

If bayonetta is not confirmed as a new playable character along with master chief I'll be disappointed Nintendo
But seriously I don't suspect much besides a newcomer and a veteran and some gameplay footage with a release window
Oh and Sakurai has to wear a fabulous coat similar to that fabulous coat he wore when playing kid Icarus on ND



MrKenta said:

All I want is a bundle with a Wii U disk and a 3DS download code. For less than $100 of course.



kuribo4 said:

I do NOT want a demo. I want to play this when it's released. That's fun about waiting.



noctowl said:

@Blast DLC should absolutely exist for this game. I would gladly pay for new characters/stages every couple of months until they stopped doing it.



V8_Ninja said:

I'm surprised that people are thinking SSB4 will be releasing in Summer 2014. Knowing that Nintendo is extremely hesitant to release unfinished games, I doubt that they'll rush a release to keep Wii U interest afloat during the Summer. I'm expecting Q3 releases to be announced at E3.

As for my predictions? My most confident guess is two or three new characters to be revealed. Every time SSB4 has been showed off on a Nintendo Direct, there's always been a trailer for a new character. Considering that SSB4 is supposed to be the showcase of this Nintendo Direct, I expect a good amount of reveals. As for other guesses, I would imagine new items and the reveal of the single-player mode are a good bet. There might be some special modes shown off, but I doubt we'll see anything specifically pertaining to the online features. As for special pricing, I don't expect anything but I would be pleasantly surprised if that were the case.



CamWFC91 said:

A demo would be a stupid idea... It ruins the initial joy of playing the actual game when it actually comes. A demo doesn't suit smash bros



KJ85 said:

As far as I know the titles have already been decided on??

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

The original was only named Super Smash Bros., so it is already different..



Nintenjoe64 said:

I want a demo but it might stop me buying the game!

My predictions for non-smash stuff is NES Remix 2 and an MK8 bundle announcement.

My crazy prediction is N64 games on VC.



Wonder_Ideal said:

I'm certainly looking forward to this direct, and I don't see a launch window being out of the question.
@Hunter-D - Totally agreed. Bring on the Chrom!



Nintenjoe64 said:

Raymond Bryce will be the new character. You heard it here first. His final smash is a botched piece of CPR



Bishasaurus said:

Hah, they wouldn't release any initial character at E3 you say? That's laughable at best.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@luke88 my prediction is that Monolith tweeted because of Raymond Bryce from Disaster: Day of Crisis. Xenoblade should be represented by Reyn, Dunban and the cockney Mechon!



XCWarrior said:

I don't need a new character reveal, a new stage or brand new super duper spiffy looking graphics.

All I want is the promise of the most robust online features ever seen in a Nintendo game.



Wanderhope said:

I'm guessing they give us a Fall 2014 timeline and then it comes out in November/December.



jjmesa16 said:

A launch date will be very disappointing as Nintendo has delayed almost every game with a "launch window" over the past year.



tsm7 said:

They really should give a firm release date if they are going to have a direct dedicated to it. Altogether though, I am surprised they're doing this. The dedicated directs have typically been very close to the title's launch.



LavaTwilight said:

I love your optimism... SSB on the Wii U for $60, buy it for the 3DS for $10... It's more likely to be $25 or something.

I for one wouldn't mind seeing a return of the points system. I love smashing my foes off every corner of the screen to get the 'Compass' points, attacking with every jump attack to get the 'Aerial' points or finding Mew in a Pokeball to get the 'Mew' points (I can't remember what their proper names were since I haven't played it in ages). It was simple but I missed it from Brawl and I'd love them to bring it back.

After that I'd love them to bring in a wider variety of single-player modes.



LetsGoRetro said:

Since Smash Bros was the surprise at the end of a few "regular" directs, does anyone elae think therell be a surprise at the end of this one? Maybe a newly announced Smash competitor and then lead into their solo game..

Possibly a character from this Code Name STEAM game we're just hearing about, then lead into his game (could it be miyamotos new IP?) Or, dare I say it... Zelda U?

Everyone thinks Zelda wont be shown until e3, but aunoma claims he planned to announce it at that event where he said link between worlds would answer majoras mask questions, but he juat didnt have enough time. He clearly said as soon aw he got back to the office he was going to put together aomething to show the public on ZeldaU "soon".

