Yoshi Commercial

With Yoshi's New Island just days away on the 3DS, Nintendo of America has released a live-action commercial to promote the retail release. It's been a trend in the region to blend real-world actors with extravagant props to represent the game in question, and this one is no different.

We've previously seen computer generated Pikmin and the Donkey Kong family, as well as impressive real-life recreations of environments from Super Mario 3D World, so this time it's the turn of Yoshi's various items and transformations to make an appearance. Hosting duties fall, as is often the case, on photogenic teenagers clutching a variety of 3DS and 2DS models, including the Yoshi 3DS XL that also arrives in stores this week.

Check it out below and let us know what you think, while we've thrown in a trailer for the Steel Diver: Sub Wars premium version that's also been uploaded today.

Yoshi's New Island Commercial

Steel Diver: Sub Wars Premium Edition Trailer