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Wii U eShop Exclusive I've Got to Run! Will Hurry to North America in Q2 2014

Posted by Jowi Meli

Another new studio making its début on the system

4 Corner Games, a one-woman studio operating out of Wisconsin in the U.S., has announced its first commercial foray into gaming. Syrenne McNulty's Wii U eShop-exclusive I've Got to Run! is a randomly generated auto-running platformer making its début in Q2 2014 in North America. Starring original character Roy the Marshmallow Boy, the game touts three unique gameplay modes — Endless Classic, Endless Double and Endless Special — and integrates Miiverse so players can share their experiences and high scores.

McNulty credits Nintendo’s increased support for independent developers to the game’s quick arrival, saying “I can release my game with minimal hassle, which is truly liberating for me as a small developer”.

Other defining features of the game include a smooth 60 frames per second, Wii U Off-TV Play, and a “one more try” mechanic that will allow users to seamlessly restart after a failed attempt through a level. While it’s currently scheduled only for North America, 4 Corner Games insists a European release is possible “some time in the future.”

I’ve Got to Run! will be available at an impressively low $1.99 USD/$2.19 CAD upon its arrival later this year. Will you be rushing off to the eShop to pick this one up?

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alLabouTandroiD said:

At first i thought it'd be a sequel to the DSiWare game I Must Run!
Anyway, your prototype's good for playing a few minutes, @Ony and it will be interesting to see what this brings along that makes it stand out from other endless runners. Even if reviews make it sound fun i guess i'll have to wait for a discount if you play for nothing more than for getting a new highscore each time. I'm not really into that.



Dark-Link73 said:

"Another new studio making its début on the system..." I have the feeling that Indie games are going to become the new shovelware for this generation. :-/



rjejr said:

Nice range of backgrounds in the 3 screenshots - reminds me of Wonderful End of the World (a katamari clone on Steam).

Really impressed Nintendo is letting a 1 person company publish on the Wii U. And the $1.99 price point seems to be gaining foothold in the eShop. All good signs.



DreamOn said:

I think Bit Trip is pretty much tops when it comes to this stuff for consoles, and even that game only did so much for me.



NodesforNoids said:

As a fan of Bit Trip that likes to support small teams and indies in general, definitely picking this up at 2$.
For anyone on the fence, Runner 2 is on the cheap now. For less than 8$, you can get the game and the DLC character pack. I'll still like running best as the svelte Commandervideo Girl, but that's just me



LoveSugoi said:

One woman studio, Off TV Play, $2 admission, and Roy the Marshmallow Boy? Sounds like a sale to me.

@Ony Nice prototype. Felt like I got blasted back to the Atari era. Simple game that's deceptively a bit tricky.



dumedum said:

@Ony that's quite addicting and better than most runners on the market. I agree that there's no real need for any more endless runners. 99% of the smartphone games seem to be just that. So it gets old. Bit Trip Runner was one of 6 games and was really challenging, but that's it... if it can't top that (and the sequel didn't), then enough is enough as far as I'm concerned.

When you think about it, the Kart, the Barrel and even Rambi are all runner type games too. And you definitely can't top those graphics and quality.




@JustinH I don't understand this either. What from I understand the US dollar and CAN dollar are almost equal. Canada accounts for about 10-15% of my sales so far.



HylianJowi said:

@JustinH Canadian currency is currently valued at 10% less than American currency. I'm pretty sure it's nothing personal on the developer's part.



unrandomsam said:

I think my favourite endless runner is Punch Quest. (I would like it even more if it was just a normal 2D Platformer though I think).



JaxonH said:


RCMADIUX is a one-man team, and just published Drop Block U for $1.99 on the Wii U eShop. Just thought I'd point that out.

I actually live in Wisconsin, US. Interesting...



HylianJowi said:

@JustinH Ah, touché. I admit I know very little of international economics. I can understand the frustration. Unfortunate it would stand between you and a purchase.




@sinalefa Very pleased. I have been able to hit my internal projections. Which is great cause I had included EU numbers in my projections and hit the goal without even arriving in EU yet! Should hit profitability by end of this month.

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