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XSEED May Bring Physical Copies of Future Senran Kagura Titles to North America

Posted by Tim Latshaw

And all potential awkward situations inherent in such

While European players were able to get their hands on a physical copy of the robust brawler Senran Kagura Burst, North America was left with the 3DS eShop as their only option for accessing the game. This may change for future iterations of the series, however, according to posted responses on publisher XSEED's Facebook page.

When asked whether XSEED would release more Senran Kaagura titles in North America, a representative of the company replied that sales figures for Burst were good enough to leave that consideration open. XSEED was subsequently asked about physical releases for the titles, including the Vita's Shenran Kagura: Shinovi Versus and a physical re-release of Burst. Unfortunately for those wishing for the latter, XSEED says that ship has sailed:

A physical release wouldn't be out of the question for SV if we did it, but unfortunately it's too late for us to go back and redo Burst.

Even so, Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson for the 3DS remains something XSEED may be willing to pick up for localisation in the future. The company expressed its gratitude to buyers of Burst and appears willing to use the title's sales numbers to push the viability of physical copies for subsequent pickups in the series, whichever they may be:

For all the people that supported Burst with an eShop purchase, we really appreciate it. The "no package no buy" reasoning really doesn't work because in this case the eShop release could be considered almost a "proof of concept" where we prove to the retailers (and ourselves) that there's a market for this series, which in turn gives us much more clout when trying to convince retailers to stock a physical release in the future because we have hard eShop sales numbers to prove it can sell.

Would you want a physical copy of the next Senran Kagura title, even with the potential situations European publisher PQube facetiously admitted could arise? Let us know below.


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Megumi said:

Hoping Funimation will dub the anime, and work with the game as well. Doesn't bother me too much, but...hearing Japanese in my game all the time...(why do I even have the voice volume turned on to begin with? xD )



SheldonRandoms said:

And then I grabbed the nearest barrel I could find, and rowed to that physical release in north america ship.

.....Well, if the other games will have a physical release, then i'll be fine, because those situations and copyrights won't stop me!!!



unrandomsam said:

What advantage do they get by any Xseed involvement ? (If they did the Europe release themselves).



DefHalan said:

That is good to hear for its fans, but I wouldn't mind if they left it as eShop only.



FriedSquid said:

Eh. Shinovi Versus looked a lot more fun to play than Burst but Deep Crimson doesn't appear that interesting to me. I'm pretty neutral about them bringing physical copies here anyways.

Also, you made a couple typos there, 'Kaagura' and 'Shenran'.



Blast said:

.... If I was younger... I would actually be happy. Oh, well.



Senario said:

@Mizore It doesn't get better when you understand/read/speak Japanese because then the Japanese voices just seem to have slightly better quality sometimes. Then there is nothing lost in translation. You end up sticking with the JPN voices because you realize the English ones are pretty bad. Blazblue is one of these games where I would not play it with the English voices. Jin's tone of voice isn't nearly as cool/crazy in english.



mamp said:

Well I would like a physical release (no pun intended). Although If it's not a possiblity I wouldn't I wouldn't mind getting the future releases download only. I'll probably delete burst if they release the sequel download only cuz Burst uses up a lot of blocks.



DualWielding said:

this is why people who think boycotting a game because it goes only digital is the way to get a physical release are totally wrong...... if a game sells well digitally it helps the odds of a physical release



Pikachupwnage said:


I don't mind japanese voices because of all the Naruto/Kill la Kill/Madoka/Watamote/etc. subs I have watched. I generally prefer subs for my anime actually(some expections like death note. Fantastic dub)



Megumi said:

@Senario I still prefer English voicing though...and besides, Funimation does pretty well with anime dubbing.



Ralizah said:

Good, I'm not sure my memory card could fit another SK game on it. The first one was huge!



AVahne said:

Will grab the physical copy of Shinovi Versus since I don't know when I'll get a Vita memory card and would love a physical copy of Senran Kagura 2 because Ninty still doesn't have an account system.



Manaphy2007 said:

i would buy the second and people need to buy the first one so that they may release a physical copy of the first



Zetchzie said:

@Mizore same here plus i cant read subs worth a crap i watch for leisure not to stress myself out pausing subs every second of the anime



HyperSonicEXE said:

Yes, although, send very few copies to the stores, and keep the rest on their own site, with some CE's and LE's.

And yes, physical needs to happen, because all these reports of poor SD Card performance are just tragic, and harmful to their brand.



DarkKirby said:

A physical release would be a day 1 purchase for me.

And while I don't mind dubs being in the game, please don't REMOVE the original voices for them (as some people are complaining about the Japanese voices)! I hate it when localization removes the original voices to save money.



tanookisuit said:

You say no package no buy doesn't work. Oh it does. I don't have it, and that's the only reason why and I know many others as well I've seen online unwilling to drop $30 on a digital rental. Bring that sequel on a 3DS card and I'm in as I like brawlers, even if they're pervy as they're getting rare to come by.



mr570 said:

I have experienced no issues running Burst from my 32 GB SD card. I will get Deep Crimson on day one digitally. So nice to have so many games always on the system. I rarely purchase physical games now a days.



LoveSugoi said:

@ferthepoet Exactly. I have no idea where people get the thought that NOT supporting a digital only release somehow tells a developer there's enough interest in the series for them to risk more money on a retail release. Especially since the reason digital only releases usually happen is because they don't think the demand is there. The logic is baffling.

Already did my part in supporting this release so don't need a physical copy of Burst. Just bring Shinovi Vs. and Deep Crimson over here with some of those awesome goodies oh and the strip cooking game too because I kind of need that.



accc said:

Great to see that they finally got some common sense knocked into them. WTF were they thinking making the first game eShop only? There's a huge number of gamers like me who will never spend $30 on a digital title. Especially not on Nintendo hardware where purchases are locked to a single system.



OdnetninAges said:

I hope Deep Crimson comes to NA as a retail release.

I dislike it when bigger games are download-only... :/



Darkness3131 said:

I'd pick it up if it was physical. It just doesn't have the same appeal to me when it's a digital download only.



Plutonian said:

I completely agree. I was really disappointed when I learned that the first one was only available as a download. I must have searched the internet for 30 minutes before I finally realized it.



baconcow said:

I think I would prefer a physical copy on the Vita, not really the 3DS. I tend to avoid digital-only on my 3DS.



Maxobiwan said:

@Mizore Hating hearing japanese + having anime avatar = something is really wrong...

As a french, why publishers impose me to ear english than the original language ?
Multi-audio is good. If it's impossible, let's keep VO

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