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Video: Nintendo Minute Gets a Little Random While Wishing You a Happy St. Patrick's Day

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Getting into the 'spirit', it seems

We regularly post the Nintendo Minute videos here on Nintendo Life — not always, but when they're interesting, entertaining or both. Today's video opens up a new category: 'quirky'.

It's 17th March, which means it's St. Patrick's Day, in honour of the patron saint of Ireland. As many will know it's not just celebrated on the Emerald Isle but all around the world, with major events in various large U.S. cities, in particular. Some with Irish heritage celebrate, others join in that want to be Irish, while we suspect the majority just use it as an excuse to go to a parade and enjoy the festivities, with adults probably taking the chance to get tipsy on a Monday.

Nintendo Minute's "Happy St. Patty's Day" episode posted today covers the host's favourite "lucky" and "green" Nintendo characters. The former category is a tad weird, but co-host Kit starts off on solid ground with Slippy from Star Fox. Then it all gets a little bit 'interesting' as he goes onto a bizarre explanation about "the guy from Balloon Fight" who has "a helmet, a handful of balloons and a dream"; we're then told how he's "flapping around" and "making it work". We love you Kit, but we suspect you've taken the idea of getting into the spirit of the day rather literally...

Jokes aside we think this is a nice and charming video — check it out below.

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Dark-Link73 said:

Even though she won't be reading this comment, I gotta say my favorite "green character" is Link. Even he just wears green, he's an awesome, courageous adventurer; who is not afraid to stand up against evil and fight for princes Zelda.

Note: it's not "Patty's Day", it's "Paddy's". So make sure to enunciate properly. Or so I've read.



ungibbed said:

Odd nothing is mentioned about Link yet Hyrule Castle is in the background.



dkxcalibur said:

The two most obvious green Nintendo characters are Link and Luigi. The only reason Yoshi came up is because his game just came out. I agree 100% with Slippy Toad being the luckiest Nintendo character though.



ungibbed said:

@WillhamBoyGeniu Don't get me started on Slippy. I would try to shoot him down on purpose so I could focus on the game instead of saving his rear end.

Do you like frog legs?




ungibbed said:

Speaking of Yoshi, how many (including myself) had ditched him into the abyss in Super Mario World just to stay alive? Countless times of punching him in the back of the head so his tongue would fly out to eat that spiked shelled Koopa...

Poor little guy after all the trouble he went through listening to Mario wail on Yoshi's Island?

I know were all guilty as charged for Dino abuse! For being green he sure wasn't lucky in Mario's care.



DerpSandwich said:

Man, today would have been perfect for a Nintendo Direct. They could have even fit this quirkiness in there!



jjmesa16 said:

So many green Nintendo characters so it's hard to pick one. However my favorite is Luigi because he does a lot in most of the Mario games but he never gets any credit. Also I love Luigi's Mansion 1 & 2.



Dolphin64 said:

Well I don't care whatsoever for St.PD. Somebody pinches me, they'll get a sharp hit.



Dragoon04 said:

@dkxcalibur Well they do wear green clothes, but Yoshi is actually green! I do agree that his game came out and they might be trying to make it relevant.



Dragoon04 said:

@ThomasBW84 I think it might be the accents playing a part here. In America "paddy" brings to mind a hamburger, and "patty" in Europe brings to mind something like, "Looks it's aunt Patty from down the road."
But what do I know, I'm from South Africa. Here it seems to be St Patrick. No room for confusion.

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