It's been over 5 months now. Ninty doesnt value huge e3 presentations anymore, so I dont subscribe to the idea that they need to save it til then. They seem perfectly content releasing major news on the Directs.

You have to figure Nintendo is putting the pressure on the developers to turn around the wii us fortunes, which is likely the reason thia direct is coming seemingly early and out of nowhere. First ever losses, talk of firing the president, constant bad press.... Nintendo is in a rush to bring out the big guns. I have a feeling something huge is happening tonight. Something non Smash (for the record I think theyll also announce a Smash release date)



AyeHaley said:

I just had a brainfart...if it gets delayed to 2015....they might be adding...NFC figurines? I can dream, can I? That would be amazing.



BertoFlyingFox said:

I'm not expecting much, just newcomers and game modes.

I would like a demo but it most likely wont happen. The release window could probably be Q3-Q4.



gatorboi352 said:

Nothing Nintendo does has any ebb and flow; no consistency. Nothing makes sense.

Releases Wind Waker HD a week early on the eShop, Never releases another game early on the eShop.

Has a Nintendo Direct a few months ago about games releasing in Spring; Talk about 4 games for Wii U that have no release date in sight.

Announces a SSB Direct because why not.

No demos in the eShop in over 6 months.

It's like the company flings random stuff against the wall but doesn't stay around to see what actually sticks.



Shy_Guy said:

If they have a release date,I would say maybe in the fall,like October or early November?



bizcuthammer said:

Super Smash Bros for WiiU and Super Smash bros for 3DS are the final titles. There was an official brand Nintendo preorder card for the games when i went to Target last night that had those titles on them. Pretty sure thats that.

Also, Smash Bros as a series doesnt need DLC to get sales over a long period of time. At least none of the previous games did, anyway. I don't really want to pay for new characters so if those are added it should be free DLC. But i wouldnt mind if new stages and challenges were added in as paid DLC. Or even new skins for some of the characters would be okay, though thats one i personally probably wouldnt purchase.



bizcuthammer said:

Also everyone needs to calm down... These games are definitely coming in 2014. They are too crucial to WiiU sales this year for them to get delayed to 2015. I predict a Fall 2014 release, probably in October or November so that they can get it out before the holiday sales rush.



SetupDisk said:

I will expect everything I want in particular and if it is not exactly as I want it I will be disappointed. Not really but I am sure there are going to be posts like that after it's over.

Some new characters and a release date or at least an idea of when this year. My crazy hope is that Random Action Figure will be included but I doubt it.



Just_Ethan said:

@outburst It better. But when it does, it'll just be 3DS only Miiversers complaining that they don't have a Wii U, as if it's literally impossible to buy one.



SavoirFaire said:

If it is wishes and dreams, may as well go crazy:

-lack of sunspace emissary was just a distraction, it's in
-5 player local play on wii u (4 and gamepad)
-cross promotion for owning both is steep discount and allowing stages to be used on either platform (local only)(I expect 0 cross platform promotion)
-bayonetta is a new fighter



bizcuthammer said:

I'd love to see some new fighters announced. Some of the ones on my wishlist include Paper Mario, Shulk, Ridley, and Wonder Red. Won't be upset if they dont make it in, but it would be cool to see one or two of them.



mostro328 said:

Im happy with my wiiU and its current games I'm still playing through 3D world, and DKCTF

I am just excited and if they announce a holiday release so be it I know it wont get delayed



mostro328 said:

I think $80 for both game bundle or even this as a special you purchase both games at full price and you get $20 credit on your eshop account



GN004Nadleeh said:

so no release date and most likely a long drawn out intro for a character like dr luigi or something



LetsGoRetro said:


I completely agree. It's upsetting at times. You give a company with such a successful track record the benefit of the doubt but its been diaheartening over the last few have revelations like:

"Oh.. that really IS all they have to show?"

What once seemed like Nintendo being different and quirky is starting to feel like them being in over their heads.

They're a company with a machine all the "cool kids" are seeming to avoid. Its been like, no biggie, cuz they're that creative kid who always pulla themselves to the top no matter how little help they get, but I've spent the last few years realizing this isn't a situation of them being quirky and revealing their answers slowly... Its more a situation of them desperately looking for them themselves, free falling and trying to grab onto a branch as a lifeline but every branch is snapping and dropping them down further.

