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Chasing Aurora Dev Is Considering Bringing Semi-Sequel Secrets of Raetikon To Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

"Porting it to Wii U should be rather straight forward"

Chasing Aurora was one of the Wii U's most interesting and unique launch titles, and when developer Broken Rules confirmed that it was working on a spiritual sequel, many Nintendo fans hoped that they'd get to play it.

However, amid comments from the studio that Chasing Aurora didn't meet expectations, its successor Secrets of Raetikon has bypassed the Wii U eShop, instead arriving on PC and Mac.

All is not lost, though. During a recent Reddit AMA session, Broken Rules staffer Felix Bohatsch revealed that there are ongoing discussions within the company about bringing the game to the Wii U:

We are talking about a Wii U port. Secrets of Raetikon uses the same tech base as Chasing Aurora: our own in-house engine Ginkgo. This means porting it to Wii U should be rather straight forward.

Would you be interesting in playing Secrets of Raetikon on the Wii U? Leave a comment to share your opinion.

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MAB said:

I didn't get Chasing Aurora but I would probably grab this if the price is right



Tsurii said:'s pretty much only exploring that world, eh?
It looks awesome, no doubt, but I'm not entirely sure, if I'll like the gameplay that much tbh. I think I'll just wait until they confirm it for good and look for some gameplay videos, because I can't tell at all what the game's really about atm :-0

One of those "art-games" I guess shrugs



Kilroy said:

While I enjoyed Chasing Aurora and would definitely enjoy this on the Wii U (or Steam, if they decide to not port it), it's my opinion that the price is what threw off a lot of potential customers; I thought it was pretty high considering what seemed like niche status.



AJWolfTill said:

This looks lovely, even if that trailer explained NOTHING. I was going to buy Chasin Aurora then I realised the entire single player campaign was just flying around in circles.



Pod said:

Great to hear!

When the game was originally announced, it appeared aimed squarely at Wii U, but then the developers at one point seamed to swear off a Wii U version.

Maybe based on how being disappointed with sales of Chasing Aurora.

In any case, RÆTIKON looks like the thing that Chasing Aurora was aiming to be this whole time, so I'm definitely interested.



placidcasual said:

Chasing aurora was really good fun the sensation of flight was a highlight. Problem was the single player mode was over too quickly for the price they were (originally) asking for it.



Emblem said:

To be fair chasing auroa was a weak game, I got it for multi-play but it seemed very half-baked. Not sure I'd be Intrested in the sequel unless there's a lot more to it.



vonseux said:

Please do it ! Day one buy for me. This looks much morr developed than Aurora. The art is among the best among indies. Top class !



rjejr said:

Was Chasing Aurrora that airplane racing game? I think I remember it for being 1 of only 12 demos the Wii U has had in it's entire 18 months lifespan.

Have no idea what's going on in that video but an origami looking Toki Tori 2 puzzler w/ maybe a bit of Okami mystique thrown in sounds nice.

This would sell better on Wii U now than Chasing Aurora did then. The eShop is becoming the systems selling point w/ a bunch of indies coming up and a lack of retail games besides MK8 and GBA VC which are on the eShop as well. Anybody who owns a Wii U w/o making use of the eShop is missing out.

If its an easy port they might as well make some money, which makes me think something else regarding Nintendo policies is going on rather than just poor Chasing Aurora sales.



Genesaur said:

This looks considerably more interesting than Chasing Aurora. Yeah, I'd likely grab this for Wii U.



artofmana said:

Please! Please! I really want it on Wii U. I've been so tempted to get it on Steam but have not because my gaming experiences are so much better on our Wii I keep holding out hope. I'd probably end up getting both at some point but I'd prefer to play it first on the Wii U. I can guarantee this game would have at least my sale. By the way, Chasing Aurora is a fantastic game and worth getting if you don't have it yet.



Unit_DTH said:

I would certainly pick this up on the Wii U, since I don't play games on steam. I enjoyed chasing aurora, especially with friends.



Sean_Aaron said:

Chasing Aurora as a game didn't really catch on with me: the aesthetics and controls are great, but the areas are so small you don't really get to enjoy the flight mechanics until the end credits. I remarked in Miiverse that I thought the game would be more like that: a sort of visual relaxation "toy" rather than a proper game.

If this title has more emphasis on exploration then absolutely I'm down for that!



wober2 said:

This seems like it might have more of a story. Chasing Aurora seemed more like a party game. I would pick it up for a good story.



JustinH said:

Didn't they badmouth the Wii U pretty hard, blaming it for Chasing Aurora not selling well? I'm glad they've calmed down a bit. I think they had themselves to blame for Chasing Aurora not doing better.



ToxieDogg said:

I'd like this on Wii U. Broken Rules aren't prepared to admit that they made a complete mess of Chasing Aurora though and would rather blame the Wii U userbase for not wanting to buy it, rather than themselves for releasing a half baked multiplayer experience with no online support and a tacked on, pretty much worthless single player time trial mode. I bought it at a discounted price but felt it wasn't worth the money at all, especially considering that it was up against the Wii U version of Trine 2 and Nano Assault Neo when it launched.

I can pretty much guarantee them that even if they'd released Chasing Aurora on Steam, it wouldn't have gotten many more sales.



SKTTR said:

Bring it on man! Chasing Aurora was a good multiplayer party game but it was missing the Secrets of Raetikon exploration adventure single player part.



Smug43 said:

I wasn't impressed with the chasing auro demo but this game looks rather fun.. a lot more exploration focused..

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