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Tortimer Island Confirmed as a New 3DS Stage in Super Smash Bros.

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Bells of heaven

Masahiro Sakurai's daily Miiverse posts of screens for the new Super Smash Bros. entries remain hugely popular, often showing humorous poses or revealing details on mechanics, moves and features of the games. Reveals are often made through this Director's Room community, too, and Sakurai-san has now unveiled a new stage for the 3DS version of the game.

As the Wii U and 3DS will have separate sets of stages, this is another one that shows off a recent release on the handheld. In this case it's Tortimer Island from Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the luxurious location of minigames and easy bells for those seeking to turn a profit. Sakurai-san opened with the following screen and description.

Pic of the day. Here's a new stage for the 3DS version: Tortimer Island! I've been here countless times to catch bugs.

A follow up image brought a closer view, and confirmation that the stage will be variable with each visit.

What a beautiful day. On this stage, fighters are randomly placed on a different island layout every time they visit. Yar, come back anytime, will ye?

So there you have it, a fresh look at the portable version of the upcoming fighting game — what do you think?


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ItalianBaptist said:

So will the stage layout stay the same and it just differ aesthetically, or does the actual stage change every time?



marnelljm said:

I'm glad we can remove those black outlines around the characters. They look odd to me.



bezerker99 said:

What is that, an oasis on the island??? I've never seen that before. And the dock is in the wrong place. Did he even play New Leaf?



alLabouTandroiD said:

They really should have some extras for owners of the 3DS version in the Wii U one. Gotta force people into buying that brick any way they can.



boywundr said:

@TheItalianBaptist Like Capt_N said, it's worded in the twet that it will change, but also look at the two images. They're definitely different (flower, edge of the ground by the hut, etc). I think that's a pretty cool level!



Rei7 said:

Cool! This is gonna be awesome.. Though the island looks pretty weird to me.. Not the same as the one on New Leaf.



Gold said:

This stage looks like an open-world area rather than a 2D one....



DarkKirby said:

A randomly generated stage is interesting, but the outcome of the islands look pretty simply and flat regardless of the random generation.



Melkac said:

@LeasTwanteD "If you register both versions of Super Smash Bros 4, you get to download the original Super Smash Bros (64) and Melee FOR FREE!!"
Good enough...? this stage open-world...?



SecondServing said:

Gosh, I can't wait for Smash Bros. on the go and on the couch! Who else is getting both versions?



mamp said:

I wanna beat the **** outta my friends in that stage. I LOVE IT!!! O_O



Haxonberik said:

@SecondServing Definitely me! I play these games way too much for it to not be worth it, even though I normally avoid remastered versions and re-releases as much as I can.



Ttimer said:

The black lines are given, optionally, because when playing on a smaller screen with 4 players attacking, moving very fast and stuff..... they can sometimes blend to the background. But yes it kinda does look weird to see the black lines



2Sang said:

This was techincally already confirmed a few months ago with the pic of Kappn. Still nice to see the actual stage though.



Jazzer94 said:

Looks like it will be fun to fight on, the thing I'm really wondering about is the 3DS version will it have online.



Einherjar said:

I love all the talk about "open world" Do you guys even know what that means ?
My bet is that either the stage layout will change everytime, or your just fighting on a different side of it every time.



Senario said:

@Einherjar Not many people know what open world means as opposed to sandbox. Open world just means you can explore the world without being turned away for story reasons. Like Wind waker. Sandbox is being able to do a multitude of different things regardless of story.



Xjarnold said:

Am I the only person who the black lines grew on?
I'm starting to like them.
On the matter of designs I love the new Sonic Boom designs!
Especially Knuc- SHOT



Warbeard said:

Did the island in New Leaf change? For the life of me, I don't get that game.



AshFoxX said:

Was just going to get this for Wii U, but if my friends can consider this game worthy of buying their own 3DS systems, I'll definitely have to get both. I do love my 3DS, but Smash Bros. has always been a living room game for me... Guess it still can be over local play...



Einherjar said:

@Senario Well, even Wind Waker isnt open world. The King of Red Lions will prevent you from sailing too far out in the beginning of the game. I dont know when exactly youre able to sail everywhere you want. But thats borderline nitpicking

Open world basicly means that the whole game world is accessable to you from the get go, no boundarys, no abilitys that enable you to reach other places. You can go everywhere every time if youre supposed to be there (level cap etc) or not. But you still have an overarching narrative to follow.

A sandbox is pretty much the same, but with even less narrative. Minecraft for instance: You can do anything you like, you can go everywhere you want and you dont have any particular goal. Your goal is set by yourself, not by the game.



NintyMan said:

It looks like it could be an interesting stage. Sure, we already knew there was an Animal Crossing: New Leaf stage for the 3DS version because of the teaser with Donkey Kong and Kapp'n, but we didn't know what the rest of the stage was going to look like. The Kid Icarus stage for Wii U will be the same way.



SomeBitTripFan said:

This seems like it might end up with X Cup Syndrome (boring random generated levels with a good one every now and then), but if that isn't the case, I want a Wii U equivalent.



TARDIS-Blue_Blur said:

I think it will probably be the same, just with other NPCs, some trees are felled and some new decoration. I say this because on the second pic you can see that the clouds are on the same position as at the first pic. The hill seems like it is on the same place.
But that is just my guess.

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