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3DS eShop-Exclusive Harvest December Visual Novel Series Set To Be Localized

Posted by Jowi Meli

CIRCLE Entertainment is behind the translation

What do you get when you pull a Tokyo native from the city and drop him smack-dab in the middle of a snow-covered small town with an insane love triangle involving a goddess? Harvest December, a 13-part visual novel series from Japan, of course! Now, if CIRCLE Entertainment has its way, gamers in the West will be able to experience all the romance and humour of the novels: its tweet on 31st March indicates a localization is indeed underway.

In its native country, the 3DS eShop-exclusive episodes each come with an impressive price tag of just 100 yen (approximately £0.58 or $1 USD). Since the game has yet to receive a formal announcement, specific details about the pricing and availability of each title are currently out of reach. Needless to say, however, it's nice to see the elusive visual novel genre making another potential appearance on Western shores, where the popularity of titles such as Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward showed that there is a loyal audience to be found.

Do you enjoy visual novels? Will you be keeping an eye on Harvest December as its localization proceeds?


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SometimeAboutAI said:

I can't wait for this to come I love visual novels. But I don't think it will sell like zero escape tho mainly because zero escape had puzzles gameplay to it.



Tops said:

Definitely interested! Hopefully the first episode lands soon



Phantom_R said:

As much as I would love to love visual novels, it'll be a long time before they're written with anything near the quality of published, professional novels.

For now and possibly a long, long time in the future, the only "good" visual novels will probably be the ones that are nearly all dialogue, the way video games have traditionally been.



MuchoMochi said:

As great as this visual novel seems, there are many other 3DS titles I would really enjoy being localized.



C-Olimar said:

Almost definitely will be 90p each, so I'm sure to get this. I'd rather pay 90p every few weeks for each part than £5 or so for all of them, so please Circle, serialise this!




Lets get more real games pls
Although if it's more of an adventure visual novel with more interaction it might be worth looking in to



3dcaleb said:

i will for sure get the first one and if i like it i will get the rest. i'm glad they are going with the $1 at a time instead of having to buy it all at once, its better for those of us who are unsure if they want it.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Uh-oh... no offense, CIRCLE, but I've seen plenty of your grammatical abilities. And I hate bad grammar in novels.

@Phantom_R Visual Novels are by no means pure novel level, but that's not the intention of most, anyway.
However, I can't help but think you've read the wrong visual novels. Try the original FATE/ ones, for example (or any of the earlier Nasuverse novels in general). Messed up theming at times, but incredibly atmospheric.



Magikarp3 said:

The developers of this novel aren't too famous, but it's gotten good reviews on vndb. I'm in

also @Phantom_R I can't help but feel like you're comparing the worst of visual novels to the best of conventional novels. There's some really awful stuff that have been vanity published in the past, and there are some visual novels which are written far more masterfully than a lot of mainstream literature. I recommend 999, Danganronpa, Clannad, Little Busters and Katawa Shoujo, although adult content warning on all of those except for the Key ones.



Windy said:

First day download for me! if the offer the full set I will nab them all. 1 buck for some decent reading you can't beat that!



mullen said:

I can't believe it. Once them come out, I'll buy them immediately (I already thought about getting them each month one new chapter came out). But don't let me wait until next December (For Japanese version, each month gets its corresponding chapter, e.g., Harvest December released in December, Giving February released in February, etc.)...

But wait, March 31st, that's actually April 1st in Japan considering different time zone...



mullen said:

Btw, I saw some possibly misunderstanding in the comments. As far as I know, this series, different from what was mentioned above (fsn, lb, clannad, etc.), is a really PURE novel: you don't need to make any decision or play any mini-games, just read. It's all sold by sentences, pictures, music, and stories.



Expa0 said:

If nothing else I like art in picture.

Kinda interested in a way that I'm not really interested but still kinda am.




Oh man, just reading? Then I'm out. They've got novels that are light-years better for that Or manga if I really need to go there



DragonCactus said:

I do enjoy visual novels and I'm always glad to see a new, promising one, particularly on handhelds. Besides, how often do we get them localized?



Dpullam said:

I guess I could get into something like this, but I have never experienced a visual novel before so I am a little apprehensive.



Noboty said:

Fate/Stay Night, Katawa Shoujo, and Digital: A Hate Story have gotten me hooked on visual novels. I will get this so long as I can buy the entire thing at once (I hate games broken up into parts) and CIRCLE doesn't screw up the translation too badly.

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