Unless they come out and say "Alright, here are 8 games near completion that we've been keeping secret", its so hard to imagine them turning this around. Its like, why did you even bother releasing a console when you were years away from being ready?

Best case scenario, mk8, smash, x, hyrule warriors, yarn yoshi, smt x fe, bayonetta release between now and a year from now. At that point we're close to halfway through the systems lifecycle (2.5 years).

Now what? Rinse and repeat and make another 8 to 10 games over the next 2.5 years like they did the first 2.5. Thats best case scenario. Its just so few games, so many gaps. They have so little help, and most of what they do have is playing it safe and developing for the 3ds which is much more successful.

Like you say, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to Nintendo anymore. They're so outmanned and outgunned in this console race. Their limited output just isnt enough to compete. Even what the Nintendo faithful consider the heavy hitters are largely niche titles. X is likely to sell modest like moat jrpgs, and smt x fe will probably sell half that since its so obscure.

Nintendo seema to have no rhyme or reason anymorw. And worst of all, they have no answers.



iEndzone said:

@AlexSora89 Maybe not like a normal demo, but sorta like the Rayman Legends challenges app that had unlimited uses until it was shut down when the actual game came out.



Klunk23 said:

Come on Chrom! Not just because I love Fire Emblem but also because the Fire Emblem characters in smash are always my favorite to play as.



XFsWorld said:

@rjejr I was referring to eShop demos. As I think about it, I'll take that back because Wonderful 101 demo is available on eShop. And what I meant by "their" is games that is published by Nintendo.



XFsWorld said:

I hope this has like the Street Fighter feature where you can host a game while doing the arcade mode.



LetsGoRetro said:

Nintendo isnt even doing anything different from the snes days. The difference is, the Nintenso game droughts in those days were filled in by capcom, konami, squaresoft, enix, rare, etc.

There was ALWAYS something just over the horizon. And most of it was exclusive. Boy, do I wish Nintendo didn't screw over Sony for lowly Phillips. A Nintendo/Sony console would rule rhw console world.

I really do miss the days Nintendo wasnt the 2nd console... okay, okay im done.. it just aet me OFF when I saw they werent announcing a release date... if this ia something along the lines of announcing characters from past games are returning and some stages then im really going to be at an all time low as far as having faith in Nintendo.



ShadJV said:

@kuribo4 then don't play it. Just because you don't want a demo doesn't mean no one is allowed to have one.

Though I think a demo is unlikely, I'd love Nintendo forever if they gave me one!



Fill-N said:

I do expect them to update the official site structure today. That thing is worthless the way it is.
I wish they talked about chracter.customization in this direct, but i guess this will be e3 material. Maybe today we get stage builder and stickers/stamps and online comunities.



duffmman said:

"Final 'Initial' Character reveals" Hell No! I mean I want a few more character reveals but don't make these the final initial character reveals (even assuming there will be the hidden characters that are only revealed after launch). Especially if we're looking at a holiday or later launch. I want this game packed with characters, and I know initially they said the character number would be comparable to Brawl, I say bring on more. Yes, DLC could easily account for more, but even still I'd love for this game to have 50 playable characters on disc. Optimistic? Sure, but I don't feel unjustified with this thought.

Also for the new name, I've got it: Super Smash Bros: Kerfuffle.



siavm said:

For a direct to come two months before E3 and a month before Mario kart I am thinking this release date is closer then we think. Like maybe even this month.



AlexSora89 said:

Also, people, about the titles... remember: it's
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Get it? SSB4!



Nik-Davies said:

One half of me wants them to delay it, giving me more time to save up for inevitable bundles they'll be releasing and then the other half of me is punching the first half screaming "STFU"



navonod18 said:

I would actually be surprised if it didn't disappoint. Then again can you really be disappointed if you don't really expect much?



King47 said:

As usual I anticipate disappointment, by I hope for good news. I week leave work early for this, it better be good. I also hope fire nonsmash news, they often do that with dedicated directs.



Megumi said:

Hoping that at least the 3DS version gets a date, assuming that one will be coming out first.



AVahne said:

Everything else about the game has disappointed me so far, so I'm not sure a Direct will be able to get me on the hype train. Especially since I'm still riding the MK8 one.



Senario said:

@LetsGoRetro Except Nintendo didn't screw over sony...the contract with sony fell apart when nintendo realized it would put them out of buisness due to all revenue from new games going to Sony.



