It's a Holiday Monday, but Super Smash Bros. development never rests (we assume). We're also not going to let anything like a pesky holiday get in the way of our regular Miiverse summary, either.

Last week wasn't quite as amazing as the week before for one simple reason — it didn't have a new Nintendo Direct. We'll forgive Masahiro Sakurai for that, however, as he did keep up his normal posts on the Director's Room Miiverse community, even giving precedence to the 3DS version; that makes sense as it's arriving first, after all. This week we have a closer look at Smash Run, a final destination version of a particularly nifty looking stage, a double dose on 14th April and more.

Let's get to it, then. You can see last week's Miiverse community screens below, and you can click on the date heading to visit the posts in question and give them a Yeah.

14th April

The side special attack Shadow Sneak is a move that makes Greninja suddenly disappear and ambush opponents. If you press and hold the button, Greninja will move a greater distance. Another unique feature is you can move Greninja around freely while charging up.

15th April

You can make most stages turn into a final destination. Depending on the stage, it might be floating in midair or perched on a cliff.

16th April

17th April

18th April

Some interesting details and screens this week, especially for 3DS fans. Let us know which are your favourites in the poll and comments below.

What's your favourite Smash Bros. screen this week? (298 votes)

Greninja shows its deadly posing ability


Charizard is baffled by Greninja's Shadow Sneak


Link and Sheik face off in Gerudo Valley's final destination


Zero Suit Samus and Wii Fit Trainer work on some exercises


DK's got a little bit more than he can handle in Smash Run


Diddy Kong and Yoshi compete for Isabelle's affections


Um, I can't decide


I don't like any of them


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