Nintendo Pocket Football Club — the European localisation of the Japanese title Calcio Bit — is almost with us, and Nintendo has revealed that the game will launch at a special reduced price this month.

Early adopters will be able to pick up the soccer management simulation for £10.79 until May 1st, when the price will rise to the standard £13.49.

The game sees you take a team of also-rans and transform them into one of the world's finest footballing sides. You can train and trade players, as well as tinker with your formation and tactics to ensure success on the pitch. The game will also feature online modes, and you'll be able to see how you stack up against other players by taking part in ranked matches. Your standing will be displayed on the official Nintendo Pocket Football Club stats website, which will go live shortly after launch.

Nintendo Pocket Football Club launches exclusively on the 3DS eShop in Europe on April 17th.