DerpSandwich said:

I'm torn for two different reasons.

I don't want to watch the stream because it's always a laggy mess, sometimes even being completely unwatchable. But if I wait until it goes up on the eShop, they'll probably spoil some character with a big picture before I can get the video started. (The huge Mega Man pic completely ruined the surprise when I went to watch the E3 ND.)

Then, I don't want to have every character spoiled for me, so I don't want to watch the presentation, but I know that the buzz online is going to be too loud for me not to hear anyway. And I'm not going to avoid gaming websites for the better part of a year just to prevent spoilers.

Man, things were a lot simpler before the internet! Remember getting Melee and being actually surprised every time you unlocked a character? Not sure why they're intent on telling us every last thing about this game.



DarkKirby said:

1. Detailed explanation of game mechanics. Hit stun, more elaboration of the new edge guard, REAL GAME PLAY PEOPLE CAN SEE AND JUDGE.

2. Good online with free open chat, no friend codes, open lobbies with no intentional prevention of communication and interaction between players, and a 1 vs 1 no items ladder as an option.

3. Non veteran character reveals that aren't male protagonists.

Keep in mind this is what I want to see, not what I expect to see.



Inkling said:

Here's what I want but we won't see:
Demo - No.
Cross-Platform Purchases - Hey, here's a smash bundle with loads of cool stuff! You have to get separate copies!
Exact Date - Nope, Spring next year!
Holiday 2014 - Again, Will be Spring 2015. Please Understand.



SparkOfSpirit said:

This will be their holiday game. It has to be, there's nothing else they could put out that would do as well as this. If they don't release it then, well, goodbye sales.

I hope they don't reveal any of the hidden characters, even if some are new. I want some surprises when I get my copies. The starting roster is fine, though.

What I want is some sort of cross-promotion for those who want to get both. I'm a big Smash fan, but that would really put it over the top for me to get both.



siavm said:

@mostro328 this is only the second direct of the year. No other games out side of kart have release dates, yet this one is not about anything but one game. Nintendo has released kart and smash a month apart to great success to both games. And nintendo in recent years only dedicates a whole direct or press info and previews to a game coming soon. And with a kind of unheard of 4 day announcement of this direct it is less me saying something stupid and you just not paying attention. Or this could be a fall release. I don't really care. I just hope I get to play it this year.



Dolphin64 said:

I remember seeing on Miiverse that everybody was discussing this and I said: Iwata will say it will be released in 2015 and will go on a "Please understand" montage, Miyamoto will be dancing in the backround and Reggie will be on a "MY BODY IS READY!!!!!" rap, and Ejji Anouma will think he's Link and flail his stick in the air. I'm sorry for this crap. "Please understand"



2Sang said:

We need Goku and mickey mouse and cornholio and a roster of at least 400 characters guys.Anyhting less than that is going to make me sad.



Darknyht said:

I want to see the heads of Nintendo Japan, North America, and Europe in the arena in cosplay outfits battling it out in a CGI arena. There can be only one.



SamirMalik said:

@Hunter-D But he would be a clone! Don't you remember that Marth and Chrom share the same royal bloodline thus sharing the same royal fighting style? If anything, we might get a Megami Tensei character instead of another FE character thanks to the cross over that's happening between the two franchises.



Lunapplebloom said:

@Gioku it all depends on what time zone you're in for exacts, but I believe it's 3 PM Pacific time in the USA.

I'm just hoping for 2 new characters to be revealed. Anything extra will be icing on the cake.



Ecto-1 said:

I am really hoping for a few more character confirmations (particuarly wanting to hear a confirmation for Captain Falcon), a final title (Fray, Scuffle, Clash, Altercation, Something, Anything), and at least a release target month. Also, a bundle offer would be great. I would really like an offer where you buy one at full price either on the eShop or at retail and you can download the other for a discount (retail includes a promo code).



gatorboi352 said:

Really not into button mashers, or fighting games.

Quite honestly I don't like to play anything on the GamePad that would cause expedited wear and tear considering there's no replacement for it available and it also costs upwards of $100+.



cmk8 said:

I want to see a blank screen with just a small circle going round...



