Capcom may have enjoyed another smash hit with Monster Hunter 4 in Japan, with hopes of the Ultimate release achieving success worldwide, but it's had a hit-and-miss period in other areas. Just recently the company cut its profit projections by 50%, citing investment, an underperforming mobile sector and disappointing sales of Monster Hunter Frontier G as factors.

While still turning a profit, the company is keen to make changes to improve its long term prospects. In 2013 it announced its intention to rely far less on outsourcing development and to focus more projects in-house, and has now confirmed a major investment to facilitate that change. Two new R & D buildings are now under construction, with a cost of ¥8 billion (approximately $80m) between them. These buildings will include sound studios and motion-capture facilities, with Capcom issuing the following statement.

Capcom has been focusing resources on strategic and growing areas under a policy of selection and concentration in order to operate with speed and flexibility.

Constructing these new R&D buildings will make game development operations more efficient by centralising these operations and upgrading speed and control.

The company is also expanding its internal development staff by around 100 per year, with an end goal of 2,500 internal developers by March 2022.