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Video: A Real Life Honedge Exists, Sadly Doesn't Burst Forth From a Poké Ball

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Looking sharp

In what is rapidly becoming a sword-themed weekend after the somewhat quirky Master Sword Easter Egg in PS4 title inFAMOUS: Second Son, we now have a real life Pokémon sword; it's not really a sword in the game world, or course, but an actual 'mon.

In any case, Honedge was a new Pokémon in the latest X & Y releases on 3DS. While unlikely to be the first attempt posted online to recreate the 'mon in the real world, the rather proficient swordsmith on the AWE me "Man At Arms" YouTube show has created an actual Honedge that both looks attractive and pretty deadly. In this slick video posted earlier in March, rather burly men with tattoos and impressive facial hair show you how it's done, before adding a silly slow-mo section at the end.

You can check it out below, so let us know what you think.

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Thanks to HitGirl for the tip.

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DreamyViridi said:

"Man At Arms" does pretty cool stuff, I've seen a few of their videos. I wonder what they do with the finished products? Sell them, maybe? I'd buy it!



Deviant_Mugen said:

I would think this site would be quite familiar with Man at Arms, since he's already crafted the Master Sword in the past (which I'm pretty sure was covered here). Oh, and Chrom's Falchion, too, like Fishie mentioned. I knew I was forgetting something...

Also, for those of you wondering, he clarified in a recap video that he can't sell any of the pieces he makes on the show due to copyright reasons, so they remain on display at his shop.



LtAldoRaine said:

What a bunch of losers,they didn't had a ghost possess the sword.

Really cool,never knew about this channel.



MegaBeedrill said:

Despite the thousands of dollars it'd probably cost to get ahold of one.. It'd be worth it!

All we need is Aegislash's sword AND sheild.



3dcaleb said:

oh!, me so honedge. hehehe that was so funny. honedge is my main character i use from pokemon so i really liked this video.



Undead_terror said:

Imagine just bringing a sword to a pokemon battle and saying it's a pokemon...or may I interest you in glockachu?



Gioku said:

Sweet! we just need Doublade and Aegislash, and we're all set! :3



RR529 said:

Yeah, Man at Arms is good stuff. I even enjoy the videos where I'm not familiar with the weapon they're forging.



Porky said:

Actually it is a sword in-game but a spirit possessed the item thus now a pokemon.



Melkac said:

@LtAldoRaine "...until Gardevoir mindwipped the trainer and everybody realized Glockachu couldn't soar the skies. Everything went back to normal"



ThreadShadow said:

Cool stuff, but unfortunately it looks like he got the crossbar wrong. It should angle inward toward the blade, at least according to the picture of the "real" thing.

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