There's no getting around the fact that Yoshi's New Island had mixed reviews — we awarded it a 5/10 score, with various major outlets varying from 4 to 8 out of 10; there's little denying that it divided opinion. It's out in the wild now, however, and consumers will make their own decisions on how the title stacks up.

The most intriguing review was posted in the digital edition of UK newspaper The Times, however, as it filled the space for its 5 out of 5 Titanfall review with the text for Yoshi's New Island. When the opening words refer to a "sanitised version of birth", those looking for information on the FPS where you cause mayhem with Mechs may have sensed something had gone wrong.

Times Yoshi

We suspect this'll be fixed pronto, so props to Twitter user @ClakePhil for capturing the moment; it stands as one of the quirkiest reviews you'll ever see.