K-Gamer said:

2015 would be stupid, we need this game this year! The Wii U and 3dd both need it.



mushroomer said:

i have a great idea... these are your options.
3DS only 39.99
WiiU only 59.99
3DS and WiiU bundle that links together your account is 69.99
if you opt for download from eshop, since it gets linked to your account permanently and you cant turn around and sell that copy to someone else, its 59.99 for both 3ds and wiiu versions. so best deal would be to get both off eshop
also if you get the eshop bundle you unlock characters.

now for a name?

The NEW Super Smash Bros
Super Smash Bros U
Super Smash Bros Battle Royal
Super Smash Bros Rumble
Super Smash Bros Crash
Super Smash Bros BOOM

btw, we need the dude from kung fu



Ecto-1 said:

It is supposed to start at 6 eastern time. It will start in a little over 2 hours.



Miss_Dark said:

I want more informatie bout the campaign, I thought the subspaceblablamode was incredible so I'm pretty worried bout them announcing they wouldn't do that again



rjejr said:

@XFsWorld - Yeah, home eShop demos on the Wii U are atrociously lacking, W101 may be the last one. No reason why those in store demos can't be on the Shop. And it's really annoying when a game like Lego Marvel seems to get a demo on every other system except Wii U.

And I only asked about "their" b/c some people get really nit picky about the difference between 1st, 2nd and 3rd party games. Some people wouldn't count W101 b/c that's Platinums Games game, not Nintnedos. Like Pokemon is Gamefreak's game, even though it's 48% or 52% owned by Nintendo. I didn't include Sonic Racing Transformed demo - both on eShop and in stores, b/c that's obviously Sega. And Zombie U is Ubisoft. Yes, once upon a time the Wii U got demos. Maybe this year they can start again.



Captain_Toad said:

Please don't let it be Ustream, Nintendo.
Please don't let it be Ustream, Nintendo .
Please don't let it be Ustream, Nintendo.



Varoennauraa said:


Hand drawn levels, perhaps textures and most of all, sharing with friends!



rjejr said:

RE: Update 2 - We already have a launch window - "planned 2014" - about time we got a date. Already went thru the "launch window" w/ Pikmin 3 which came out in the US in August, making the Wii U launch window about 9 months long, a record that Driveclub seems to be looking to break on PS4

Are the US EU and Japan all getting simultaneous yet different NDs again?

Anybody have the Youtube link so I can watch in the US? All I can find are prediction videos from guys who drink too much Red Bull.
I'll watch the NL comments in another window w/ the video paused.



markybbop said:

@Blast dlc should exist for this game as we all want to play it for years, dlc keeps that spark alive. Dlc is apart of the gaming world, just accept it



NapalmOmega said:

So Playstation Allstars Battle Royale just got an update.Can't wait until 6:00 to download it. Who's with me? ;P lmaoo



JaxonH said:


We do have another Direct coming soon after this for release dates. Eh em... E3 2014, and it's about 8 weeks away. Seriously doubt Nintendo's gonna spill all the beans before E3 when it's this close. That's ammo they could use to give their presentation more attention and hype.



JaxonH said:



Who said anything about the name just being Super Smash Bros? The official name is Super Smash Bros 4. The number 4 is even in the official name logo.



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - I don't recall ever seeing a 4 anywhere. It isn't on the official website:

Unless you're talking about the X in the Smash Ball. That would be kind of sneaky but I can kind of see it here.

Couldn't find it here:

I'm hopeing for something cool myself. Not SSBU though, no more U. Though if it HAS to be U, Utimate or Unleashed rather than Universe, have to save Universe for the Galaxy sequel. I wonder if UFC would sue if they went w/ Ultimate seeing as it's a fighting game?

Maybe we'll know soon.



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - But that 4 was in the smash ball in brawl:

Anyway, I'm super bummed about the winter 2014 date, gonna go sulk now. Not b/c I'm wrong, just b/c it's so far away. Oh that and I hate "winter" as a date, it irks me as my wife would say. Winter 2014 was Jan, Feb and March that just past, next winter is winter 2015, unless they know for a fact it is coming out between Dec 22 and 31, in which case they should just say Dec.



sillygostly said:

I don't think that it's fair to expect a cross-buy promotion for these Super Smash Bros. games a la Playstation All Stars as both of these Smash games were built from the ground up in order to take full advantage of their respective platforms, whereas Sony simply did a copy/paste job on the All Stars games (correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that the two versions were virtually identical).

As much as I was hoping that Nintendo would have released both Smash games simultaneously, I think that releasing them separately was a wiser move in the long term as many customers would have settled only for one version or the other, assuming that both the 3DS and Wii U versions were more or less the same.

Anyhow, I'm really looking forward to hearing more about the cross-platform capabilities of the games.



JaxonH said:


Hmm, perhaps you're right.

Why are you bummed? You should be excited! Everyone said they hated not knowing when the game was coming out- well, now we know! And, one of the versions is coming this summer! That's REALLY awesome! It's not like we won't have Mario Kart 8 to play in the meantime. Or other 2014 releases to look forward to in the interim (Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, X, Smash Bros 3D, Yoshi's Yarn?, Zelda U reveal in 8 weeks, etc...). Be happy and rejoice with me here! That was an awesome Direct!



XFsWorld said:

@rjejr "Yes, once upon a time the Wii U got demos"- LOL

Sadly I don't think the WiiU will ever get demos again. I did find it odd that Lego Marvel demo was available on EVERY system EXCEPT the WiiU.



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - "Or other 2014 releases to look forward to in the interim (Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, X, Smash Bros 3D, Yoshi's Yarn?, Zelda U reveal in 8 weeks, etc...)"

You realize NONE of those other Wii U games are dated either.

I am very happy for MK8. And it was a really good ND. And my kids are happy for SSB 3DS. But "Winter 2014" ended last month. Though as cold as it's been this winter it might not have actually even ended for you yet

OK, here's why I'm bummed - sorry it's a long story - you now how I've been going on the past few days about a summer release? Probably Aug, delayed to Oct, but at least they would announce summer. So at abut 5:50 my best friend calls, who has zero interest in video games, and we're on the phone until about 6:10 while I'm cooking dinner for my family. Picture a sitcom mom cooking w/ the phone under her ear and kids running all over the place. So I check the PC at 6:11 before sitting down to eat and I see this:

18:03 Same rosters, different stages, as previously announced. Designs of matching stages will differ.
18:02 60fps for 3DS, which should be impressive.
18:02 3DS version of Smash Bros due Summer 2014, Wii U Winter 2014
18:01 Masahiro Sakurai confirms he's still alive. Good to know!
18:00 It begins...
18:00 Here we go!

Now if you looked at that quick like I did, the first thing to jump out at you would have been "Summer 2014, Wii U". Especially in it's original BOLD about halfway down this page:

So for a second or 2 I was VERY EXCITED. Then my brain wrapped itself around the whole sentence and that was that. Well it was more like the 7 stages of grief - anger, denial,, etc etc

I do understand your thinking that the 3DS version may get some Wii U console sales. I think it only works though if "Winter 2014" is pre-Christmas. If its Jan or Feb the game will sell, but the console maybe not so much.

And if it is 2015, what's the big holiday game on Wii U? So I'm going to continue being bummed until we get "a date I can believe in" or something else equally Obamaesque. Or a good nights sleep,whichever comes first.



rjejr said:

@XFsWorld - "I did find it odd that Lego Marvel was available on EVERY system EXCEPT the WiiU."

No Lego Hobbit demo on PS3 tonight. Maybe Nintendo is just ahead of the curve. Though PS3 did have a couple of other demos, but it has 1 or 2 every week, so many games to choose from so not really a fair comparison. No Child of Light demo either, bu tI think Ubisoft announced it wasn't getting one.



JaxonH said:


I do realize none of their other games are dated, YET. I also realize that E3 is 8 weeks away, and that's when Nintendo will reveal their lineup.



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - I would expect that games revealed at last years E3 or earlier would have dates attached to them BEFORE this years E3 so that this years E3 can focus on new games, as it should. If Nintendo is planning on attending E3 and showing off dates for Bayoennta 2, SSB, Hyrule Warriors and Yarn Yoshi as headliners then maybe they should get out of the home console business. OK, in fairness, Zelda will be THE highlight, but those other games should be dated before E3. I still don't expect X for awhile, so they can show more of it but it likely won't be dated.

The best thing the Wii U has going for it right now is PS4 and X1 may not have anything either after MGS and Destiny, so Nintendo could go in and put on a show at E3 and stomp the competition w/ new game news. Can't be exciting just giving dates for old games though.

The 8 weeks to E3 would go faster if MK8 was Apr 30th.

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